August 19, 2010

Biore Resort Pore Pack Nose Strips Relaxing Floral Review

A year or two ago Biore introduced Mandarin Blossom scented nose strips. Obviously the idea never took flight in the US. Shrug, guess we aren’t so inclined to have scented nose strips…?

I happen to be inclined which is why I snatched up some of the Biore Resort Pore Pack Nose Strips. I like scented products, sue me. While I’m sitting around waiting for plaster to dry up on my nose, it’s always pleasant to close my eyes and pretend I’m on a tropical island.

Which one of those things so do not go together right? Oh well! I dig the scent!


Biore nose strips scented with Hibiscus & Plumeria.

I grabbed these little guys for a few dollars from Singapore. I’m guessing they are also available in Japan and other Asian countries but they are only around for a limited time so if you’re wanting these areas def grab ’em up if you’re interested. For US readers, try heading onto E-bay because I’ve seen two packs or so for around $10 or less. That’s really not a bad deal considering it’s 20 strips and that’s around US retail for a normal package.

So what’s the different, what’s the deets, what’s the deal….

Biore Resort Pore Pack Nose Strips Relaxing Floral feature scented strips in Hibiscus & Plumeria. It’s a pack of 10 and is supposed to include 5 strips scented like Hibiscus and five like Plumeria. I’m on my third strip and haven’t been able to tell the difference between the scents? Regardless they smell all sorts of crazy cool. I’m not really getting alot of floral but more along the lines of some sort of exotic orange juice going on here. It’s really sweet, tropical, and addicting as hell to just sit and sniff the strip all day. You get a little floral but it comes across very fruity to me. Even when they are wet you can still smell the fragrance.

Aside from the scent they are basically the same old, same old, Kao Biore Nose Strip. Wet your nose, slap ’em up, wait for 10-20 minutes to try, peel off, and ENJOY! Yes, I said enjoy because damn straight I stare at my strip for a while analyzing each disgusting item that was yanked out of my pores. That’s the joy of nose strips after all isn’t it?

If you haven’t been privy to Asian Biore Strips, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise since they work considerably better, in my opinion, than the ones you can get in the US. These seem to have mighty stick and pull which is why I always buy the Asian ones as the ones in the US definitely don’t have the aggressive nature of a good Asian nose strip. These adhere like a second second and RIP blackheads right out of your nose. I also find you can’t mess up with them. I sometimes throw out a strip if I put too much water on with US ones, but Asian ones you’re golden no matter how much water you use.

Not available in the US, kinda a pain to go the E-bay route but worth the adventure of tracking them down!

  • Anyone who thinks a scented nose strip is a novel idea!
  • Anyone who enjoys Kao products!
  • Anyone who wants an aggressive nose strip to remove gross blackheads!

  • Anyone who hates evil-bay (unless you have friends abroad you won’t be able to purchase outside of E-bay since I haven’t seen them in any online shops).

The novelty is of course the scent but the nose strip is fabulous as well. I got a super kick out of these and I asked a friend to order me several more packs before they are gone. I already have a stash of regular Biore Strips from Japan but these were to good not to grab more of. I think they are WELL worth tracking down and purchasing. They come in two variations the other scents are Orange & Pineapple (tell you about those soon).

Loves ’em!

Big Muse Approved for purchase!

Singaporean readers can find these at Watsons if you’re wanting to indulge.

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  • aretha

    oohh nice one! i didnt know they had this one! the ones i have are also the Biore resort but they are called ‘Refreshing fruits’ and their white color. The have orange and pineapple scent! 🙂

    • the Muse

      I got those too aretha 😀 so cool! These are turning into my fav though 😀

    • the Muse

      not yet regina but I notice that Sasa gets stuff in stock after I review it LOL I wonder if they read my babbling?! :D!

  • Tango

    Cool, I didn’t know the Asian pore strips packed more of a punch than the US ones, but that makes sense; Asian women really don’t fool around when it comes to skincare. I’ve always been disappointed by Biore strips, but now I really want to try these!

    • the Muse

      tango they harden up considerably more so than the ones found here 😀 They really yank blackheads out at the root!

  • Christina

    You’re making me want to hunt these down! I use the Biore strips but always feel like getting a facial and extraction regularly might be more effective lol. Maybe these are the answer to getting my nose free of those pesky blackheads!

    • the Muse

      christina def more effective hun! nothing like a facial/extraction that works best of all 😀

  • bunnypuff

    I’m asian and I think the US Biore strips work so much better than the asian Biore ones! That’s why I always have my friend buy me 2-3 boxes everytime she’s coming back from the states. I don’t know why but I feel like the US ones are able to grab more of that gunk off my pores while the asian Biore ones seemed weak. I’ve stopped buying them altogether and have turned to the US Biore ones, as well as the Japanese/Taiwanese ones where they come in a tube and you apply it like a mask.
    Anyways, I just thought it was quite interesting how people in the west think asian ones are better and vice versa! 🙂

    • the Muse

      ha bunny so ironic right? we always want the things we can’t have. The US ones are always so tricky to me b/c if you put too much water on they get gross and sticky and you have to toss them but I don’t experience that with the asian ones, I can put a ton of water and never have to worry about screwing it up 😀

  • sparklyblind

    how i love biore strips! ive seen these before & wanted to try just the plain black ones. i found out years ago that these work so much better if you use a clay face mask first, such as the super cheap yet super awesome Queen Helene Mint Julep! If you havent tried this already, do so! i think you’ll be quite happy (ier) 🙂 rock on nose strips!!!

    • the Muse

      hey sparklyblind yup loving that mask 😀 it’s great! And def love me some nose strips 😀

  • Julie


    You are a devil woman for the daily enabling, and I love you madly! Just got the black and the white resort ones on ebay for $3.11 each plus minimal shipping from HK…$9.96 total for both, so looking forward to seeing crusty nastiness on the back of my strips in 10-21 business days! As always, thanks for the exposure to new and exciting things! xoxo

    • the Muse

      oh man julie that rocks my socks! glad you got such a killer deal! 😀 LOL I love the black ones b/c you can just stare at the grossness for hours LOL! 😀 Aw my pleasure let me know how it goes and if you likey!?

    • sparklyblind

      I know Julie! I am wanting to get these scented black ones myself but Im trying mad hard to save for my UD FF haul which I totally feel as if Ive missed somehow since its nearly the end of August! I will be pretty upset. (Any help? Did I somehow miss it or am I really THAT paranoid?!?!)

  • Michelle

    haha i am 4rm singapore and i just got the pineapple ones and orange ones from watsons XD they smell really great

  • Sabrina Pustovit

    they have the charcoal and the original kao biore nose strips and face strips on amazon i think that they might have the resort ones but I am not sure