June 10, 2010

Mally Perfect Prep Eye Cooling Gel System Review

You know it’s Summer when The Guild starts pimpin’ their new Season. Yay! Anyone see the auto-tuned mad recap of Season 3?

Fawkes was my fav character evers! Hey, if you’re as old as me you totally appreciated Wil Wheaton, fellow geek in arms, appearing on The Guild. I’ve had a crush on Wil Wheaton since I was nine. I mean he was all the rage when I was growing up…we didn’t have soggy milk and bread Justin Bieber types, we had geeks like Wil Wheaton yo!

Sorry totally had to get my geek on there for a sec…

Anyway, back to being a grown up. A grown up with wrinkles.

Damn, life is so unfair.

A few months ago I ordered Mally Perfect Prep Eye Cooling Gel System…remember? I was in wait list hell for a while and I thought for sure it would never come but by some wonderful chance I got it a few weeks later, better late than not at all right?


A eye prep gel meant to be used in the AM to prepare eyes for makeup. Sooths, cools, and delievers good for you ingridents that improve the look of eyes from puffiness to fine lines and wrinkles.

This formula contains everything and anything you could possibly want in an eye treatment gel. It’s infused with antixodants including caffeine (legendary for depuffing eye bags). Of course, I was all on board getting the puff to ease under these tired eyes. To hear Mally tell it, this would indeed be the cure all for my needs!

The packaging is darling on this as it comes in a cute pink screw top jar with something that Mally deemed “the activator”. The activator, ahem I won’t say what it reminds me of (dirty mind!), is a tiny silver wand with a curved handle and spoon type metal bead on one end. You use the activator to smooth the gel under your eyes. It’s not cool to the touch but when applied under your eyes the entire experience feels like placing cold spoons under your eyes. Something about the gel and the activator combined creates an interesting cooling effect.

The gel itself is a lightweight, fragrance free (at least I didn’t smell anything) translucent pink formula. Again, it doesn’t feel cool to the touch but when combined with the activator you’ll notice it cools down and feels very refreshing under eyes. According to Mally this contains everything and the kitchen sink in it (I’m not going to get into ingredients as I’m no chemist) and not only contains ingredients to depuff but also peptides and such for combating fine lines and the like.

Basically the gel is meant to not only hydrate but also to treat fine lines, depuff, and refresh eyes in the AM. The gel is indeed very refreshing under my eyes and feels like it wakes them up a bit.

Sadly, after many weeks of constant, religious use I’ve seen no change under my eyes.

First off, fine lines aren’t too much of a problem for me so long as I stick to my daily PM night cream (fine lines for me are mostly due to dry skin so I’m safe as long as I hydrated well in the evening). I went into my purchase hoping this would cure my puffiness but sadly that fails to happen. Although the gel is very cooling and incredibly refreshing under my eyes it does nothing to depuff my eyes or even ease puffiness.

I find the gel takes a long time to dry down so you can’t really apply makeup right away particularly concealer. Mally says you can use this in conjunction with your eye cream but I tend to just stick to using this (product overload yo) and sadly it’s not hydrating enough particularly in the colder weather as my eyes will show signs of dryness if I am not using my AM eye cream and just this.

Overall, I’ve seen absolutely no results in the long term and I doubt, with continued use, I will see anything in the future.

  • Anyone younger may find this eases late night “I didn’t sleep, I played W0W all night long” puffiness.
  • Anyone who wants a refreshing eye gel experience in the AM.

  • Anyone expecting dramatic results!
  • Older women with puffy eyes!
  • Anyone who has fine lines, puffiness, and a multitude of other problems that want a cure all to (this simply doesn’t do as many things as Mally says it does or at least it didn’t for me).

I feel torn because in some ways I hate that it doesn’t work but in other ways I like the activator (feels so cooling and lovely in the AM under my eyes!) and the actual gel. I guess in the Summer, at the very least, it makes a good eye cream treatment but in the Winter when my eyes need a heck of alot more moisture this probably will end up in my skincare graveyard. At $45 it’s not too badly priced if you find you are curious and adventurous enough to try it. It does seem to get raving reviews on QVC but I honestly didn’t see results at all and I can’t help but feel disappointed.


