June 24, 2010

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream Review and Swatches

One of my favorite releases this Summer is the new Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams. I’ve only tried two of them so far and I gotta say they rock my socks right off my feet.

Anyone check ’em out?

Jump ahead!

22 shades of delectable cream eyeshadow that stays put without creasing or fading and hell multitasks as a cheek and lip product as well!

Available in a range of taste the rainbow shades, you should be able to love all over the new Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams and find a suitable shade or two just for you!

I’m not a cream eyeshadow lover nor do I like MAC Paint Pots but I can be converted after trying these. Several of the shades work for both eyes, lips, and cheeks however I thought they felt a little drying on my lips so I wouldn’t recommend this. The shades recommended for lips are lovely but also a bit unnatural in finish so I’d skip on the whole lip thing, just my opinion. But go right ahead and enjoy them on your eyes and cheeks as they work a treat. First off, I will say I’m slightly confused as MUFE recommends several shades for cheeks but doesn’t mention if you can use them on your eyes. Honestly, I went ahead and did both, shrug, might as well multitask.

One of the shades, my favorite of the two I tried, 5, is a gorgeous pinky peach recommended for cheeks but I went ahead and used on both cheeks and eyes. This shade reminds me alot of the NARS Multiple Stick in Orgasm as it’s a pinky peach shade with flecks of gold. A very flattering shade for a warm glow on both eyes and cheeks. The other shade I tried was 15 which is a taupe shimmer that comes across as a dirty gold with a subtle shimmer finish.

One of the best parts about the Aqua Creams is their ability to stick around for hours on end. Even without primer the shadows just stay put without migrating, creasing, or fading. Truly they lock into place and stay there, delivering beautiful color all day, into the night!

On top of their ability to multitask for eyes, lips, and cheeks, they also act as a great base for powder shadow. Of course, you can wear alone beautifully but a little powder shadow on top creates an even more dramatic look plus the product allows for your powder shadow to blend easier, intensifies the color of it, and you’ll experience less fall out since the powder adheres so well to the cream.

The two shades I tried blended beautifully and easily with little fuss or fanfare. They have a smooth, buttery feel that feels a little tiny bit greasy and silicone-y. They don’t dry down super fast so you have plenty of time to blend and pat into place plus their ability to build up even after dry down makes them super user friendly. Say you’re applying and going in for a bit more to get some intense color pay off but wait the phone rings, you race to answer it, and by the time you get back your shadow has dried down. At this point you’re pretty much going to make a mess of your cream shadow by applying more on top right? No worries Aqua Cream builds very well even after dry down so go ahead and answer the phone and come back later to add more on, it’ll blend just as beautifully wet as it does dry. The formula is quite pigmented so you can get a gorgeous pop of color anywhere you choose to use them.

As I mentioned above MAC Paint Pots aren’t my favorite product but I felt this had a way better texture as PP’s tend to be a bit harder and not as easy to get out of the jar.

I find it utterly irritating that they are numbered. I’d much rather have names as chances are I’ll forget the number way fast. Shu does this with their products and it drives me wonky.

Using your fingers is best to blend out which stinks since I hate dipping into product but a eye brush of sorts will clear this up if you’re a big germ-a-phobe!

  • Anyone who likes gorgeous shades of cream shadow!
  • Anyone who loves to use cream shadows as a base for powders!
  • Anyone looking for some sizzling, popping shades for Summer.
  • Anyone who likes makeup that sticks around all damn day (You can probably swim in this and it won’t fade).
  • MUFE fans!

  • Haters of cream shadow (I personally think these will convert you to the joys of cream).

I had to work really hard on “Who Might Not Like These?” because I honestly can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t adore these. I can’t wait to collect all the other shades. They haven’t gotten to the Sephoras I checked out yet and I wanna swatch before buying but I’m bracing myself for some serious damage because I simply must own them all. A very high quality product that performs well and is very worth my seal of approval.

Loves them!

You need them!

(Cheeks and Eyes: Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream 5)

Anyone try Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams?

What did you think?

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  • peri

    i was looking at those at sephora.com…and i loved all the colors…but the reviews were not good. a lot of people said they were really flakey.

    • the Muse

      wow that’s interesting peri didn’t experience that myself but it looks like the rating is 4 out of 5 on sephora, that’s pretty good isn’t it?

  • Phyrra

    Will these work on my oily lids? I’ve been looking at 20, 21 and 5 (I think, one is a blue, one is a turquoise and one is a fuchsia. I HATE the numbers instead of names, too.

    • the Muse

      I think so dd. They dry down matte like! the numbers irritate the hell out of me 🙁

  • Alex

    Hey Muse! I plan on reviewing these next week, so it’s great to see another blogger’s opinions. I got #1, #6, #15 & #21 and LOVE THEM too! If you didn’t get 21, I highly recommend it! Gorgeous shade of aqua/teal and its definitely the most pigmented of the 4.

    • the Muse

      alex thanks, I’m so a big fan of aqua/teals, sounds like a must have 😀 can’t wait to see the review!

