June 2, 2010

Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm Review and Swatches

I rarely leave the house without lip stain in place. Most of my gloss photos always included some sort of stain underneath. Dunno, just one of those daily things I do, stain lips, apply gloss, and go!

I like stains for a variety of reasons but for the most part I like them because they give my gloss that little extra something to make it pop and transform ordinary into extraordinary.

A few seasons ago Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain popped onto the scene. Anyone remember them? Rollerball style applicator? They kinda reminded me of Lorac Cheek and Lip Stain at the time but way cheaper. Of course Revlon had meant for us to take advantage of these strictly as a lip stain but I was all about dabbing some on my cheeks for a bit of blusher. No rules against that right?

I actually still have some of these stains since I liked them so much and did double duty stocking up!

Now I’m telling you all this because Just Bitten has evolved into Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm Review. New packaging, new design, new everything….

Wanna hear about it?


What is it?

A dual ended lip stain pen that contains a shiny transparent, setting lip balm on one side and a long wearing lip stain on the other.

The Good…

First off price.

These are $8.99 and Covergirl has a similar product for the same price (CVS Retail Prices). Covergirl gets you the bigger size at 0.09 where as Revlon gives you 0.05. You do have to take into consideration that you aren’t getting a balm with the Covergirl version so the smaller size may be the thing that cinches the deal when you end up choosing between the two.

At the moment Covergirl and Revlon are now the only lip stain holders in the US market that I can think of and both are honestly the same product in formula, texture, and finish (but of course don’t forget the balm which makes Revlon’s version a little different).

These have nice color payoff but aren’t necessarily garish depending on the shade you go with. The formula is similar to a magic marker which you can apply with a felt tip pen onto your lips. If you’ve tried MAC Lipstain Markers, it’s the same concept but cheaper with a bit more of a subtle finish.

Shades range from subtle to really loud and outrageous. I don’t personally recommend some of the louder shades such as reds and the likes because they look a tad clown-y however the softer pinks they have are very nice. I got two shades which were Frenzy (Oh no you didn’t clownish red) and Passion (Very friendly pink).

The balm…mmm is kinda useless to me? I like lipstain under my gloss so I don’t normally walk around with it on my lips sans gloss because I feel like it’s a bit TOO much. The balm included with this is basically a glorified chapstick. It’s not all that shiny or glossy and feels a tad waxy but it does glide onto lips nice. The good thing about the balm is, it does offer hydration. Many people I’ve talked to about stains always complain about the same thing, dryness. The dryness, bleeding, flaking, and migrating you experience with stain on will basically be controlled when using this balm on top. This also manages to soften the color a fair bit (no garish crazy clown red with this on top) and also locks color into place. So I guess the balm does have alot of good in it but I just fail to take advantage of it since I’m a gloss and stain kinda girl.

The stain is long wearing as with all lip stains so you can drink yourself through the day, eat, and be merry and chances are you’ll get 5 hours or more out of it. It takes a lot to get it to fade away.

The Bad….

As mentioned above the balm is a waste for me and could prove wasteful to you as well if you like to top with gloss.

Some of the shades are a little scary and can be easily tamed using the balm however with gloss on top they are even more louder in some cases which is a no go for me.

Without balm or gloss you may experience feathering and dryness plus your stain may migrate onto your upper or lower lip or into fine lines.

Who Might Like It?

  • Anyone looking for a long wearing Summer lip color!
  • Anyone who likes lip stains!
  • Anyone who likes louder shades or just bitten lips (quite a few vibrant shades to choose from)!
  • Anyone interested in sweat proof, waterproof, and Summer proof lip wearin’!

Who Might Not Like It?

  • Anyone with fine lines in and around the lip area (You’ll need the balm included to keep this wearing well if you sport these problems).
  • Anyone who isn’t partial to louder shades of lip color (most of the shades are pretty bold with only a few softer shades to choose from).
  • Anyone who isn’t keen on chapstick or lip balms.

Final Thoughts…..

