June 9, 2010

Maybelline Color Sensational The Pearls Lipstick Review and Swatches

Anyone try out the new Maybelline Color Sensational The Pearls Lipstick Collection yet? I was fiddling about with these several days ago at my local drugstore. I thank the makeup gods daily that Maybelline gifts us with Color Sensational Lipstick packaging that isn’t SEALED. I hate a sealed lipstick…OMG annoying. How am I supposed to know what it looks like if I can’t twist it up and have a little peeky?


Maybelline Color Sensational The Pearls Collection is basically the newest extension to the Sensational Lipstick line which sports a pearl finish. Now….I dunno if these are LE. I’m going to say no but I’m not really sure in all honesty.

After twisting up every single tube (there was a girl stocking in the aisle as I twisted, she must have thought I was loco) I came to the conclusion that these so reminded me of the MAC N Collection.

I HATED the N Collection. Way too modd-y nude for me. Well…moral of the story is The Pearls have some mod nude shades I so couldn’t pull off even if I wanted to.

However, I did strike gold with one shade which was Coral Gleam.


A shimmering shade of coral lipstick with a pearl finish.

I’ve played around with Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick prior to this but never reviewed. They are decent drugstore fair in all honesty and the plus side is the range of color that they cover. You pretty much can find at the VERY least one shade that’s suitable for your skin tone.

Formula is pigmented, color glides on very nicely, and I actually really dig hard on The Pearls packaging as it’s a translucent attractive peach cap. Quite nice.

If you missed out MAC Pret a Papier or you loved it and want more like it I think you’ll be quite delighted with Coral Gleam as it’s a nude coral with a slightly shimmery pearl finish. The color is one of the main reasons I indulged as it instantly got my attention. Although they deem it coral I think it leans more towards being a melon peach.

I’ve always felt Maybelline has priced Color Sensational at too high a cost. Regular retail (without sales) is around $8.99. Honestly, I’d rather indulge in MAC for $5 more at that cost because hey, it is, after all, a drugstore lipstick.

I wish the formula was a little more hydrating as I always feel like Color Sensational doesn’t quite sit comfortably on my lips. I can’t quite explain what I mean but the quality goes off a tad bit when the product is actually on your lips.

I hate the taste. I THINK they are going for Vanilla but it ends up tasting like a chemically perfume that’s really bitter!

  • Anyone in the market for beauty budget lipstick with decent quality (Not at retail price but during a sale or a BOGO offer these are really worth the price).
  • Anyone looking to recapture the MAC Pret a Papier feel!
  • Anyone who missed out on MAC Pret a Papier.
  • Anyone who loves coral, melon, or peach colors in lipstick!

  • Anyone who wants color to glide on and sit comfortable on lips (something about these doesn’t quite feel right on my lips).
  • Anyone unwilling to dish out near $9 for drugstore lipstick (without a sale, the price is simply to high).

Reading back I think I sounded a little ranty about this lipstick. Sorry! Ha! I do like it, particularly the color, but it does have a few faults that deserved mentioning. One thing I will say it is worth the haul when it’s on sale as they have a really vast variety of colors (aside from The Pearls) and finishes to choose from which is always a joy, variety is, after all the spice of life right? Coral Gleam is worth picking up since it’s such a universally flattering shade of melon that should be suitable for most skin times particularly medium fair types like myself. The color is beautiful wear for Summer in my opinion. I’m honestly unsure if other shades in The Pearls Collection will work well for anyone as they seemed so unflattering but curious what you guys think…..

Anyone tried Maybelline Color Sensational The Pearls Lipstick yet?

Any particular shades that stood out?

Do tell!

Visit www.maybelline.com for more deets!

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  • Erica B.

    I bought several of these, but I am thinking I will wear them under or on top of other lippies. The coral is the only color that looks really good on my darker skin.

    I didn’t see LE on the lipsticks but did see it on the lip glosses that were on the same display.

    • the Muse

      erica great idea! I didn’t either but wasn’t sure about them being LE or not. I doubt it but ya never know

  • The Beauty Alchemist

    ahh, so you found these already? I don’t think they are in my (small ) area yet. I really liked the original ones. Very good for drugstore with lots of pigment and coverage. I wouldn’t give up better ones either 🙂 but.. it is good to have a solid, quality option in the mass market.

    This color you got looks great( & very me) and since I can wear nudes as long as they aren’t uber pale I’ll have to at least give them a look .

    • the Muse

      hey you! How are you? Yup they are pretty much everywhere 😀 *nods* agreed def a good ds option at the very least. all the shades are kinda blah imho but this one stood out 😀

  • ndoodles

    Thanks for the review… I personally don’t like too much shimmer in my lipstick so I probably won’t try this out… but at least I know there is one color out there that is not too frosty.

  • Jeweled Thumb

    I felt the same way about the texture of the Color Sensational, not drying per say, but not… quite right? I do like the looks of this color though. Might give them a shot when they are BOGO.

