June 28, 2010

MAC Alice + Olivia Review, Swatches, and Photos

The new MAC Alive + Olivia Collection greets you later this week (July 8th) with an array of vibrant, feisty shades for lips, eyes, and nails.

Check ‘it!

For the Alice + Olivia Collection MAC went with some rocking shades that are playful, fun, and a bit rock and roll.  I admit it’s not my favorite MAC Collection to date but some of the shades may appeal as I found at least one or two items to love.

The pigments consist of Later (Black with Purple Pearl), If It Sparkles (White with Pink Pearl), and my personal fav, Partylicious (Turquoise with Silver Pearl). Partylicious definitely captured my fancy rather quickly as I don’t own a single shade like it in pigment form.  The bright teal will be ideal for a sizzling Summer eye look. If It Sparkles should grab the interest of those who pay closer detail to their highbrow area s this is an excellent highlighter. Later is the least eventful for me and probably will work as a liner and that’s about it.

The Dazzleglass Cremes in the collection are all very, very fun neon shades of color that should tickle those who love a bit of glamorous sparkle and boldness on their lips. Sparklicious is the most wearable of three and makes a great topcoat for lipsticks or stains with its creamy pale pink white shimmer. If It’s Pink is wearable shade of neon pink. It applies subtly and can be built up in intensity for extra pop. I Want Candy is a bright hot neon yellow. This shade was for the most difficult to wear out of the three but applies subtly on bare lips but a bit more vibrant on top of lipsticks or stains

And finally the nail polishes should garner the nail fanatics interest particularly Morning After which is a creamy turquoise. So Rich So Pretty is a bright shade of purple with pearl and Military is a matte black with silver silver suede pearl.

All in all I get a punk vibe from the collection. If you’re a fan of A + O this will warrant a special place on your wish list however if you aren’t, you might care to skip as none of the shades seem particularly eventful or must have to me and with so many other collections coming out that do appeal, I feel like you can save your money for something else.  I guess it’s debatable though since this is how I’m seeing the collection.

However, some of you may find some real gems in the release as the colors are all very feisty and fun.

MAC Alice + Olivia releases July 8th online and at counters.

Anything in it for you?

Do share!

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  • alby

    hiiii =) i found your blog & i was hoping you could check out mine as well! feel free to become a follower & comment if you’d like. 🙂 have a great day! xoxo

    • the Muse

      hi alby great blog. thanks for telling me about it. Good luck!

  • Brooke

    I really like all of the polishes. I may have to have them 🙂
    Not so sure about the makeup though. It may be a bit too much for this girl!

    • the Muse

      brooke for me too 😀 can’t pull off the neon yellow lipgloss look lol

  • Lauren

    OMG! I WANT THOSE EYESHADOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Partylicious looks AMAZING!!!!! Stop being an enabler Muse!!! 🙂 I keep telling myself NO MORE after UD Naked, but you just keep bringing us awesome stuff!!!!

  • amelia


  • Nik

    Thank you for this review! I am more of a fall person and really looking forward to Rodarte and Venemous Villains!
    I am a sparkle addict and I thought If It Sparkles was a must have!
    Guess I’ll have to wait for Fabulous Felines for pigments! 🙂

    • the Muse

      aw my pleasure nik! I think you have a good idea waiting on VV 😀 and Robdarte, particularly VV has my $$!

  • Lindsay

    Finally!!!! SWATCHES!!! I’m so excited about this launch (if you couldnt tell lol) I think I need all the piggies.

  • Mai

    Awww I’m kind of disappointed with Partylicious, from the promo pic I thought it’d be a bit darker and more green

  • peri

    i actually love just about everything…except that yellow lipgloss. the colors are right up my alley…and the nail polishes i think are gonna be a must have.

  • Bora

    Oooh. Pigments that AREN’T neutrals! If I have Dark Soul, Mutiny and Pink Pearl, is there any point getting Later, Partylicious or If It Sparkles? Considering that we’ve only JUST got To The Beach in Korea, I doubt we’ll see this collection until August but I guess it gives me time to budget.