I don’t absolutely need this in my life because I’m very happy with my HG Lip Stain (Bourjois Paris Bons Baisers de Paris) however it is nice to have something readily available at my local drugstore. If I had to choose I’d probably go with CG’s version simply because I am not a fond fan of the balm included with this and think it’s something I’ll never use. However, I will say that alot of people will probably feel alot more love for lip stain after trying this simply because the extra lip treatment balm will make the stain alot easier to wear.

Didn’t change my lip stain world but it’s a nice product if you are a fan of lip stains or have experienced problems with stains in the pass being too dry or feathering.

Available now in US drugstores.

Have you tried Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm?

Did you like them?

Do you think you’d want to try them?

Share it!

P.S. Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off at CVS this week!

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  • Kelsey

    I didn’t know they were coming out with stains! Is this the new thing?

  • makeup morsels

    wow, I haven’t seen these yet! will go scout out my local drugstore this weekend for sure, I tend to have good experiences with Revlon lip products.

  • Pau

    I still dnon’t get wht they used a name they had already used for a past LE product…

    • the Muse

      no miley that would kinda defeat the purpose? You apply the stain and follow up with the balm within 30 seconds (plenty of time for dry down).

  • T

    I’m liking the Passion color!

    I’m thinking of getting this but maybe when they have a buy one get one free instead of the 50% off since I’m greedy like that.

    Have you tried the Palladio lip stains? They look similar but obviously without the balm.

    Thank you for the swatches and the review!

    • the Muse

      mmm t good luck never seen many buy one get one frees 😀

      I haven’t tried ’em but heard good things!

      My pleasure hun!

  • jenna

    thanks for the review – i love the colour of passion!
    this is very tempting but i had such a bad experience with the CG ones. i only got about 3 days worth out of it before it completely dried up so if they’re similar maybe i should skip it.
    i think i’m going to haul posietint instead. i saw your review and loved the colour of that one as well and the packaging may be more reliable for me. what do you think lovely Muse?

    • the Muse

      hey jenna wish I could tell you about this happening but haven’t had them that long 😀 my cg ones I have had for months now and thankfully haven’t had that happen. Oh poise tint is lovely I think you’ll be happy with it 😀

    • the Muse

      hey erica

      what didn’t you like about ’em?

      Share! 🙂

      • Patricia Accamando

        bought 3 different colors and the balm tip broke off

        immediately upon opening. pretty disappointing! Is

        this a manufacturing defect?

  • Louisa

    OMG! Right now I use the Cover Girl stain with Chapstick over it because I don’t like gloss, this is the perfect replacement! I hope I like the colors.

  • Renata

    The combination lip stain + balm is a great idea.This is how I always wear lip stain – with lip balm on top (hate glosses).

    But I have one of those lip stains by Revlon (Just Bitten, the original) and I can’t bear the taste. Blah! It tastes like medicine, they should call it ‘just bitter’. And the rollerball packaging does not help! I also dislike the jelly texture.

    I hope this one is better. 🙂

    • the Muse

      oh gosh renata you are right they taste BAD these are actually fruity flavored 🙂

  • Xena

    Where can I get these? :O

    I searched online but couldn’t find much about it.
    Can I get these at the usual drugstore?

    Thanks :]

    • the Muse

      hi xena

      cvs, walgreens, duane reade. hope this helps 🙂

  • hana

    at first i really liked the CG lipstains but the two main issues with them is that 1) they shades really all look the same on your lips 2) they dry out way too easily

    thanks for the review! this may be a potential purchase for me 🙂

  • Sasha

    Mark currently offers two shades in their product like this, called kissink. I really like Berry Bitten. I’m definitely a stain girl myself. I usually use BE Buxom Dominique as my topper gloss.

    Thanks for the review of Revlon’s stain, I will definitely be trying it.

  • MissVee

    I’m in LOVE!! As soon as a BOGO deal comes out, they shall be mine 🙂 Awesome colors (I want both of them), too, so thank you for the review! Also, Maybelline is launching a similar product…have you/will you review that one as well? Pretty please? 😉

  • KT

    Maybelline also has a new lipstain out.
    It’s a part of the colorsensational lines, although their colors are more subdued, very pretty though

  • Julia

    Hey, Muse

    I love the stain… but frenzy looks totally silly on me… is there a way I can lessen the effect or should I just buy another revlon lip stain?

