July 7, 2010

Lush Colour Supplements Review and Swatches

If you happen to be a long term Lush fan you probably remember B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful. Ahh I can’t talk about B without shedding a few fat tears. B was Lush’s hip sister and caters to the realms of Lush makeup and cosmetics. Fab right?

The sad thing is, B is long since gone but not forgotten it seems as Lush is bringing more and more of B to its current offerings as you may have noticed. Where as Lush was all about Bath, Body, and Skincare in a past life, it now embraces a few choice cosmetics, B’s influence? Possibly.

Lush’s first venture into the cosmetic world would be with the new Lush Colour Supplements.

Interesting concept….

Check it!


Four colour supplements shades that work as a concealer, foundation, or tinted moisturizer!

I purchased Lush Colour Supplements when they originally released a few months ago in the UK. I’ve been waiting on my review for a little bit to give them time to make their way over to the US. Since they are here now, I figure it’s a great chance to babble them….

So what exactly are they and how do they work you might be wondering. Well, Lush basically concocted a foundation/base product which allows you to mix with moisturizer to act as a tinted moisturizer of sorts, or as a spot concealer, or as a foundation, or as a concealer.

The concept is pretty original and interesting. I love that I can use one product to multitask my way through endless uses. Now as I said the idea and concept is utterly interesting but it fails to work so great.

The actual supplements are housed in a small glass jar. The formula is quite nice, at least to my dry skin. They are rich, creamy, and feel lovely on my skin.


They pretty much lack pigmentation in any way, shape, or form. I’m all for natural coverage. I don’t use a ton of BB Cream and/or foundation/base on my face so more lighter, natural coverage is fine by me particularly since I don’t need a ton of coverage aside from my eye area which needs a whole heck of alot of concealing power.

However, I do suffer from certain dullness and lackluster skin particularly when I haven’t had alot of sleep. I depend on my base/foundation/bb cream to erase signs of dullness and make my skin bright, fresh, and awake. So I’m not really depending on a base to conceal problem skin, acne, acne scarring, etc….mostly I use it to brighten and freshen skin up.

The formula when used in conjunction with a moisturizer is not nearly pigmented enough to ease dull skin never mind other major woes. I noticed it absorbs into my skin really quickly and leaves behind little to no pigment behind. It’s kinda like a tinted moisturizer sans pigmentation of any kind. Any pigment it does leave behind quickly oxidizes on my skin and vanishes. Even used in it’s original format without the addition of moisturizer pretty much yields the same results.

Color selections pretty much cover a wide range of tones since you can mix and match however darker or olive tones may not likely find a proper match and in some cases fair to medium is probably most suited to the three lightest shades. If you don’t find an exact match you can purchase two or three shades and do a little mad scientist mixing! Product comes housed in a jar which is rather cute however if you’re not up to touching your base with finger tips (bacteria, germs, etc…) this might not be your bag.

As a concealer, as a foundation, or as a tinted moisturizer I didn’t think these worked at all.

  • Vegan friendly makeup users!
  • Anyone looking for super light makeup (very light, like non existent).

  • Anyone who depends on coverage to conceal dullness, acne, acne scarring, hyper pigmentation, etc….
  • Anyone who doesn’t want to dip into a foundation product.
  • Anyone who wants flawless coverage (this won’t do).

Mmm interesting idea Lush but it fails to actually work. Sadly, I didn’t think these were particularly special or must have. At $13.95, they aren’t expensive and you get a fair amount of product however you might want to save your money and indulge in a higher end foundation that will make your skin look flawless and gorgeous rather than a mediocre product that promises a whole lot but delivers on nothing.

I love Lush but I’m do not love Lush Colour Supplements.

No likey.

Simply doesn’t work the way its supposed to. More pigment and we might be onto something here!

Available from www.lushusa.com

Anyone try Lush Colour Supplements?

Did you like them?

How did you fair?

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  • sillylilacs

    Lmao @ Anyone looking for super light makeup…like non existent

    But it’s a shame that the products didn’t go as planned =/ good idea though, if they want to keep on pursuing it, maybe they’ll reformulate it to be more pigmented =)

    • the Muse

      hehe silly! crazy but true 😀 I hope so!? maybe the US release is better?!