  • rowan

    hmm…the newer pigments that come out seem more like loose eyeshadow than PIGMENT you know…they used to be so pigmented & rich

    • the Muse

      hey rowan hadn’t noticed as I just got the new versions with this release…I was wondering though! but than again piggies range in texture/formula so maybe the past few releases have been the less grainy formula?!

  • Catherine

    How do the glosses look on the lips? are they really sheer?

    • the Muse

      hi catherine buildable 😀 the pink is very buildable! the yellow applies subtly but you can build up but you’ll never get full on neon yellow from it and the other applies sheer with alot of sparkle! 🙂

  • Stephanie

    I love the packaging–so much fun! And the nail polished and lip glosses are really cool. I actually am kind of drawn to the yellow gloss!

  • Nia

    Yay! Swatch-time! 😀

    Thanks for the swatches. I was really drooling over the descriptions, maybe also because the collection will not be available in Europe.

    But after seeing it the turquoise pigment looks like Submarine/Freshwater, the black pigment looks a bit flat and the white one is just that, white.
    The nail polishes are not really kicking me off my socks like the fall polishes do, so… not sure.

    What are your favs?

    How are things over at your side of the pond?!

    • the Muse

      my pleasure nia 😀 aw damn that stinks sigh! not REAL favs to be honest. I like the teal piggie but nothing else grabs me 😀

      everything is good, dead tired but good 🙂

  • Marina

    Liking Partylicious, but I have a color similar to every one of the polishes 🙁

  • Tsahi baxter

    From the looks of this collection, i definitely would want to haul it!! my kinda colors indeed!!

  • Bonnie

    Muse–OT–but i had to tell you that there is a new limited-edition Kat Von D eye shadow palette on the Sephora website and it looks freakin’ awesome!!!!

    • the Muse

      lol i know bonnie I have a post up on the front page of Musings about it 🙂

  • chibicheeks

    I think I feel kinda eh about this collection too. Nothing super special jumps out at me. Plus, usually their collections suck me in because of the LE packaging. Looks like I can save some money this time ^_^

    • the Muse

      same here chibi…I thought it would be must have but I’m kinda on the fence 🙂

  • KristyQ

    Thank-you baby Jebus! I don’t feel like anything is a must. FEE-OOH-FFF. I need the cash for their other releases coming up!! 🙂

  • KAT

    I think this is the first time I found the nail polish shades more interesting than the makeup! 🙂 I cannnnnot wait for the Disney Villains!

  • Potatisbruden ~ Michilicious

    I love Partyulicious, If It Sparkles, all the lip glosses and So Rich So Pretty!

  • i

    i sooooo wish i could afford mac stuff cuz they r sooo cute but i cant buy most any of it D:

    • the Muse

      kharina you lost me, lippie? I have the gloss swatches in the post. 🙂

  • Sarah

    Ahh muse, you killed this collection for me! I wanted everything and now I want nothing. I guess its better that way right? haha

  • kali

    I did want some things from this collection but it’s not really calling to me anymore. Thanks for the swatches though! You saved me from buying things I wouldn’t need. =P

  • luckyb

    thanks so much for the swatches!! i love the pigments. are the pigments like duochrome-ish??like swatch t over black and it changes colour? cause i remember reading on temptalia that the pigments have like some transforming thing

    • the Muse

      mm dunno melody, doesn’t agree with me at all 😀 perhaps over some reddish lipstain might work!?

  • freddy

    i like the nail polishes, but mac is pretty damn expensive 🙁

  • Lauren

    I called my local mac counter today to make sure they were getting this collection, and they said no. 🙁 they said it would be at nordie’s counters. 🙁 guess ill be ordering online!!!

    • the Muse

      lauren that’s very strange as mac online has the collection. I assume your mac counter gave you the wrong info.

  • Sammay

    This is the perfect giveaway! I just recently have gotten into nailpolish, and I own several OPI and China Glaze products. I’ve always wanted to try a MAC polish, but I have no way of getting one! I LOVE the MAC Studded. It’s so beautiful and would be my first MAC polish as well as my first matte!