July 13, 2010

Almay One Coat Dial Up Mascara Review

Almay One Coat Dial Up Mascara should be at your local drugstores at the moment.  Anyone interested? This one uses retro “dial up” technology to create fuller lashes.

Does it work?



A mascara that has an adjustable dial which allows you to control the level of lash fullness.

In theory “dialing” up your lashes to the size you want sounds pretty damn fabulous doesn’t it? It does work to some extent.

The mascara is a chubby little tube that features three options for “dialing” lashes up to a fuller size. Actually, you aren’t really dialing but merely compressing the tube with each click thus allowing the wand to squeeze through removing excess mascara. The way it works? It simply compressed the wand allowing for less or more product to be distributed on the brush. The brush itself isn’t anything special in my opinion, just a straight line plastic wand so really you’re relying on the formula to get the job done. No matter the level you dial up to, you’ll get a nice, long fringe of lashes each time. It lengthens, it makes lashes look fuller without feeling stiff, however it doesn’t do much in the way of curling.

I was happy with the overall results but you have to be pretty patient during application or a nice clumpy mess is in the works.

  • Level 1 gets a nice fringe of natural lashes.
  • Level 2 about the same results.
  • Level 3 CLUMP Alert! This is where you have to take the time to brush the mascara through because the amount of product that comes off on the brush can cause a mega clumping action. Pretty much like combing black ink onto your lashes. Just brush through very slowly and you’ll end up with a rather nice fringe of dramatic lashes.

I never really have a problem with mascara or liner that runs or smudges however at the end of the day this gave me a bit of a raccoon look under my eyes as it smudged a fair bit. However, I do blame that rather crazy hot weather we had last week because this week I haven’t experienced the same problem but it does deserve mentioning for those with oily eye areas as the formula isn’t waterproof.

  • Anyone looking for an affordable mascara that results in fat, juicy lashes.
  • Anyone who likes novel mascaras (packaging could appeal, as well as the fun factor of “dialing” your lash size).

  • Anyone with oily lids, eyes, etc…(this could potentially smear, smudge, migrate around, cause a mess, etc…)
  • Anyone who doesn’t have the time to patiently comb out mascara (dialing to 3 creates a clumpy mess without

It has its downfalls but overall I did like the mascara as it performs pretty well and gave me some nice lenght. It’s not going to change your mascara world but its affordable price tag (I paid $5.49 at Harmon’s) could make it very appealing for those who want a budget friendly mascara with various options for creating natural to dramatic looks.

Anyone try?

How’d you like it?

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  • Scientific Housewife

    Great concept (kind of like MAC’s Haute and Naughtly lash) but Almay in general never really lasts with me.

  • Sophia

    Thanks for sharing this great review. I’m always looking for affordable mascara. I just came across a really interesting tip about mascara regarding which one is right for you

  • Ruthless

    Mascara is the one thing I always cheap out on, currently am loving the new Revlon one (in ze green tube) thanks for this reveiw!

  • Sarah

    I heard some good reviews on this, but personally, I hated it at first. Both dial 2 and dial 3 were clump city no matter how much time I took on applying the mascara, the mascara wouldn’t hold a curl, and I ALWAYS ended up with raccoon eyes.

    However, this mascara is now ‘tolerable’ for me – i found that lightly blotting the wand before application helps, and that curling my lashes after application also helps. I haven’t found a solution for the smudging yet, though!

  • Val B.

    If anyone does CVS ECB deals the Almay will be featured next week-7/25- 7/31 2ECB’s wyb Almay One Coat Dial Up at $6.99 there.

  • Barbara D.

    I love this mascara! My only problem is that I can’t find it again:-( I’ve tried many grocery stores and CVS’s without luck. I like the fact that it’s hyperallegenic and I like the thick lashes with little effort. I haven’t had a problem with clumping or smearing though. Try it!

  • Ashley

    I like it and actually found it at the for a dollar at the local dollar store. I was scared to use it , I thought maybe something was wrong with it because it was only a buck, but it turned out to be pretty good.