June 30, 2010

Stila Road to Radiance Across the USA Palette Review and Swatches

Hey there.

How’s everyone today? Feel like I don’t talk nearly enough to you in posts (but tons in comments). So how’s everyone feelin’ today? Lovin’ Summer so far?

Some fun facts about me today.

  • I can’t stop singing Furry Walls. Must be my Oasis fetish that has me rocking out to it!
  • I love the Sleeping Beauty inspired assembles that College Fashion has put together.
  • I went to a broker meeting today wearing chucks and a Team w0w T-Shirt. I’m positive I stroked everyone out with my geek gear, oops sorry, overslept because of my Twi-hardin’ last night and didn’t have time for the power suit route.
  • I’m lemming the Kat Von D Adora Palette so hard, please release it already Sephora!
  • I’m crushing on Christine for baring it all, literally, with her First Waxing Experience post.
  • I’m craving sushi for dinner, actually, my sushi craving never really stops.
  • I’m four episodes behind on Doctor Who, GASP! Need. to. catch. up.
  • I love Allan Hyde was in Eric’s flashback last week, please can we has more of that good stuff?

How about you?

Fill me in on what’s happenin’ your side of the planet.


This was a review post but it turned into a “me” post.

Anyone try out the new Stila Road to Radiance Across the USA Palette yet?

I tried out mine yesterday but I gotta say that Marley over at Deeply Superficial created a way BETTER look with it than I did. I was makeup challenged to get the look down right. Damn.

Oh well, $10 bucks well spent anyway!

Jump ahead for it!

A super fly cheap Stila palette ($10) made up of four eyeshadows and one Stila Convertible Color that can be used on lips or eyes!

First off this is a rather great deal at $10 since the packaging alone is worth the price of admission. This comes in a traditional hard case cardboard Stila open book palette. If you’re a Stila fan of yesteryear you totally understand the packaging I’m talking about. It’s a flip top that opens left to right with a full size mirror and makeup on the opposite side. Although cardboard, it still has a nice hard shell which makes it sturdy for travel.

The convertible color included, Hibiscus, has been released in prior palettes but is not available as a full size or has not been in the past as far as I know. The shade is dusky nude pink which applies like a natural shade of blushing cheeks. If you’ve never used convertible color before it’s simply a glorified cream blush with long wear and a creamy formula.

The palette also includes four shades of Stila shadow. Shades included are Snow Bunny (grayish lilac), Valley Girl (dirty mauve), Southern Belle (bubblegum pink), City Chick (deeper off purple).

Crossing the packaging design and the actually contents of the palette, you’ll find that it’s a killer deal, as hey $10 bucks? Where can you get a cute palette for $10 right?

The overall look is a polished, work friendly look sans shimmer or sparkle as the shades have more of a velvet formula.

Sadly, I felt like the shades of shadow aren’t exactly the original Stila formula we all know and love. Stila has a rather unique shadow that’s a cross between a velvety cream and powder. The texture of Stila shadows is very velvety smooth and buttery soft. Sadly, the shadows in this palette aren’t exactly the same as a standard Stila shadow. These forsake a fair bit of pigmentation and do not have a bolder color pay off nor does the formula have the same texture as traditional Stila shadows. Interestingly enough I actually liked them simply because they sported ALOT less fall out than Stila’s normal range, however, I did miss the lack of pigmentation.

I had a bit of a challenge putting together my look as all the shades went well together until I got to Southern Belle which I proceeded to stumble with a little bit.

In the end I used Snow Bunny as an all over color wash, Valley Girl on my lid, City Chick on the outer corner, and Southern Belle patted subtly on top of Valley Girl.

  • Anyone looking for a palette for lips, cheeks, and eyes that will set them back a mere $10!
  • Anyone who loves collecting Stila Girl palettes (Stila Girl packaging isn’t always incorporated into the design of many of the newer Stila products so it’s a treat when they do something involving the original girl’s that made the brand popular 10 years ago).
  • Anyone wanting a work friendly look!

  • Anyone who wants dramatic, bold shadows or a bold, vibrant makeup look!

Although I had a few disappointments with the palette, I think the price far outweighs any ranting I had. The palette, without question, is overall a very good deal and should please many Stila fans who collect their palettes particularly ones involving the Stila Girls. I will continue to purchase the upcoming travel palettes that Stila has planned as I think they are rather a cute little addition to my makeup stash.

(Eyes: Snow Bunny, All Over Color Wash Valley Girl, Lid Southern Belle, Patted On Lid City Chick, Outer V Cheeks: Hibiscus Lips: Lola LipGloss in Arm Candy with clear Bobbi Brown Gloss on top)

I think it’s worth a Muse Approval for purchase.

Quite cute even though shadows are slightly lacking formula wise.

Anyone haul it?

How did you like it?

Share your thoughts!

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  • Stephanie

    I got this palette two days ago and I am loving it so far. It is nice to have some new colors that aren’t the norm for me.

    • the Muse

      LOL Brooke! when the world slips you a Jeffrey…you know how it is, FURRY WALLS 😀 <3 RB!