  • Monique

    OOh, I want one so bad! I love the aqua liners and are so worth the price hands down for me. I have watery eyes and I usually ended up with smears by the end of the day until I found MUFE liners!
    When I was at the makeup show in NYC, Kevin-James Bennett was there. I didn’t know he was a famous MUA till after! I just saw that he had a MUFE badge on so I just said how I love the liners. And he said that the new creams are just like the liners! I was so happy to hear that. I am kicking myself black and blue because I didn’t go back and stand in the horrendously long line to buy them at 40% off.
    Yeah, I know….Kicking away! :o)

    • the Muse

      damn monique I’d haul it like no one’s biz at 40% off 😀

  • NeonRocks

    What a coincidence! I bought myself the Aqua Cream no. 5 yesterday and I just applied it to my cheeks. I’m in LOVE with this product! 😀

  • Jamie

    Hey Muse! I just got the 13 and 15 that comes in a kit at Sephora and have to agree – these have amazing staying power, even sans primer! And it is also the best product I’ve found thus far for lining the waterline.

    My only complaint is probably the lack of basic, not too frosty/shimmery colours that would let me use this as an everyday base. Other than that, I think these are great.

    Have you tried using these in conjunction w/ eyeshadow? I’m curious whether that’ll blend, because of locked in these are.


    • the Muse

      ha jamie I didn’t even know it was waterline safe freaking awesome 😀 I hear ya…something nude would be fab as a base 😀 Not yet but will do soon and keep you posted ;D *hugs*

  • Misato-san

    no words… this morning I went to Sephora and I swatched a couple of those shades XDDDDDD I don’t know if I can afford to buy one of it (they are expensive imho), but I’d like to…

  • Kristina

    I actually had 5 in my cart the other day. Didn’t buy thought because I’ve heard too many reports of it drying out even when capped tightly. So I’m going to wait a few months and see if more people say that.

    • Kristen

      I am pretty sure you can use either their eye seal or mix n fix to reactivate the product. I took a class awhile ago…so you may want to call the company for clarification:-)
      Noticing that this is a pretty old blog post…not sure if you even need this advice anymore 😉

  • rainbow star hello kitty pants

    I love these! I got #5 and #9 and wore them to a waterpark, and they lasted through all the rides!

    • the Muse

      totally believe it rainbow they just last and last and last 😀

  • foreveryang

    I tried #5 on my cheeks and lips yesterday when i went for a sephora raid. Like you said, it’s a bit drying for the lips but absolutely great for eyes and cheeks! Gotta haul!!!

    • the Muse

      foreveryang def drying on lips eek! but love love on eyes and cheeks 😀

  • Wendy

    I want to try these so bad, but I have a confession… I can never commit to anything with cream shadows except black or white, because if I buy blue, well then I can only wear blue over it… gold, well… gold goes over top… :3 I’m a commitmentphobe! 🙁
    I’ve been staring at the light purple and blue NYX Jumbo Pencils and can’t bring myself to buy one, lmao.

  • aretha

    woweee they are gorgeous! definitely going to check out these 2 shades this weekend 😛

  • Dana

    I tried using number 7 as a blush which is a bright orange and a little goes a long way but within seconds I could not blend it. I had a major orangy streak on each cheek =(

  • stef

    Ugh, I so hear you on the number names! I need words. I can barely remember my phone number, let alone product numbers!

    I really like the looks of the 2 you have though…

  • PJ

    i swatched these at sephora and loved them! i agree the number system drives me nuts. i really liked the gold – it was so freaking vibrant and did.not.budge.all.day. dare i say in a pinch if i didnt have my trusty UDPP these would suffice as a base. i also tried a plum and pinky champagne color that were just awesome. oh – and i was also scared of MAC paint pots until i got coral crepe. it changed my life!

    • the Muse

      ugh isn’t it the worst pj? totally drives me bats! oh wow I love CC PP! It’s changed my life too, adore it. But MAC PP’s are so much harder than aqua creams right?!

      • divinem (Melissa)

        PPs are WAY harder than the ACs. I couldn’t believe how soft the product is. I’m definitely making the investment, so I hope they don’t dry out.

        I also like that AC comes in a plastic container that’s not so heavy. You could knock someone out by throwing a PP at them! @[email protected]

  • DolceAria

    You know the trick to making these work on the lips? Layering. These work awesomely with pretty much any texture lip product. Thick lipglass, thin Fyrinnae Lip Lustres, creamy lipsticks…… Another color overtop REALLY helps make the finish more natural, and prevent it from being too drying. And it stays better than any lip liner I’ve ever tried.

    I think pretty much every look I’ve done in the past few weeks has used one of the MUFE aqua creams as a base.

  • Heather C.

    I’m not sure of the numbers, but I bought the silver, gold, orange, and bright fuschia colors and I love them!

  • Catherine

    i recently bought a few of these, had a boozy night out in nyc and crashed at a friends place… when I woke up in the morning my eye makeup looked untouched!!! not the most noble of circumstances, but I was very impressed! I went out and bought a few more… i know I have 13 and 15, and then the sliver, gunmetal and gold shades too.

    • the Muse

      awesome catherine! w00t! lasts through drunken debauchery=CHECK! hehe!


        Yes, i am talking to you!! Dont you dare say you arent gorgeous or imma have to slap you. xD

        • the Muse

          HA dino you need glasses but you totally made my day *hard squishy hugs* thank you!


    Whats funny is i actually wear glasses LOL. and no problem! Im surprised you dont get that more often! *hugs back*

    • the Muse

      lol dino. awww you’re too kind truly. thank you! *hugs* I get alot of AWWW cute. LOL but nope never gorgeous. You’re totally in my good book hehehe!