    • the Muse

      julia, defeats the purpose somewhat, but a gloss on top always helps 😀 or try apply with a light touch and running a clean finger tip over your lips after to pick up excess!

  • Jennifer

    I just recently discovered these, only because I saw an advertisement which I never saw in previous months that it came out! First time using a lipstain and I’m absolutely obssessed!! The balm is so moisturizing!! I got it in Beloved & Twilight:)

  • im

    Hello, I haven’t tried these, as i haven’t seen them here in Australia.
    Mecca Cosmetica stock one here by Stila. It’s actually a gloss that stains. The only trouble is, it’s quite expensive. AUD$38.
    The other brand i have just discovered is Bourjois. These are available through priceline, and they have a great colour range. They’re much more affordable at AUD$9. I like the stila one as i think it is more moisturising.
    Good luck!!

  • jm

    i just bought one in passion… the color’s fantastic and lasts for ages, but the balm side was useless! without any sort of roll-up/roll-down mechanism, the entire contents of the balm side is just hanging out there, and it breaks off/mushes if you apply any pressure when using it 🙁

  • Ruthie

    Hey Beautiful Muse! 🙂

    Thanks for your great blog – love being able to read reviews and see pics from “real” people vs. advertisements and super-models only, ya know?!

    So, I know I’m late to this party, but I just picked up 2 of the Revlon Just Bitten + Balm @ CVS a week or so ago for the Buy One Get One 50% Off deal. I got Beloved and Lust (they were almost completely sold out and these were the 2 most “wearable” looking shades I could dig up).

    I’m liking them thus far. Not the best nor the worst lipstains I’ve used – but definitely in the “better” category (my HG lipstain is Goldie Lipstained in Fancy – now sadly DC’ed). They remind me of Pixi Lip Blush – the only product from Pixi I liked whatsoever – the quality of the few other Pixi items I tried were AWFUL. But Pixi Lip Blush in Purity was a GORGEOUS lipstain!!! Mine is about dried out and I’d LOVE to buy another, actually! LOL!

    K, back to the product at hand… 🙂 The balm is fine but like you, I prefer to wear a stain under a tinted gloss or lipstick… Tried something today that I’m liking a lot – on naked lips applied Revlon Just Bitten + Balm in Beloved with a medium hand, first just inside natural lipline (kind of as lip liner), then filled in, let dry for about a minute (did NOT apply balm), then lined lips with Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Wicked (ALL the shades of UD 24/7 Lip Pencil are my HG lip liners!!! Own, use, and love them ALL!! WOOT! :-D), then applied Korres Raspberry Antioxidant Liquid Lipstick #54 (Fuchsia) on top of all. Note – I only applied UD Wicked Lip Pencil b/c I was planning to apply the Korres Raspberry Liquid Lipstick as a topper – I love the colors, feel, etc., but it really wants to bleed/feather on me, and I’ve never had an issue with gloss or lipstick bleeding or feathering! BOO! 🙁

    Anyway, the combo is looking very pretty and not at all garish even though Korres #54 is quite bright. I am very pale – I use BE Fair (original) or NARS Sheer Glow Siberia – and am a freckled redhead to boot! LOL! 🙂 I’m hoping this combo will let me eat and drink while wearing the Korres Liquid Lipstick without worrying about having “naked” lips again by the time I’m done!

    Thanks again, Gorgeous Muse!


    • the Muse

      aw thanks for the comment ruthie! xoxo!

      I agree, I def love reading blogs so I can get a feel for products from real people who wear them etc…rather than models! I didn’t even know Goldie had lipstains wow! Isn’t pixi Lip Blush still around? Target?

      damn that must have been a rocking look with stain and korres on top since korres is so pigmented 😀 you can prob blame the Korres, as they def feather and bleed a bit particularly on dry lips le sigh!

