May 24, 2010

Urban Decay Dew Me Setting Spray Review

Who hauled the Urban Decay Facial Mists? How ya makin’ out with them so far? I’ve been fiddling around with most of them for the past several weeks but I’m not all that impressed so far…

Urban Decay Dew Me, of course, has my inner teenage boy rolling around and laughing. Call me a prev but I love the name, it makes me giggle, Dew Me! Obviously I’m easily amused.


What is it?

A facial mist for drier/combination skin types to help moisturize and hold makeup for up to 16 hours.

The Good…

If you’re a mineral or powder foundation user, Urban Decay Dew Me is for you. I used this in conjunction with Lancome Oscillation Foundation and it does work in an interesting manner.

First of all, you do need a face full of makeup prior to using. Basically you’ll apply your makeup as usual and proceed to follow up by misting yourself with this. It’s basically supposed to lock your makeup in place while keeping your skin hydrated so your blush, shadow, foundation, etc…doesn’t wear away.

The mist has a nice fresh scent and applies easily. Two or three sprays should do the trick. I like how it makes my makeup look fresher and gives my face a dewy look. Anytime I use powder, I tend to look a little too made up. Dew Me takes care of this situation by hydrating my powder foundation and making it look more natural and fresher. I like the overall effect of the mist for making my makeup look more natural and less “made up”.

The Bad….

I am not keen on applying a face full of makeup and proceeding to mist myself. For some people, this is great for me, it kinda defeats the purpose of makeup application. I feel like I got caught in the rain after use however, thankfully, the feeling is temporary since the mist does dry down to an incredibly nice feeling on my face and makes my makeup look fresher….but still I can’t help but feel I’m doing more harm than good by misting my perfectly made up face with what feels like water.

You can’t take advantage of this in any way, shape, or form if you are a liquid or cream foundation user in my opinion. I’ve tried this several times when wearing my normal cream base and it creates a messier effect versus when I use it with a mineral or powder foundation.

16 hours of wear is an incredibly huge promise and I’m sorry to say I see no extended wear because of this. It doesn’t really prolong my makeup or keep my foundation from oxidizing. I experience the same wear time with or without use.

Who Might Like It?

  • Skindinavia mist fans (this is made in collaboration with the brand)!
  • Mineral makeup users or powder foundation users.
  • Anyone who feels a little too made up after using minerals or feels like they are wearing a mask (this will lighten things up and give a fresher look to your makeup).
  • Anyone in need of a little extra moisture after their makeup is in place.

Who Might Not Like It?

  • Anyone who spends a large amount of time on their face (You won’t want to mist yourself down when wearing a face full of gorgeous makeup!).
  • Anyone who expects this to extend the wear of their foundation.

Final Thoughts…

I can’t rightfully say I don’t like the mist because I do however I don’t wear mineral or powder foundation enough days to justify the actual purchase of the product. I’m more of a BB Cream user and I think this is messy when used in conjunction with cream or liquid foundations. I also feels a tad weird when I have awesome eye makeup on and proceed to mist myself down with this. I tried it with mascara that wasn’t waterproof and thankfully it didn’t ruin my eye makeup but I can’t shake the feeling I’m making a mess when I use it.

I think if you use minimal makeup you may see great results. Ditto for minerals and powders. However, anyone who wears bolder looks and creams/liquids might not really love this. I think if you have already experienced the joys of Skindinavia and love the line, you will probably by default enjoy all of the Urban Decay Facial Mists. Skindinavia has its own cult following and it’s likely Urban Decay will follow the same path however I’m not one for setting my makeup using a mist so I didn’t really see the awesomeness of this particular product sadly.

Anyone try?

What are your thoughts?

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  • Lillian

    To me the product sounds good, i have started to use Mineral foundation recently and use a setting spray. I know what you mean about it being unnerving to spray your face with liquid after you’ve gone to all the trouble of putting on makeup but i’ve never found any problems. But i would never buy this because the packaging is so ugly, it looks like something you could buy on Etsy and then it would be quite nice packacking for a small indie store. However UD usually have beautiful, classy packaging. This just looks cheap 🙁

    • the Muse

      llilian I def think anyone who uses mineral foundation will see the advantages to this 😀 true alot of people have said they aren’t keen on the packaging!

  • jonnie

    I haven’t used this one, but I kind of feel the same about All Nighter…

    • the Muse

      no good jonnie? haven’t tried all nighter yet but about to test!

  • Bonnie

    To paraphrase Bell Biv Devoe: You can Dew Me in the morning, you can Dew Me in the night…you can Dew Me when you wanna do me! 🙂

  • Lucky

    I haven’t tried this but I am curious to try out “All Nighter”.

    Both Dew Me and All Nighter contain a couple of polymers as well as SD alcohol and phenoxyethanol, which (theoretically) should seal and set your makeup, respectively (but no more than a shot or two of Aquanet would). My biggest concern is that the polymers would be occlusive enough to cause breakouts.

    • the Muse

      hey you! lick! 😀

      Actually it feels like aquanet is on your face 😀 You can feel a little tightening as if it’s sealing make up in but sadly makeup lasts about the same time regardless. No breakouts thankfully but than again my skin is like a bulletproof vest!

          • Lucky

            I think she meant that your ‘bulletproof skin’ is showing a classic case of what the ancient Greeks referred to as ‘hubris’, and that the Gods themselves will curse it with a bad case of whiteheads. Or something.

            On a related note, my skin’s now broken out from a what my dermatologist claims is a combination of Nars Sheer Glow foundation and Koh Gen Do primer (though I secretly suspect it’s from hubris). 🙁

          • the Muse

            aw it’s ok ceriene I think it’s simply a case of trolling since she’s already commented under the nickname Kat/Kathy in the past with another e-mail address. Trollish behavior imho 🙂

  • Ceriene

    Huh. I’m a BB cream and liquid foundation user myself, so I don’t think I’ll be seeing the benefits of this. Ah well, more money to be spent on Bobbi’s beach club collection. :>

    Anyway, this is off-topic, but muse, what BB cream do you use? Would you call it your BB HG?

    • the Muse

      ceriene I fear I’m a bb cream h0r 😀 lol! I use ALOT of different ones. One of my favs is Shills 5 in 1 😀

  • Jenny

    Good thing I skipped these, then. Every new product that comes sauntering past catches my eye and I’m on to the next one…I’m not monogamous to my makeup at all:(

  • sarah

    i use the all nighter version of this spray and it definately makes my make up last longer, the difference is most noticable in my eye makeup,keeps it vibrant and no liner or mascara smudges! my foundation stays fresher too, i love this product i cant bear a night out without it, hope they dont discontinue it!

  • Valerie

    I absolutely love this product!!! Totally in love with the way it makes my make-up look and stays true all day! I am a mineral make-up person and really thought I was going to have to quit wearing it, but this has given it a much needed “umpff” that I was looking for!!

  • Tara

    I love All Nighter! I’m a BB cream plus liquid foundation user as well but I put it on before my mascara. It definitely helps keep my face in place longer. The first time I used it I had to grab a magazine to fan it dry. Now I have a fan in my makeup tray.