Oh well the adventure continues for a treatment that does depuff!

Anyone try?


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    • the Muse

      LOL of COURSE wendy 😀 I love that WW ends up making special appearances on geeky shows and at cons far and wide LMAO!

    • the Muse

      ps wendy

      everyone hates WC but I always LOVED him! Totally a reason I adored STG 😀

      • Wendy

        Yesssss! I so want them to do a scene with WW banging on Sheldon’s door going “Sheldon, Sheldon, Sheldon.” LOL

        • the Muse

          lol I can’t believe someone else appreciates WW as much as I do :-D!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wendy

    lol! You just got more cool points for being a geek. Makeup is cool and all, and I’m a total addict, but running across a girl, who’s a geek, and into makeup is always awesome! 🙂

  • Chapelle

    Yay for The Guild! My little sister introduced me to it. She has the biggest crush on him, got his autograph and all that. Aaah… to be sixteen again….Jk, no way.

  • Christine

    LOL I love the Guild! That recap is hilarious! Love all of the “Pwned” signs haha

  • Ricci

    aw what a shame , I personally think you will get better results using Mary Kay anti-aging stuff

  • Angel

    Thanks for reviewing this. That Mally sucks me in every time with her personality, unfortunately her products don’t perform for me. Any product that promises to reduce puffiness looks appealing to me. But since I’ve returned everything I’ve ever ordered from Mally, I figured I’d wait to get some feedback/reviews. Thanks so much for saving me to time and money to return yet another lame eye gel. BTW, Dr. Denese sells a puff reducing gel (Baggage Handler maybe) on QVC. It’s not a miracle worker, but it’s the best I’ve found. And I’ve tried Bliss, Benefit, Dr. Wexler, Garnier, Ole Henriksen, Origins, oh the list goes on and on. The Dr. Denese gel goes on after your own eye cream. It’s a clear gel in a tube, has caffeine in it. It actually does help my puffs. Doesn’t totally take them away, but it helps better than anything else I’ve used.

    • the Muse

      Hey Angel. I agree mally is captivating, such a cutie. her make works well for me in my cases but her primers and the likes not so much. but she can sell me snow in the Summer I tell ya that much haha! I tried the Dr D (love her too!) and it didn’t work well for me sadly le sigh! Nothing I’ve come across is a miracle worker either le sigh. This was particularly disappointed b/c she really pumped it up didn’t she? It’s prob worth a try in the long run if you are younger (not sure of your age) but older women prob won’t see good results imho!

  • Angel

    Ha ha! Snow in the summer…you r soooo right!!! Love her personality. So glad her stuff works for you. BTW, I almost got bought this new Serious Skin Care Eyetality cream on HSN this past weekend (yes, I’m a home shopping tv addict, I need an intervention). It has the same little metal doohicky applicator that Mally has. It was kind of a good deal, two eye creams (one for day, one for night), plus the applicator for $39.95. They even claim it has eyelash enhancers in the night cream so in theory you will get longer, thicker lashes by using it. I know, sounds too good to be true. Wrinkle reducer, puff reducer plus longer lashes???? If it works, it would be a miracle. I’m waiting for the reviews to come in before I buy another jar of snake oil 🙂

    • the Muse

      lol angel 😀 she’s a cutie isn’t she? I was going for that too but ended up skipping, wasn’t sure about it as I hear so much drama with lash enhancers etc..and this was basically lash enhancer plus eye cream, seemed weird to have an eye cream and something that grew lashes in one product!? lol I am too, I tivo and fast forward through as I’m never home to watch haha!

      lol I think I’ll skip this snail oil too!

  • jonnie

    I can’t believe no one has made a comment yet on the appearance of that “activator”… I can’t be the only one who thinks it looks like, well… um… a sexy time toy…? I’m not, right? So here I am picturing someone rubbing a sexy time toy under her eyes… *snort*