      I’ll have to try this combo as I’m trying to wear Korres but they are SO bright it’s hard 😀

      Thank YOU for the lovely comment and the tips and tricks ;D

  • Kasa~

    Oooh, I just bought one of these. I got the Gothic one- I love it, But it’s too dark for my ghostly skin tone. 😛 I can probably wear this during cosplay, Halloween and crazy days, but after a little wiping off, the faint red looks wonderful.
    ;;; I liked the balm. The balm was all, “OOOOH. Pretty. It’s white and moisturizing and PRETTY.” I think my normal balm is jealous. ;D
    Also, where I got my lipstain, it’s $5. And I thought it was expensive, pooh. I guess it’s because I’m such a cheapskate.

    D: I wish I could wear it more often! But I think I could find a way to apply it so it looks REALLY subtle.

  • Mary

    I was so excited to try this. I got into my car, opened it up and slicked it on. definitely felt like i needed the balm on too though, and when i slicked that on it broke! Like the stick part just broke off at the base.
    it doesn’t have the option to go up and down like normal chap-stick does,

  • Fla

    I tried this product in an orangy red color and it didn’t stand up to my usual lip stain either. I usually get stila cherry crush lip and cheek stain($24), i love it because the applicator is a brush so it doesn’t give such a harsh line. Another reason I love it is because the color is layerable. You can put one layer on and it will be a light flush of color, or put a few layers on for a dramatic look, the revlon brand did not give this benefit, within the first coat it was already too dark and didn’t fade to a desirable color for a few hours. The third reason I prefer stila lipstain is because it is not drying at all. The revlon one is super drying and the balm doesnt help because it keeps moisture from getting in. I suppose you get what you pay for and in the future I’ll stick with my favorite!

  • Angela

    Another good thing about Revlon is that they’re one of the few drug store brands that DON”T TEST ON ANIMALS!! Revlon is good! (Covergirl still uses animal testing.)

    Thanks for your blog! I’ll be back. 🙂

  • linzy

    omg i am dieing to get my hands on this lip stain! I absolutly love fun new lip products!! thanks for the review!! 🙂

  • Claire

    Thank you so much for this!

    I am a lip stain addict as well, and I had trouble for a while trying to even find one, now they are everywhere! I thought they looked a lot like the Covergirl lipstain. I spotted them this afternoon, and wanted to find out more about them before I spent any more money on lipstains, so your review was PERFECT!.

    I live in Australia, but I was in Los Angeles for a shopping spree last week, and picked up as many Covergirl lipstains as I could get my hands on. I only paid $7 for them in USA, in Australia they are $17.95. I had a lot of fun buying makeup in LA, with the Australian Dollar so strong at the moment, nearing parity, it was too good an opportunity to miss. The biggest difference was Loreal foundation, $12 in LA, $36 in Sydney!

    Anyway, back to Revlon. I loved the old Just Bitten in a roll-on applicator as well, and I brought up quite a few on ebay as they were not in the stores for long here, but with easy of application, nothing beats the felt-tip pen. For a really crappy stain, avoid Natio – completely useless. The Body Shop stain is not too bad, but more expensive.

    Thank you for such wonderful information! xox

    • the Muse

      hi claire I’m so glad you were able to get these while you were in the states ;-D and glad you enjoyed the review. xoxoxo! thanks for your recs as well 😀

  • Christine

    Anyone got info on the best & quickest way to REMOVE the lipstain apart from a lot of patience ?

  • Pauline

    I love the lipstain, specifically the passion color, but I find that soon after you purchase the product (like after 4 or 5 uses), not much comes off the applicator, like it’s drying out already. I’m not happy about that.
    I also don’t like having to constantly rehydrate my lips.
    I am new to lipstains – I love the idea but I think for $8 – $10 it shouldn’t be almost dry . I own 2 of these, one for at home, one for purse and they are both like that. I even tried it out on my hand and barely any comes out.

  • Claire

    Hope you don’t think I am hijacking your thread the Muse, but I do have some info which may help Pauline and Christine

    Hi Ya Pauline, the felt tip drying out is a real problem, I have found it with other products. I have a few things that I do to try and stop that happening.

