June 16, 2010

Fresh Sugar Plum Tinted Lip Treatment Review and Swatches

I gotta say that Fresh Sugar Plum Tinted Lip Treatment caught my attention right away and I knew I NEEDED to own it, make it mine, and possibly live happily ever after with it.


My happily ever afters are reserved for Fresh Rose Tinted Lip Treatment because Plum has broken my heart….


A gloried lip balm that moisturizes, repairs, and protects the lips while giving lips a deep plum color!

Fresh Sugar Plum Lip Treatment sports the same great formula as the Rose version. It has a gorgeous fresh sugary lemon sweet taste, a moisturizing balmy formula that makes lips feel hydrated and smooth, plus it’s tinted with a deep plum shade to give your pout a kiss of color.

As much as I wanted to adore this I must say if you already own the Rose version, stick with it or buy another one to replace it if you’re running low because Fresh Sugar Plum is VERY uneventful in my opinion.

Unlike the Rose version which gives my lips a subtle flushed pink finish, this ends up applying a bit brown and quite unflattering….

First off, I noticed that instead of the berry plum I expected the shade leans towards being a dark, dull wine shade. If you’re lips are pigmented the finish will come across a bit brown and if your lips are paler you’ll see more of a unflattering dirty wine shade. Bottom line, the shade is very unflattering in my humblest. I guess the name, “Plum”, does imply that it will apply as such but I just assumed it would be more of a berry shade and not this brownish purple shade…le sigh.

In terms of pigmentation it actually doesn’t have as much as the Rose version. It’s enough to look dull on lips, no worries there, but isn’t nearly as pigmented as the Rose version was.

Pet peeve…but I’m not a big fan of the screw top lid on this or my Rose one. Basically you have to unscrew the lid each time you use it…I have little patience for this, please just give me something I can pop on and off, let’s not get too technical here.

  • Anyone looking for a hydrating lip treatment with a hint of plum brown color!
  • Anyone who likes tasty lip treatments (This is deliciously flavored and scented)!

  • Anyone who’s looking for more of a rich berry finish.
  • Those sensitive to flavored or scented lip treatments!

The lip treatment itself is as fabulous as the original Fresh Lip Treatment and the Rose one however it’s the shade that I have the real beef with. I find it very unflattering and just simply a strange color…can’t even figure out what shade it is, a little purple, a little brown, WTH?

If you’ve never experience Fresh’s Lip Treatments before I suggest the original or Rose one or if you’re planning to top off and purchase a new one I’d go with what you know because this Plum version is rather dull and not nearly as nice as ones I’ve tried prior.

No likey.

Crushed because I <3 Fresh.


Anyone try?

What did you think?

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  • Christina

    It’s puce! And it looks kinda pretty, I love this shade…though admittedly, more for winter than summer.

  • Elouise

    awwww that’s a shame!!! I was going to try this out too….but I love the Rose version so much and my lips are pretty pigmented so I guess I won’t even try this one.

  • M

    Oh what a bummer! I had high hopes for this one and was expecting a gorgeous wine or berry shade. 😛 One less thing to get from Ebay, I guess. 😛 Boo!

  • Janine

    It’s pricey, but now that you say it’s brownish, I might have to get it! Brown tones look better on me; pinks, especially brigher ones, not so much. I love plums and wines though. I’ve been looking for a true brown lip stain; can’t find any. CG cinnamon smile comes out not brown on me. I used to have a great one from MARK ages ago, but it’s long gone!

    OH, I know you love peachy/coral shades; have you tried the Revlon stain in blood orange? I believe it’s discontinued. I got it from Allcosmeticswholesale.com, and it’s a beautiful shade, and cheap! I’m loving that store! Lots of UD stuff for cheap too!

    • the Muse

      hey janine sorry for the delayed reply 😀 You’re lucky b/c for some reason browns make me look OLD ;P haven’t tried blood orange no…sounds gorg though 😀 god I love ACW what a great place hehehe!

  • Kristina

    I was going to hold out until fall. Was hoping the color would be like Clinique’s Black Honey.

  • Sasha

    I actually love it… and didn’t like the Rose! 🙂 Rose wasn’t pigmented enough for me, but I love the Plum. I love the color on me- I’m golden fairish and have yellow/olive undertones and it looks great on me.

  • Bonnie

    I wish I loved it more but I don’t. And I bought two! 🙂 I think I might use it more in the fall, though. As it is now, I used it once or twice and then went back to my beloved Rose which is SO flattering!

    • the Muse

      bonnie HA same thing here! purchased two and now I’m like meh. I’m returning the unused one and getting a rose, just not loving!

  • thuy

    I prefer the plum. I like deeper richer colors and since I’m tan, this color suits me better. Rose is nice but not enough to spend 23 bucks on.

    • the Muse

      hi thuy I’m glad you’re liking the plum….plum and rose are the same price?

  • mayrei

    My friend just got this recently and she LOVED it. On her it is a nice sheer purple-pink. I think this is definitely one of those things that’s going to work differently for everyone.

    I considered getting it, but I already have a Lipstick Queen glossy stick that is a purpley shade (Mystery, I think?) and I think they’re somewhat similar.

    • the Muse

      i agree may. it will work different depends on tone, etc 😀 I just liked rose WAY better. but I also felt this wasn’t nerely as pigmented. pretty much similar texture as LQ Glossy Sticks!

  • Anna

    I usually agree with the Muse- mostly. I own all three Fresh lip treatments and the plum is my favorite. I dont see the brown- just a sheer plummy purple which makes by green eyes pop. Origins had a lipstick called once bitten- it reminds me of a lighter- sheerer version of that color- which is no longer available.

    • the Muse

      hi anna sorry for the delayed reply been swamped 😀 You’re so lucky it worked for you. For me it was a wash up sigh.

  • ariel

    I really like this product, much more that the Sugar Rose, which surprised me because I have pale skin and I thought it would be too dark for me. But I found it to be quite sheer. I think it’s a great color to wear in the fall, and I am admittedly one to buy my fall stuff I July because I get overly eager.

  • Audrey-Anne

    I miss it… Do you think it will ever come back? It was really the best product I have owned in my life. Never imagined it would be discontinued.

    • Isabella Muse

      I sure hope so! Have you tried Clinique Black Honey as a replacement of sorts?