    • the Muse

      god jeweled I thought I was alone. I don’t quite know how to explain it but it doesn’t feel right on my lips…? weird right?! they are worth it during BOGO but not before imho!

  • Phyrra

    I wish I’d looked for this shade! I think it might actually work on me. The shades I saw at the store today all looked too light for me to pull off.

  • Alexa

    I love some of the colors of these (I bought two) but gosh the smell. Total Play-Dough. 🙁

  • chibaraki

    Do you find that Maybelline lipsticks have a bit of a plasticky smell to them?

    I have one I bought because it was a near-dupe of a far more expensive Guerlain lipstick I was lusting after, but I never wear it because it had a SMELL to it. It’s like… someone’s holding a freshly unpackaged Barbie doll right under my nose.

    • the Muse

      not so much a smell chib but they taste SO bitter. lol a freshly unpackaged barbie?!

  • Christina

    It’s outrageous how US drugstore makeup is marked up here in Singapore! We pay nearly USD15 for a drug store lip stick.

    Thanks for the review Musey! I’ll steer clear of this as I don’t like lipsticks that feels weird.

    • the Muse

      ouch Christina. That hurts. You can buy mac for that!!!!!!!!!!! My pleasure!!!!!!!!!

  • Fabiola

    That Coral Gleam colour looks quite nice. Unfortunately, that colour isn’t available over here, but I have a problem with the smell of those lipsticks anyway. I read somewhere that someone thought it smelt like sesame oil, but to me the stuff simply stinks! I thought I’d just come across a bad tester at a drugstore, but after sniffing the lipstick at several drugstores (I think I must’ve looked loco too, lol), I realised the stuff just smells bad. Honestly, I think the chemically sweet scent of some cheaper drugstore lipsticks is even better than the scent of these CS ones. It’s quite a pity really, as some of the colours in the CS line are quite appealing.

  • Johnny Geisha

    This comment will probably get deleted like my other one so here goes nothing, I bought them all! I luv em!! Right now at CVS they are two for $10. My favorite is bronze beam and coral gleam but the more I play with the others I like them too. Hollyannaeree is wearing So Pearly in her latest vid and it’s gorgeous! IMHO.

    • the Muse

      johnny not sure about any other comments you left. Comments are not deleted. I looked back through via your ip and i have no other comments left by you. If you can tell me where it was left and when maybe I can find it. Comments do take a bit to get moderated since I am sometimes swamped and can’t keep up but they aren’t randomly or purposely deleted.

  • Christine

    I have looked at walmarts and targets and I can’t find these lipsticks
    🙁 Do you know of any other places where they can be found?

    P.S. After finding your site I can’t stop checking for new things thank you for all your help!!

    • the Muse

      hi christine

      cvs, walgreens, duane read, etc….hope this helps hun!

      Aw thanks so much, so glad you enjoy my babbling! *hugs*

  • phiBetaFit

    I’m so glad you spotlighted these. I’m a MAC girl all the way but tried one of the Color Sensation lippies after a review and love them. I feel so dirty!

    This new collection of pearls is <3.

    I have to agree with you, that these are too pricey. Walgreens has a bogo now so it's totally worth getting them and they will take them back with a receipt if you don't love it.

    Will you do the other colors too from this collection?


    • the Muse

      hey phi! awesome so glad you’re loving 😀 they are worth it on bogo! totally 😀

      Naaa sadly not b/c none of them are for me 😀 but this particularly shade I adored! did you see the salsa sensation lipsticks?! those are AMAZING too!

  • jerseygrrrl78

    Was having trouble finding this color in my local drug stores but somehow ended up snagging the last Coral Gleam at a CVS in Phili when I was vacationing there last week. The color is beautiful on me but I must admit the formula can be a tad dry so I slick a clear gloss on over top. I can totally see myself hitting pan on this tube by the end of summer, hope it isn’t LE!

  • lawrose21

    I actually stumbled across your blog when I googled this range of lipstick and was inspired to buy it (great blog by the way!).

    I actually LOVE this lipstick. I am from Australia and it cost me $16.95 but I think it is worth every cent.

    I purchased the colour ‘bronze beam’ and it is the most flattering lipstick I own! I was actually looking for Coral Gleam but no matter where I went they didn’t supply this colour so I settled for the abovementioned shade and I’m glad I did. I didn’t have a problem with the smell of it like you were mentioning earlier (mine actually smells quite yummy like a cinnamon donut) but I may know what you mean about the feel of it….

    • lawrose21

      wow, I just realised I used the would ‘actually’ way too much in that post! woops!

    • the Muse

      thanks lawrose 🙂 so glad you’re enjoying Musings. Wow $16.95 ouch! I’m glad you’re enjoying it though, that’s all that matters ;-D No worries I use actually ALOT too lol!