July 1, 2010

Maybelline Eye Studio Cream Eyeshadow Trio Revew, Swatches, and Photos

K, gather round kids.

Some brand, I think it’s either Maybelline or Revlon has cream shadows available in a 5 shadow palette. I’m too lazy to look it up but I’m positive drugstore junkies know what I’m talkin’ about. Fast forward and you have the brand new Maybelline Eye Studio Cream Eyeshadow Trio Palettes that are popping up at drugstores far and wide.

You probably remember that last Fall, Maybelline gifted us with the joys of their new duos and quads which I pretty much loved. So of course, when they introduced the cream shadow trio I was all about hauling to review for you but mind you, it was purely for selfish reasons, as I just wasn’t thinking about you here, I was thinking how much maybe I’d love these too!

Jump ahead to hear all about the new Maybelline Eye Studio Cream Eyeshadow Trio Palettes.

Maybelline Eye Studio Cream Eyeshadow Palettes are a trio of jeweled colors cream shadows that can be used to create a single look by lining, shading, and highlighting the eye!

Well snaps for simplicity Maybelline. These bad boys take the guess work out of pairing the perfect shades together and make it easy as 1, 2, 3 to shade, highlight, and line eyes for a shimmering look that’s quite pretty.

And thanks so much for all the fish ahem all the variety that is. These come in six shades so you’ll have plenty of color combos to choose from! I picked up four of the six shade selections and there are some pretty lovely shades in each palette to love on.

The formula on these mimics that of the cream shadow palettes I was talking about above but just newly packaged in my humblest. It’s a soft, buttery formula that melts on contact. Do yourself a favor and ditch the brushes, dig into these guys with clean, bare finger tips because honestly it’s the only way to apply in my humblest. The shades blend well and don’t dry down quickly so you have plenty of time to blend and build color up to your heart’s desire. The shades aren’t crazy pigmented but can be built up nicely for good color pay off.

The palette pretty much takes the guess work out of application as it’s three simple steps to creating your look! Simply apply the middle shade to your lid, blending up to the crease. Now take the first shade and highlight your highbrow and finally line with the 3rd shade in the palette. Done! Easy, three step application!

The combos I purchased were:

  • Pedal to the Metal (Gold, Penny Bronze, Silver)
  • Flash of Forest (Beige Gold, Emerald Green, and Rich Brown)
  • Purple Possibilities (Golden Pink, Purple, Pink Lilac)
  • Rose Revolution (Golden Beige, Iridescent Pink, Brown)

As cute as the palettes are they suffer a fair bit formula wise. The formula doesn’t dry down and remains somewhat dewy which isn’t particularly fabulous for those with oily eyes as even on drier eyes it will migrate, it will crease, it will fade, and it will be completely gone within hours of application. Forget long wear because no matter how much you prep these simply won’t stay put. Grrr! Drove me crazy that by the time noon rolled around, my eyeshadow was completely GONE! This never happens to me so you can imagine my shock, staring in the mirror, at a completely bare lid. WTH?

I wouldn’t attempt using them as a base for powder as it made my powders crease badly.

  • Anyone who likes cream shadows!
  • Anyone who likes jewel colored eye shadow!
  • Anyone looking for bright, fun shades of shadow that apply subtly and leave behind gleaming color!

  • Anyone who hates touching up (these DO NOT wear long).
  • Anyone wanting a base for powder (Don’t bother, your powder will crease when using these under it).
  • Anyone who doesn’t like applying makeup with fingers (you’ll get the best finish if you apply with your fingers because brushes won’t cut it).

On sale, I think they might be worth a haul however do not spend $6.49 or more on each because the formula is a tad unforgivable due to its wear time. The wear time simply stinks and there isn’t much more to say about it aside from that. Although the shade selection is very fun and you can create some very easy yet bright makeup looks using the palettes, the wear time can’t really make up for any of this. I’m not in the habit of toting around a shadow palette with me for touch ups. Touch ups are meant for powder, some gloss, a bit of lipstick but not recreating an entire eye look because it wears away…nope. I can’t cope with having to re-do my eye makeup because it fades away within an hour.

Sorry Maybelline.

You have some very cute shadow trios on your hands here but work on the formula and than we can chat.

If you need them, wait for a sale, don’t pay full price.

(Eyes: Maybelline Eye Studio Cream Eyeshadow Trio in Pedal to the Metal)

Anyone try?


No way?


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  • Erica B.

    Revlon has the cream palettes, and these remind me of them. They don’t seem all that special.

