June 1, 2010

Philosophy Cherry Angel Food Cake Shower Gel Review

Sigh…I wish I could talk myself out of the need to purchase every single Philosophy Shower Gel released. This has to be a bad addiction right? Well….I can think of worst….

But still I really don’t NEED more shower gel but when you present me with scents like bloody Cherry Angel Food Cake Shower Gel how the heck can I resist? I hauled it during Philosophy Friends and Family so that has to account for something right? I mean I actually saved $$ when I purchased, that’s a good thing right? Just sit there and nod, justify my purchases with me, and everyone will be alright.


What is it?

A three in one shower gel for hair, body, and bath that scented like Angel Food Cake spiked with a bit of cherry for extra decadent.

The Good….

So delicious! Philosophy continues to improve on their incredible shower gels and each new scent is even better than the last.

Cherry Angel Food Cake captures the essence of a buttery rich Angel Food Cake so you get that foody layer of warm cake that’s comforting and delicious plus you get a helping of cherry along for the ride which takes the edge off the cake. The complete scent has a warm cake rounded up with tart, juicy cherry topping! Perfect!

Of course, it goes without saying it creates mounds of lather and plenty of bubbles. You can use it on your hair, your shower, or your bath so it multitasks for all your showerin’ needs.

The Bad….

I’m always saddened that Philosophy is an in shower experience so the scent doesn’t last outside your shower.

Who Might Like It?

  • Anyone who wants the experience of a delicious slice of cake sans the calories!
  • Anyone who loves cherry scented bath products!
  • Anyone who loves Philosophy Shower Gels!

Who Might Not Like It?

  • Anyone who wants a linger scent (this is sadly in shower only!).

Final Thoughts….

This one was a love! Absolute adore the twist on cherry versus cake! I’m a lover of cherries to this appeals in a major way and hey totally fat free!


Next venture, Philosophy Lemon Angel Food Cake…yes, it shall be mine!

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  • dina

    yum! sounds great, i am still fighting the curiosity of ordering the orchid & lilac set. i am def w/ you on the needing them all! 😀

    • the Muse

      will get u a review on these shortly d 😀 to tempt ya!

  • regina

    pity the scent doesn’t last. it sounds absolutely delish

    • the Muse

      yeah regina 🙁 I would mind having my hair smell like cherry angel food cake all day hehe!

  • Kristina

    I actually like that their scents don’t linger so I can use whatever perfume or lotion I want. I generally don’t want to smell like Red Licorice or Belgian Waffles or whatever scent I happen to have in my shower. Love the smell while I’m in there though!

  • Em

    That’s kind of strange that you think it’s only in-shower…I often use various types as shampoo and I can smell it all day – maybe I just use too much!

    • the Muse

      em do you use philosophy? These don’t smell at all outside of the shower 🙂 no matter how much you use. Regular shampoos and such I don’t have a prob with, def smells all day but philosophy created the formula to be in shower only as they didn’t people would like to smell like foody items outside the shower I guess 😀

      • Em

        Yeah – my favourites are Creme Brulee and Pink Frosted Layer Cake which I use on average about once a week each and they always seem to linger, but they do each have very strong smells so maybe that’s it? Can’t wait to try out Angel Food Cake, sounds delicious even if it does abandon you after the shower 🙁 !

        • the Muse

          interesting em. I can pour a bottle over my head and get no linger outside the shower unless I layer with a scent like apricots and cream which has a matching lotion 🙂

  • Miss D

    I also think it’s okay if the scent doesn’t last so then it won’t matter what perfume I use after. But sometimes I love the scent so much I don’t want to stop bathing! XD
    So I guess they won’t be selling the new Taffy and Angel Food scents at Sephora? I really like to smell them first before purchasing.
    I say all of us could do with a little dosage of some Philosophy every day of the year! 🙂

    • the Muse

      hey miss d…not SURE on sephora right now exclusive to Philosophy for Angel Food and exclusive to QVC for Taffy. Sephora sometimes doesn’t get these in stock damn them!

      I agree 😀

  • Jasmine

    Cherry Angel Food Cake is one of the best fragrances yet. It’s probably my all time favorite and I have many! I highly recommend it!