  • Steelnpurple

    I totally agree with your review. I have the light pink one.

    My initial thoughts were WOHOOOO YESSSS. Even after an initial swatch session I was impressed.

    But.. when I started to try and use it as an actual foundation, tinted moisturizer or concealer I realized that it did not work. At all.

    I did use it as a concealer when I got it, and it did work great that day but that was on a good day. On a normal day when my under eye circles are… a problem… this product won’t cut it.

    • the Muse

      steel same thing happened to me. initially the swatch-fest was WOWWWWWWWWWW love! but after trying it out, doesn’t work!? it just absorbs quickly into the skin and POOF gone!

  • Stephanie

    I had a feeling I wouldn’t be a fan of these. The idea was great, but I am not surprised to hear they are a flop.

  • Robyn

    what aboust as eyeshadow base just pondered if they would be nice for that

  • Johanna

    Tried this in Lush Sacramento a couple of weeks ago, and I wasn’t impressed with the coverage either, so I passed.


    WAIT WHAT MUSE!?!!??! no pigmentation?!?!?! LOL Maybe you got a bad few. i think this is the first time i have ever disagreed with you!! ;(

    I got this two days ago and its almost HG material, I know what you mean that it doesn’t “brighten” it is really mattifying which is great for gym makeup but yeah my skin looks dull after i use it. which i can fix with some guerlain meteorites.

    but the stuff covers acne and redness like a charm!!!!! idk i use this in conjunction with the e.l.f all over colour sticks and there great (im waiting for me armani order to come in 🙁 ) and its held up to 2 and a half hours at the gym……. also it covers my lip colour so well.

    oh muse I guess well have to agree to disagreee LOL 🙂

    • the Muse

      maybe the UK and US ones are different Linda. Had very little pigmentation, swatch well but absorbs right in sans pigment. I’m so glad it works well for you! Wish I had the same great experience!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Melissa

    I have the light yellow and dark yellow the light does the disappearing act you described when mixed with paradise regained. The dark yellow gave me a tinted quicky no-makeup type day. However, when I mixed some dark yellow with my current HG day moisturizer it worked really nice as a tm and set ok with powder. I use the new philosophy spf hope in a jar (oil free) mixed with the Phil vitamin C powder. It certainly has made my skin happy. I like foundations and the missha bb cream in the darker (31) color so for most days the Lush colours are not gonna work for me…like you loving lush not loving these.

  • Pooja

    I agree with your review,Being 31 My skin tends to be dull sometimes

    But This product doesn’t do any wonders & The colour really doesn’t show up atleast when I mix it with sunscreen,BB cream works much better for me.

    • the Muse

      same here pooja! I thought these would be an interesting take on bb creams but nope!

  • yay

    Lush products never work me. I tried several of them. I never see the differences. The staffs working there r friendly & I somehow felt like the need to buy something every time I go. (I hate myself for that) lol

  • Radhika

    Had the exact same experience…plus it made my face oilier (when used as a foundation without mixing it in with moisturizer) and I think slightly darker. I kind of like it mixed with moisturizer, like a TM..but really, I am using it only because I bought. If someone takes it away tomorrow and puts the money back on my card…I will be super happy 🙂

  • Ruthless

    Agreed. I got this too thinking I could mix it in with my moisturizer. Does nothing. No harm, but no good either. Almost as worthless as those awful baking powder deo bars they had a few years ago

    • the Muse

      oh the powder deos…oh LORD the powder deos I still have nightmares Ruthless!

  • Frankie.N

    OK! I purchased this in the “lightest and most versatile shade”, lights pink. It was much too dark for me. I didnt look at the colour in the store which was a big mistake. I am a lush lover, and thought it costed me $19 I HAD to have it!

    It was very very dark. It… Tanned/darkened my skin. It stained my skin more than it gave coverage. And although it would fit most tones, light pink was not the right name for it, it should have been called medium pinkish-orangish-yellowish.

    Anyway, Im an NW15/NC15 in MAC. And this was way way too dark. Just a warning for fair skinned ladies.