August 3, 2010

Avon Smooth Minerals Lip Tint Review and Swatches: Avon Summer Collection 2010

In the beauty world, seasons start fairly early. We are full into Fall at the moment and by the end of the month discussions on Holiday 2010 will begin.


But, even though it’s ending soon, Summer is very much in the here and now. Avon Summer 2010 has recently launched on their website and they are about the virtues of lighter makeup and keeping cool and fresh during the warm weather.

Speaking of lighter makeup remember the Avon Smooth Minerals Lip Tint I showed you a few weeks ago? Wanna take a closer look at ’em?


A sheer, super smooth moisturizing tinted lip treatment with vitamin E, cocoa, and shea butters available in six shades with a budget friendly price of $6.

These are pretty cute and easy to tote around or tuck into a desk drawer as they sport a similar packaging design as Soft Lips Lip Balm. Very tiny, very portable, very travel friendly, and ideal for those of us who like to apply and reapply our lipstick, gloss, or balm through the day.

The formula is a moisturizing balm and tinted with a healthy dose of color so you not only get the benefits of a hydrating lip treatment but also enough pigmentation to make your lips look shiny and healthy. I tried two shades which were Smooth Berry (Warm Berry) and Smooth Pink (Lilac-y Baby Pink). They sport a cool, subtle peppermint flavor.

Color glides on fairly easily without drying out lips or migrating around. It wears quite long and has a light, comfortable feel. It’s a great product for the days you aren’t interested in slapping on a ton of makeup as it’ll give lips a blush of color without overdoing it.

Nothing bad to report on these!

  • Anyone who likes more natural makeup or those who don’t wear a ton of makeup (this gives a kiss of color to lips).
  • Anyone who wants Summer friendly makeup that wears lightly and comfortably.
  • Anyone looking for a lip tint to stick in their makeup bag or desk drawer for quickie touch ups on the fly!

  • Anyone who prefers full color lipsticks or glosses (this has a nice pop of color but it’s formula isn’t that of a lipstick or a full color gloss).

These are a rather cute Summer budget purchase for anyone who loves lighter makeup in the warmer weather. The small size makes them ideal for travel as well. Quite a nice little lip treatment if you’re a fond fan of Soft Lips and always wished for a tinted version.

Cute and inexpensive.

Loves it!

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