July 28, 2010

Milani Lip Flash Full Coverage Shimmer Gloss Pencil Review and Swatches

Anyone who knows me knows what a big ass geek I am and how I sweat Freddie Mercury hard. FLASH!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!! He’ll save everyone of us! Man, how awesome was Timothy Dalton in the Flash Gordon movie? Totally love that flick, such a complete geek fest.

Sorry I think I got off topic since the new Milani lip pencil is named “Flash”….

Milani Lip Flash Full Coverage Shimmer Gloss Pencil yay or nay….what do I think?


Milani Lip Flash is a glossy pencil that you can use to line and fill lips in, well, a FLASH!

If you’ve always wanted to try out Lipstick Queen Chinatown Glossy Pencils these are pretty much an ideal dupe of the idea. It’s basically a chubby lip pencil that you can use to line and fill lips. I personally wouldn’t recommend lining with it because the pencil is fairly chubby and not a precise point but hey if you want to multitask, go right ahead, no one stopping you!

I got the shade Flash Light which is a bright orange-y coral with a hint of shimmer. The shimmer factor is pretty subtle however after the actual color wears away I noticed a bit of sparkle was left behind on my lips. Color is nicely pigmented and thankfully not garish as the shade does appear a bit bright when looking at it.

It applies nicely and glides on well enough however I did notice it doesn’t sit particularly well on my lips and appears a tad cakey. Unlike Lipstick Queen’s version it’s not as glossy or smooth looking on lips.

If you’re a flavor hater, you’ll be happy to know they are tasteless and fragrance free.

I wasn’t thrilled with application. Although it glides on nice enough it isn’t as hydrating as I would like and feels a tad drying. As I mentioned above it does sit strangely on my lips and I feel like it ages them in a way and settles into the natural lines and contour of my skin so a proper prep prior to application might be order as well as a scrub to get things nice and smooth.

  • Anyone who isn’t keen on dishing out $20 bucks on Lipstick Queen’s pencil (this is $6.99, considerably cheaper).
  • Anyone who wants a quick and easy way to apply color to lips.
  • Anyone who likes pencils for lipstick or gloss application.

  • Anyone who has finer lines around their mouth or chapped, dry lips (this won’t sit well on dry lips and may migrate and bleed into fine lips around the mouth).
  • Anyone isn’t keen on left over sparkles and the likes sticking around on their lips after product has worn away (this leaves a bit of shimmer behind after the gloss wears away).

Sadly, the color selection that Milani has available is very limited and most shades in my opinion are either unwearable or a tad garish. Shades like deep brown, purple, bright true red, etc…..are difficult to pull off and even though my pencil applied subtly and alot tamer than the way it appeared, I still felt the shades very lacking. Softer pinks and wearable shades of red would be nicer. The product didn’t feel moisturizing or hydrating enough to me and it seems to just sit around on my lips looking terribly uneventful and slightly cheap.

Although the idea of the product is interesting enough I’d probably dish out the $20 for Lipstick Queen’s version since at least you’re paying for quality and possibly a bigger size (not sure how large Lipstick Queen’s are at the moment but the appear larger to me), better packaging (they come in wicked boxes), plus a sharpener.

Wasn’t really particularly thrilled with this. Love Milani but not so much the Lip Flash pencil.

Anyone try them yet?


Not so much?


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  • Scientific Housewife

    Sorry to hear it’s not that great but I like more of Milani’s eye makeup than lips, so thankfully I am not sad over it 🙂

    • the Muse

      hey sh I don’t mind so much as some of the glosses are cool but this not so much 😛

  • Appu

    I love Milani’s glosses so much…esp the glitzy glamor ones 🙂 I generally don’t like the concept of lipstick/glosses in pencil form 🙂

    • the Muse

      me either appu can’t really get on board with pencil lipstick/glosses either but damn love the glitzy ones too. great minds appu!

  • Kristina

    Thanks alot! Now I’m going to be signing “Flash! Ahhahh!” for the rest of the afternoon at least. I haven’t seen that movie in forever, God love the 80’s! 🙂
    On a side note regarding 80’s movies, I saw Labyrinth the other day and I had, “You remind me of the babe. What babe? The babe with the power…” in my head for week.

    • the Muse

      FLASH AHHHHHHHH he’s a miracle! Ha kristina 😀 omg go now to netflix, rent it. I own it on DVD, I so did not admit that.

      I saw my baby, crying hard as babe could cry What could I do?!!!!!!!!!!! LOL sexy ass David Bowie! ha <3 that movie! Remember the Dark Crystal!?

        • the Muse

          ha kristina 😀 I have the DVD but I DEF have the VHS somewhere in my attic too no doubt! tell me you’re my age and actually remember when this stuff came out.

          How about legend?! 😀

          • Kristina

            I’m 30! Are you talking about the movie with Tom Cruise?

          • the Muse

            ha awesome kristina we are on the same age lenght 😀 yup! with TC!

  • Curlystarr

    I just picked up Flashy at CVS. It’s a violet pink and might be a bit bright for some folks but I love it. It is similar in color to one of my favorite Dazzle Glass glosses from MAC. I find glosses a litle messy so I like the Milani pencil better because it stays in place. I used it over the lipstick I had on and didn’t use a lot so it didn’t travel. At $6.99 I encourage others to experiment, you might like it!

    • the Muse

      hey curly glad you had such great success with the flash pencil 😀 for the price, you’re right, can’t really afford not to indulge 😀 I didn’t love them to be honest 😛 Milani has done better!

  • Miss D

    Darn you…you lovely ladies! Haha!
    Now I must see the Flash movie…the song is really cute! Oh and The Dark Crystal…I don’t even remember the movie, but Jim Henson stuff is totally cool – hello, Fraggle Rock junkie here! Anyway, every time I pass by that movie in a store I always put it in my shopping cart and then, once I’m at the checkout counter, I never purchase it. I do the same thing with MirrorMask- I saw it in the movie theater, but always go back and forth on whether or not to own it. Argh! I guess there’s only one thing to do- buy them all!

    P.S.- Mr. Mercury’s cute Muse, but I don’t sweat him like I totally sweat and drool over Paul Reubens…oh, and Christopher Lee. Please give me a super-duper heaping serving of both of those on my table now…please!
    Oh my god, I’m getting way too into this. Okay, I’ll stop and get back to work!

    • the Muse

      ha miss d 😀 glad we got you on an 80’s kick! Fraggle Rock ROCKING!!!! love! Paul Reubens really?!?!??! ha Christopher Lee YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rose

    where you do find a sharpener for the lip flash. I’ve purchased two and neither are big enough.