July 8, 2010

Bruce Willis Launches Beauty Products Line for Men

Ok, gather round.

Story time.

I have a kinda weird crush on Bruce Willis. I really loved The Fifth Element, my geeky good nature really loved the corn supplied in this film. Delicious.

Recently I heard that Bruce Willis is going to do a little something unexpected and my crush kinda died.


Ummm yeah so Bruce Willis is releasing a line of beauty products (is beauty a good word to use?) that will be “extremely masculine and, starting from ingredients through to design” according to the Bruce Willis fan site. Well, there isn’t anything wrong with man grooming however “extremely masculine” isn’t something I commonly associate body wash and deodorant with.

Bruce Willis’ collection will be a line that consists of cologne, hair and body wash, deodorant, and aftershave balm. I just wanna throw it out there that Bruce doesn’t really HAVE hair so maybe he shouldn’t go the whole hair route right? I’m thinking this collection will kinda be like what Paul Newman is to salad dressing. You know…you walk down the aisle at the drugstore and see Bruce’s smiling face on a deo…..a la Paul’s face on a salad dressing at the supermarket or a jar of salsa, or a jar of spaghetti sauce…..yea…I can see the success in all this.


That’s my news of the day and I’m sticking to it.

I hope you got as much enjoyment hearing about it as I did because I smirked a time or two while typing this up.

Bruce, can’t WAIT to see your new body products! Going to tuck some in my dear old da’s stocking for Christmas so he can reap the rewards of masculinity.

Whatcha think?

Bruce Willis for your man?



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  • Tsahi baxter

    From Tyra to Bruce!!?? Please mommy tell them to stop!!! LOL

  • Kate

    I’m not going to purchase any of these unless there are movie references on the label. I want some “Yippe Kay Yay” aftershave.

  • Heather / Eyeconic

    I am obsessed with Bruce Willis. He is the ultimate manly man of all time, so I bet his products will KICK ASS just like he does. I want to buy some for my boyfriend. 😀

  • Bri

    I think that’s awesome. I have a crush on him too, who doesn’t he’s a great guy.

    Picture is hilarious btw

    • the Muse

      ha bri glad you enjoyed pic. I really crush hard on him myself!

  • Bora

    Yippe yiyay! I love Bruce Willis. Huge crush and I think he gets better with age. I’ll check out anything with him in it (from “Friends” appearances to Sin City). I’m not completely convinced by the foray into beauty but I”ll give him the benefit of the doubt just ‘cos it’s him. I’ve always been laughed at for my peculiar taste in men and random celebrity crushes… but I say if he’s good enough for Demi then he’ll do. (I LOVE me some Ashton Kutcher too so she and I must be crush twins).

    • the Muse

      LOL Bora. I like him too, weird crush on him 😀 LOL you and demi share men. I’ll stick with the hot Korean boys 😀 and let you have Bruce. Lee Min Ho does it for me, must be that pink suit, mmm mmm good LOL! heavy sarcasm 🙂

  • sammie

    ahaha i actually love newman’s salad dressing! the vinaigrette is fantastic. but i DEFINITELY agree with you on bruce… i don’t want want my man using his shampoo… SCARY POSSIBILITIES!

    • the Muse

      sammie would you believe I never tried it? Paul’s face smiling at me with different hates and such kinda scares me…like the salsa one where he has a Mexican hat and mustache ala a mariachi member..so scary and weird. LOL