June 4, 2010

Wanderlove Beauty The Lip Wand Review and Swatches

When I was a kid I so wanted to be Penny from Inspector Gadget. I mean hey, she was the brains behind the whole business right? Remember her?

My geeky tendencies obviously started early on in life because I was Penny for Halloween one year, ahh obsessed with gadgets even way back then!

Gadgets are my specialty that’s why when I saw WanderLove Beauty Lip Wands at my local Duane Reade I had to indulge. Hey, three in one lip lovin’ in a slick shiny package, yes please, my inner Penny needs this gadget!


Wanderlove Beauty The Lip Wand Pout Perfection Trio is exactly that! A trio of essential lippie items in one slick package.

The concept isn’t new (Avon’s done it) but the concept still remains a cool one for those of us wanting to travel a little lighter.

Wanderlove Beauty The Lip Wand allows you to take three essential items with you in one really slick package. The basic design is a longer silver plated tube which houses a gloss on one end, a lipstick in the middle, and a lipliner at the end. See? Told you it was flipping cool.

These are available at your local Duane Reade for $18 bucks in four color selections. I picked up Apricot which has a beige peach lipstick and matching liner paired up with a shimmering bronz-y peach gloss. The total design is really nice as I dig the idea of a single product to tote around with as it lessens my makeup bag load.

At $18 this is so NOT cheap for drugstore makeup. I was shocked at the price to be honest particularly because you aren’t getting a huge amount of product here. The lipstick is tiny as is the gloss and lipliner so it’s like paying $18 for sample sizes, ouchie.

The concept and packaging is simply delightful but it doesn’t run to the actual product quality. The lipstick is pigmented as is the liner but the gloss is dry, lacks a glossy finish, and just isn’t particularly fabulous quality (hey for my $18 bucks I want some shine please?). The actual lipstick has a nice pigmentation and it glides on fairly well but nothing particular special to talk about here.

Sadly, I love the idea of a 3 in 1 but I honestly can’t say I actually make use of it since I am not a liner girl so I’m actually paying $18 bucks for a small lipstick and gloss.

I noticed the liner and the lipstick are almost identical in color so those who want their liner a bit on the darker side may be disappointed as this will basically turn invisible once you apply your lipstick.

The color selection I got is SO boring. The box is sealed so you can’t see the lipstick so I unknowingly assumed that the shade of the gloss (visible through the box) would be a great way to get an idea for the lipstick shade as the gloss looks really pretty but NO, the lipstick and liner are a terribly bad beige-y peach, very unflattering on me. I hope the other shades aren’t equally bad.

And finally my biggest rant of all. After one use the lipstick is already a little wobbly in the tube and looks like it may snap off very soon. Le sigh.

  • Anyone wants three lip products to carry around but in one cool design!
  • Anyone who travels alot and wants alot of product in a little amount of space!
  • Anyone who likes the idea of a lipstick, gloss, and liner housed in one package!

  • Anyone unwilling to pay $18 for three small products (hells you can get one full size MAC Lipstick for $4 bucks or so less).
  • Anyone who expects packaging to extend its quality to the product it houses.

Sadly, this was a bust for me. The packaging is absolutely adorable but in my opinion Wanderlove needs to concentrate a little more on the product INSIDE as well. I just felt like the quality wasn’t there for the gloss or the lipstick. Nothing special here sadly aside from an over priced gadget which looks really cool but simply fails to excite me once I apply.

WanderLove Beauty is sold at Duane Reade and is available at www.wanderlovebeauty.com

Anyone try it?

Do share!

I sadly didn’t experience the joy myself but quite alot of bloggers are liking this! Check out other reviews from the press site on WanderLove!

And if you’re curious, yes, I am returning it. I want my $18 back.

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  • Kristina

    I sing the Inspector Gadget song to myself everytime I put on my trench coat! Who were you saying has geeky tendencies…?

  • Tango

    Awww…. You hit the nail on the head with that Penny reference, I have such a weakness for gadgety make-up! And this looked like such a slick, swiss-army knife of a lippy.

  • Robyn

    why do i get the idea that the muse and traveling light with makeup is kinda unheard of ? lol
    oo i to like this idea tho it looks so cool and no need to try and find the corect matching lipliner as its already there ! maybe its a sign that more brands will do it and one will eventually work 🙂

    • the Muse

      ha robyn you are prob right. I have the kitchen sink in my bag!

      • Robyn

        ha well im currently packing for a music festival and lol i have way to much stuff mainly in food /drink and toiletries and firstbox my mums a nurse lol

        • the Muse

          omg robyn. I’d have the entire wardrobe and beauty traincase in my bag. I’m a terrible packer. I just wanna take EVERYTHING!

  • Vonvon

    Ohhhh….I was quite excited about this product when I saw it some time back…but it’s a pity that for such price, the product(s) should be better.

    • the Muse

      vonvon they could do way better…it’s not that great imho 🙁 not for the price anyway sigh!

  • knownever

    I agree with you on price. It’s nice that drugstore brands are trying to compete with higher end lines (it results in some great gems) but the rising prices on drugstore beauty are a pain. Disappointing to hear the product is so blah because the packaging is amazing!

  • Elena

    Oh, I’m sooo loving the idea of this thing.
    But you’re right $18 for 3 small sample sized thingies?
    It better be magical.

  • PJ

    Wow that is pricey. The packaging is cool, but I could totally get a lipstick, liner, and gloss from Rimmel that is pretty good quality for a lot less money.