July 28, 2010

Ojon Dual-Ended Volumizing Mascara

I commonly associate Ojon with that great big ball they created. What was it called the Tawaka? That thing looked massive. I honestly never got the point to be honest and it just amused me because of its shape and general weirdness. I just wanted to buy one and ask people at the park if they wanted to play catch with my Tawaka, because, hey, that sounds damn exotic right?

Tawaka aside I also happen to think hair care when it comes to Ojon…not makeup.


But makeup is the order of business with the new Ojon Dual-Ended Volumizing Mascara. I guess they decided creating big old scrubby balls just wasn’t bringing in the market share and they needed to get down to the basics, like hey, mascara, that’s nice and normal.

Ojon Dual Ended Volumizing Mascara is a dual dual-ended volumizing mascara and lash treatment. One end contains a volumizing mascara and the other a thickening lash treatment unfused with Ojon and Swa oils to wrap lashes in a conditioning treatment.

So another Fall trend takes root as cream shadows, color changing makeup (your PERFECT shade), and lash restoration treatments seem to be the “in” thing this season.

Ojon’s new mascara is available from QVC for $19.

Whatcha think?

Buying into the restoration lash mascaras?

Dior has one, Too Faced, etc…!

Not so much?

Do share!

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  • Phyrra

    Honestly, I love the idea of the lash conditioners and primers. I really do feel like I get better results with them. Right now, I’m using a L’Oreal lash primer. The mascara sucked for me (the tubes never work right on me and always look puny), but the primer is great. I’ll be interested in seeing reviews of this and how it works.

  • Melissa

    hey – thanks for sharing this I’m obsessed with mascaras lately (read: always) so I need this budget friendly one. I have some ojon conditioner and it has good ingredients too. So maybe the conditioner side will work too. I wonder if it will smell good like the hair conditioner? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • the Muse

      I never smelled the hair conditioner Melissa but always been a tad revolted by the treatment’s scent that they make ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Melissa

        The conditioner I have is the volume one. Not sure How I got it maybe an ULTA promo? Its not spectacular but it has an earthy coconut smell to it that I like. ๐Ÿ™‚ I ordered the mascara… so we shall see.

  • Ria

    LOL you are by far the funniest beauty blogger ever and you know your stuff missey!

    Why was i writing? Oh yes Smashbox do one too havnt yet tried it but i testing one which thankfully i didnt buy as i am beauty bible tester this thing cost British dosh ยฃ140 so will need to do something very special i am using it on one of my (ever suffering) fire fighter butch husband! Only one though LOL
    So what the veridt re mascara? I love ojon i think the ball us by in the uk? God you are so funny mussy!
    Great now i feel a bit weird like lurke or something, Blooging must be very personal sometimes i feel like i am reading your jornal does that make sense?
    Nooo, Scream the Muse who are you!?
    Sorry i am ever confusing
    Ria xx

  • Comrade_Garlic

    I’m all for lash treatments. I love my Lashes To Dye For and castor oil, but Ojon? No way. The thought of getting that stuff near my eyes freaks me out. Half of the items smell like an old musty casino to me. And the “creator” or brand rep, whatever that guy is skeeves me out.

    • the Muse

      lol comrade I’ve always kinda been meh on the smell myself. Kinda dirt-like? or is that my nose!?

      • Comrade_Garlic

        Depends on the batch. Some will smell like dirt, some ash trays.

  • The Princessa

    Ojon is amazing. When all my hair broke off and damn near fell completely out, it was the only thing that saved it and made my hair grow, but not just grow back normally but beyond its original length and with fullness. I will definitely be getting this. The smell might be off putting to some, not to me, but this stuff is great.

  • Ruthless

    If you like to exfoliate, as I do-and you like things that smell divine the idea of the Tawaka exfoliating ball wouldn’t have escaped you. It’s amazing. There are very few Ojon products I have tried and not liked-seriously gorgeous hair. You have to like the scent of the nut oil , which is natural or you won’t like much from that line.