June 30, 2010

Urban Decay Urban Lash Collection for Fall 2010

Sigh too bad I have no skills for false lash application! I wish I did because I’d so be on top of the new Urban Decay Urban Lash Collection. With over 18 styles, from demure to outrageous, you should find at least one pair of falsies to love on this Fall.

Jump ahead to a peek at the collection!

Available now from www.urbandecay.com

Do you rock the false lash look?

Not so much?

I suck at application so I tend to avoid them but sweat them hard on others, just wish I had the skill to apply.


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  • electronicfly

    Ooo in Malaysia (and ELF) you can get this sorta eyelash applicator thingy. It’s like a clip sorta thingy with rubber/silicon tips so it won’t hurt your eye or the lashes.

    In ELF it’s this thing (the black rubber cliplike thing): http://www.eyeslipsface.com/elf/eyes/false_lashes/hollywood_eyelashes_kit

    but here in Malaysia we can get it from online stores for realllly cheap, like, RM5 = $1.50

    As for the UD lash, well, not as interesting as I thought. I do like how Instaglam Technicolor looks though, can imagine it on me, though just one bit at a time

    • the Muse

      ah yea I have one of those electronicfly but sadly it doesn’t work so well.

      • electronicfly

        Aww 🙁 I can’t put on falsies for nuts either, but with that thingy I can get a pair on in less than two minutes 😀 Was hoping it’ll work for you 🙁

        • the Muse

          sadly not electronic sigh wish it worked. got it from Sephora and tried it and it seemed to work but after time I just felt like it wasn’t doing much!

  • Nia

    *lol* Muse, I think Urban Decay is daring you to try them. They claim an 8 year old can apply them 😉
    So, are you going to show them? 😀

    I like them, I just wish I could see UD stuff in real, buying lashes blind is not funny.

    • the Muse

      ha nia my skills are around an 8 year olds when it comes to application. naaaa def not doing the falsies 😀 aw totally understand!

          • Nia

            *lol* then I am about nine 😉

            I’d like to wear them more often, but they are such a hassle to get on and then I always see where they are not perfect. Sure, practice makes perfect, but you know…

          • the Muse

            nia I got a buncha cheap ones to practice with but def not getting any better 😀

  • Stephanie

    I am not one for false eyelashes. I would like my eyelashes to look fuller, but I feel like whenever I try something like this, I just look silly. I can’t carry it off.

  • Comrade_Garlic

    I was hoping for more color or more something. These seem really tame. I think I’ll stick with Shu, MUFE and Korean brands. I love my falsies, even if I hardly ever wear them.

    • Jemma

      Comrade, I think you just said it..”I hardly ever wear them”.

      Well… that’s not the point of the UD lashes.. now is it? I wear them on a daily basis (because I have zero lashes) and what you call “tame” is wearable in my opinion. I think I’d pass up on lashes with dangling feathers like the ones found in MUFE that you probably prefer.

  • Courtney

    I am also horribly inept at applying false eyelashes. There must be some type of secret/technique to it. I also don’t tend to have the best of luck with liquid eyeliner. I wish I could take a class lol

    • the Muse

      omg courtney we are twins me too on liquid eyeliner…totally makeup’s best kept secret how to apply liquid liner WITHOUT poking an eye out or looking like a freak!

  • Phyrra

    OMG want the lashes! I have a pair of revlon that match the blue demi ones!

  • Adora

    I want them all! My fave pair are Groupie and my least fave are litle wing, but im still heartin’ every single pair!

  • regina

    aww i love falsies but rarely put them on except for big events cause if you wear em too much it makes your real ones fall out plus it irritates my lids sometimes.yea it still takes me awhile to put em on.