    • the Muse

      erica that’s it 😀 I thought it was revlon and nope they aren’t particularly special. If they happen to be on sale, perhaps worth a haul but nothing MAJOR have to have 🙂

  • Jeweled Thumb

    As posted above, it’s Revlon. I think I’ll be passing on these. I’m not a fan of cream eyeshadows that crease and need to be layered and stuff – too much effort in the early hours of the morning!

  • Phyrra

    Purple Possibilities is lovely but wouldn’t work on my oily lids. Love seeing your swatches though! <3

    • the Muse

      ya dd don’t bother hun, they barely last on me and no oily lids here 😛 very nice shades but the formula really needs work le sigh!

  • Lenna

    I almost bought some of these the other day and the decided I would wait (the clearance aisle distracted me). Now I’m glad I did wait. These colors are so pretty…but if they just disappear after a little bit, then its not really worth it. Xp

  • duchessbelle

    ok dumb question but, um, how are you applying the liner shade with your finger? from your photo it looks like a super smooth, fine, thin line and any time i’ve attempted to do the same with my fingers i either jab my eyeball or smearing my entire lid.

    • the Muse

      sorry duchess I should have been cleared, I meant for the lid and highbrow area. The liner I used a brush.

  • Tenaya

    UGH man, Maybelline i was really hoping these were good! I hauled most of the eyestudio line from last fall and i fell in LOVE! but i’m glad i read this because i was thinking about buying them. I wonder why maybelline doesn’t release the individual cream shadows like they did in Japan? =(

    • the Muse

      tenaya I WISH they would. They look awesome. But meh….glad you read this too, might save you a dime b/c I loved the original eyestudio line too but these don’t live up imho!

  • Coral

    i was disappointed by that review. I’ve been looking for some creme eye shadows to try out this summer. Guess I’ll just have to be on the look out still. Still haven’t gotten around to try the original eye studios, but I will!

  • ndoodles

    I always use cream shadows as bases – and since I do really like the Revlon ones… I might try these ones out too. Rose Revolution looks really pretty 😀

    • Elena

      It is the prettiest one! The pink shade is so georgous it has kind of a gold duochrome to it!!

  • Mara

    Like the others, these Maybelline palettes immediately reminded me of Revlon Illuminance creme shadows. How do they compare to the latter?
    I personally like the Revlon ones as bases since they make my pressed powder e/s pop and I’ve found a trick to make them stay put.

  • teresa

    i wish they would stay on longer maybe a primer would help (sigh) oh well maybe i will het revlons instead but that definintly looks like a lot of i shadow and im actually glad they are in a palette because with singles i get bored to fast i like a lot od gifferent looks. And i kno this comment is a little late but last week when you did that post about the primers for your skin type you said ypu didnt know abyone with normal skin. Well i do 2 people to be exanct and they are my big and little sister. Talk about unfair. Sorry this comment is so long i had a lot to say.

    • the Muse

      hey teresa aw that stinks! you should lock your sisters in the basement and throw away the key 😀 haha kiddin’! but yes totally a jealous moment when people have normal skin, damn them 🙂

  • Tohnia

    Cover Girl had the BEST cream to powder shadows. I can’t remember what it was called, but I loved it. I’ve had a good experience with cream shadows (oily lids), so I might pick these up. The other Maybelline shadows look awesome. I’m going to pick them up!

  • Fay. H.

    Woah, I was thinking of buying these when I passed by them yesterday but I didn’t because I wanted to see some reviews first. Thank you for the review & swatches! The color are still lovely even if the formula doesn’t work.

  • lo

    these won’t even cut it with an eyeshadow primer like too faced shadow insurance or urban decay primer potion? how sad! that gold flecked pink in the rose revolution palette is just so pretty 🙁

  • Molly

    Have you ever tried the Revlon ones? If so how do they compare formula wise? Lovely swacthes! Thanks a bunch for posting 🙂

    • the Muse

      pretty much a similar texture and feel molly 🙂 my pleasure!

  • Claudia

    I’m scared of buying creme eyeshadows ever since I got two (BOGO) Revlon Creme shadows…those are just terrible! Ever since then, I steer clear of creme E/S especially from drugstores

    • the Muse

      yup I use Urban Decay primer Potion Brooke. amazing it lasted on you as it gets poor reviews everywhere I look. Lucky!

  • Nellie

    I read this review a few months ago and what did I just do a few days ago? BUY THIS ITEM! What a complete waste! This stuff is terrible! So pretty, but completely useless!

  • Elena

    They work fine on me I use a Matt eye primer it does crease but it takes a while and it doesn’t make my powder eyeshadow crease, and I use the lighter shades in rose revolution as my face highligter 🙂 I Paid $14 for mine To me it was kinda worth it 🙂