    First is making sure that you close the cap properly, make sure that it snaps shut.

    Second is storage, not that it helps for when its in your purse, but I try to keep it stored upside down, so that the ‘ink’ is draining toward the felt tip.

    Third, which is the biggest thing, is trying to avoid getting any foundation or face product on the applicator – the felt tip. It will clog it up and then the product will not be able to get through. Just apply it on clean dry lips.

    I just love lip stains. There are some amazing colours out now, and they have improved the formulas so much now, they are no where near as drying as the old ones used to be.

    I have also found that in my ‘make-up off’ times, by making sure I put on a good moisturising lip balm like Rosebuds, I slather it on all the time, that when I go to put on the lip stain, my lips are in a good moisturised condition already.

    My personal routine for putting on lip stain, is after I have had my shower and my face is clean, after I tone my skin, BEFORE I put on any moisturiser, foundation, etc, I put on the lip stain, then continue with the rest of my face routine. That way there is no risk for getting stuff on the felt tip.

    Hope that helps.

    And Christine, I had a lip stain emergency once, the lip stain was much darker than I expected and I was about to go to a very conservative Church where they frown on makeup. When I realised it was way to dark, I mixed some toothpaste and facial scrub 50/50 and scrubbed my lips with that. Took it right off. Its not something I would recommend doing all the time, as it would be very drying on your lips.

    OK, I am going to shut-up now. Sorry the Muse for talking too much.

    PS. I just got a huge shipment of lip stains from America from an amazing seller on eBay. I don’t know if I can mention her name or shop here. If its OK, let me know. She only charged me $14 shipping to buy nearly 20 lip products at an amazing price.

  • Nicole

    I used the lipstain and HATED it!!!!!! I had to constantly reapply and it dried my lips horribly. The colors were ok but not totally not worth the money at all!!

  • Abbi

    My favorite color would definitely have to be crave. It’s a nice cherry pink- bright but not outrageous. All the reviews I have read talk about how it doesn’t go on evenly. It goes on pretty even on me!

  • Karla

    At sephora they have “lip stains” that are creamy- like chapstick. I was wondering if they would work the same. Its like the revlon but both sides are mixed.

  • Heather

    I’ve got very fair skin, and have had trouble with looking a little washed out when my lips weren’t feeling vibrant. Going into summer, looking washed out is the last thing I wanted, so I was seeking a stain that seemed to be good. I’d heard a lot about Just Bitten when it came out a while ago, and trusted the great compliments I’d come across. I bought it last week, and wore it out to the lake a day or two later. It was a little faded after being in the water and sun for several hours, but still held its color.
    I’ve got nothing but good to say about it, and will definitely continue to use Just Bitten.

    FYI: My shade is Victorian, and looks barely more than natural, which is what I wanted. It’s the color I want, without the obviousness that it’s fake.

  • Serena

    Thanks so much for the review but I’m still kind of confused about your opinion about what the best lip stain to use! I don’t want dried out lips or anything and I was really considering buying the revlon just bitten even after I heard about the flaking and how fast they could dry out! Until I heard they taste bad!!! But if I did get it I think I’d use the balm 🙂 What do you think is best for me? I don’t Want it to break or taste bad or dry out or make my lips dry! Hehe I’m kinda picky! But I don’t care if it has balm or not I could just wear gloss! Thanks again! 😀

  • Kaia

    i got the lipstain ‘crave’ and the color was insane! and not in a good way. i was expecting a pretty red-pink hue that would highlight my lips, but i looked like a mix of a clown and a hooker! also, it is very difficult to put on without geting it outside your lip line. it comes out messy and garish, i didn’t want to leave the house! i was very disappointed.

  • GR

    Muse, have you looked at the New York Color lip stains? They are much much cheaper, marker-style, and I can’t compare them to other stains, but they do the job. No balm included in them.

    • the Muse

      yup gr I reviewed them a while back ago hun! nice stuff ;-D