  • ace

    okay. WATCH DOCTOR WHO NOW. the finale is incredible. what do you think of matt smith??

    • the Muse

      ace, UK? we are far behind babe. We got a ways to go until the finale sweets. I like MS, I don’t love him but I like him 😀

  • ace

    yep, im in london! LOL i feel for you… ms gets a lot, lot better later on- hes not quite david tennant, but getting close…

    • the Muse

      ace I’m still mourning Tom Baker and than DT? I can’t take the sadness LOL!

  • Larie

    Lol, I have a perpetual sushi craving, too! But the bf barely tolerates it, so I don’t get it as often as I like…boo that. Annnnnnd the palette is cute, but I really don’t like that convertible color stuff, so it’s a no go for me. But it’s totally cute on you! 🙂

  • Lauren

    Got my palette today along with the other $10 eye trio palette. Haven’t looked at them yet, but I’m sure ill like them for work or lazy days of school.

    The adora palette is live on sephora (I was suppose to get an email but no go. Good thing I checked it this afternoon!) so I ordered that along w some other goodies, and got some UD stuff from ebay. Saw a naked palette sell for $80 including shipping on there!!!!

    What do you think of the new Dr.??? 🙂

    • the Muse

      hey lauren! are you liking it? 😀

      yup, ordered it. YAY was supposed to get an email too but nothing?! oh well. AH $80!? crazed!

      four episodes behind on Who but I like him, NOT love but def a like feeling 😀 and you!? He’s quirky.

  • Ashley

    So I’m guessing I wasn’t the only one who went to the midnight show for Eclipse?! I said it once (ages ago) & I’ll say it again, I hate Twilight as a whole. I hated the story (all four books) & the movies. They are extremely bad & I think Kristen Stewart & Rober Pattinson are just waaaay too awkward but… I love Taylor Lautner, he makes my heart melt 🙂 I will wait 5 hours in line just to see him on a big screen but it’s just a phase, I’ll grow out of it…

    • the Muse

      i was there with bells on ashley 😀 hehe! I liked the books, movies are a bit corny 😀 I agree on KS and RP very awkward but lovve me some TL 😀

  • southern girl

    Hey Muse! Love ur site wanted to let u know kat von d adora is avaliable at sephora online now! I ordered mine today!

  • Becky

    You’re right, the shadows aren’t the same quality as what they normally are. I was really frustrated with the lack of pigmemt because I couldn’t get anything to look bold enough.. even when I tried packing it on.. then it just didn’t work. I’ll be trying again, I love purples..

    I liked the packaging of the palette though and am hoping the free shipping code will work for future ones. haha

    • the Muse

      same becky. lots of layering but overall I did like that I couldn’t over do the look so to speak 😀 ha me too!
      that would be fabs!

  • Connie

    Received my palette last week so I’ve had a few days to play with it. I agree that the shadow texture isn’t as velvety smooth, but overall I’m very pleased and excited to see future palettes.

  • Marina

    I really like the blush 🙂
    So…I assume Twi-harding means you saw Eclipse 😉 ? I saw it yesterday too. I felt it was the first one they’ve done correctly. I also noted that the makeup looked nicer on almost everyone…I wasn’t too keen on Rosalie’s look when she was telling Bella about her. She looked very washed out with the frosty creamy purple shadow and frosty lilac lipstick on top of being super pale. But everyone else looked pretty good!

    • the Muse

      yup marina whatcha think? I agree on Roselie, didn’t like it at all ew. But everyone else looked considerably better than the last part. Movies are kinda bad corny but meh my inner teenager loves!

      • Marina

        I thought David Slade saved the series. It’s the first one I really wouldn’t be embarrassed to watch with a person uninterested in Twilight. There were still some things done wrong, but I felt the direction added some color and life to the series…and Taylor was just so damn hot, haha! Actually, I have a couple crushes on Twilight actors…Kellan, Jackson, Peter, Alex, Taylor….mmmmm! I’m actually such a big nerd that I went to a convention for the series and hugged Kellan, took a pic with Jackson and ate dinner with Peter! It was fun, but there definitely were some crazies…

        • the Muse

          marina agreed. less embarrassing for sure and less cheese 😀 LOL taylor was indeed looking lovely 😀 that’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! What was peter like? He’s quite the geek boy, always on Twitter lol!

          • Marina

            He was the absolute sweetest. I was super nervous and only got a salad to eat because I didn’t want to seem like a pig in front of Peter Facinelli. He said something to the effect of “Is that all you’re eating?” And I couldn’t think of anything to say…so I just said “Yes.” And he asked if I was vegetarian and I just said I just wanted a salad XD But he was so nice and personable. He talked to us about how they were going to start shooting New Moon and how excited he was. He told us about Nurse Jackie…it was really cool! Then we got a picture with him at the end and he put his arm around me. It was really cool. I wanted to have dinner with Kellan or Jackson, but afterward, I was so happy I got to sit down and meet Peter.

          • the Muse

            marina he sounds awesome 😀 all his interviews and tweets etc always seem so down to earth and personable doesn’t surprise me he was such a mellow dude and fun in person 😀 lucky you!!!!!!!