August 19, 2010

Giorgio Armani Beauty Blushing Fabric Review and Swatches

I’ve held off my review on Giorgio Armani Beauty Blushing Fabric for a while now. I purchased all three shades of this blush early in July or so when it originally released. But counters had gotten a very limited stock in plus online was sold out for a little bit which is why I didn’t want to tempt and tease you with something that might prove unattainable.

I thought these were running for a limited time but two of my Armani Beauty counters have recently restocked and they are readily available again on so I’d said it’s about time I told you all about them.

Want the good word?


A micro-blend of water soluble pigments create a fabric-like finish with incredible transparency and mimics Armani Beauty Face Fabric of the same name but in a blush format.

Those of you who use and enjoy Armani Beauty Face Fabric will undoubtedly find the joy in Armani Beauty Blushing Fabric as the texture, idea, and formula pretty much mimics the foundation.

Face Fabric is one my favorite products from Armani so of course upon seeing Blushing Fabric I was all about getting on board. I was not disappointed as Blushing Fabric brings a solid color cosmetic table that performs beautifully.

As mentioned above the product mimics the face fabric formula in the fact that it’s a thin, dense cream which has a powdery, primer-like feel (think Smashbox Photo Finish in a lighter format) which borders the edges of a silicone-like texture. Now this may bother you from my description particularly since I am all about hating on silicone products since they make me feel itchy but Blushing Fabric just feels velvety smooth and absorbs into the skin leaving behind flawless, photo finish color without looking garish, too pigmented, or crazy. You get a natural flush from the product sans the drama of a pigmented powder and of course, no itchy feel.

At first application the blush will feel powdery as it apples but it has a certain velvet like finish that feels very comfortable, extremely lightweight, and virtually weightless. You won’t feel like you have makeup on but you’ll have the benefits of a flawless blush.

I got all three shades since I couldn’t decide which I really had to have. Shades include Shimmering Peach, Sicilian Orange, and Pink Chiffon.

Every great formula suffers its downfalls…..

First off the price is a tad on the absurd side, marked at $38. But I cannot rant about this sadly because 1. you only need a little because it goes a very LONG way, one tube will last you years! and 2. this is high end makeup I don’t think you can debate much about it. Going into purchases like this, you know the investment and jump you are about to make.

Now the thing that really bugged me….

Shimmering Peach and Sicilian Orange swatch very different but do not make the mistake of purchasing both because they come across on cheeks as the same shade which happens to be a very reddish pink color. I didn’t quite love how both shades made my cheeks look red rather than a natural shade of pink or peach. It wasn’t necessarily an unflattering look but the product mislead me a tad bit because it swatches on my arm so brilliantly and beautifully but it applies very differently.

Now Pink Chiffon also has a problem…..

This shade is a tad too sheer and subtle so I can barely see it on my cheeks. Really, super fair ladies might see a bit of color with this but on my it was very subtle, almost non existent.

  • Anyone looking for a natural flush of color in a lightweight formula ideal for warmer weather!
  • Armani Beauty Face Fabric fans!

  • Anyone who can’t justify $38 blush purchase!

I really wanted to love these and in some ways I do but they really aren’t something I can’t live without. I’d recommend at the very least heading to your counter to try them out if you like Face Fabric however do be aware of color selections and choices when deciding your purchase and have them, if possible, try it on prior to committing. The shades swatch beautiful but two apply the same and one simply fails to show up. I’m unsure if I’ll ever get through an entire tube before it goes bad simply because I wasn’t loving how they looked on because of the color (the finish is amazing, very flawless and natural). Perhaps on days when I am just running around with minimal makeup these will come into place but at $38 I expected to do so much more with such high end pieces.

Have you tried Beauty Blushing Fabric?

Did you love it?

Did you leave it?

Do share!

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  • Larie

    muse, do you happen to know if the face fabric and this blush are paraben-free? i recently got an allergy test done…and i need to start avoiding paraben-free products, apparently ๐Ÿ˜› chanel is not, which depresses me…i need to find a new foundation soon. any suggestions? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • the Muse

      I can’t verify larie. I’m sorry. I tossed the box ๐Ÿ™ for paraben free…how much coverage are we looking at? Light or heavy? ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Larie

        my HG right now is Chanel’s Teint Innocence (liquid), which is very light, more of a smoothing effect than heavy coverage, though definitely more pigmented than the usual TM. i’m still using it, as i haven’t had a reaction to it, but the doctors said (darn them) that i should prolly stop because it’s possible that it’ll have long term effects.

        • the Muse

          hmm larie no offense but are they sure it’s parabens doing it? Doctor’s are dippy sometimes. Have you tried something else with parabens just to test the theory?

          • Larie

            well, sorry for spreading all of my medical history all over your blog, lol, but i had a “slight reaction” to it, (i reacted more to other things), but it’s one of those patch tests where they stick stuff on you and if it itches after 48 hours, you’re allergic! (seriously, you’d think we’d have a better idea by now). so i can’t say for sure, and it’s not my most major concern, but i figured…i should at least make an effort. no worries though, it’s just finding ingredient lists for makeup online is a lot harder than i thought! i’ve been able to find some, but it’s not always listed.

          • the Muse

            larie that’s no problem at all. spread anything you want ;-D I love chatting! LOL you’re cute about the better idea, very true right? mmm I’m not fab with ingredients to be honest, takes too much time to list them and I rarely read them, I should, but I don’t I fear.

            However, calling counters is sometimes fruitful. I was trying to think if Bobbi’s foundations are paraben free b/c she does have some nice ones such as the new flawless finish one. it’s a MAJOR step down from Chanel but Physicians Formula has an incredlbe TM with spf 50 and very nice coverage!

  • Larie

    okay, thanks for the suggestions! i did look into Bobbi and i think you’re right – most (if not all) of her products are paraben-free. i’m really just depressed about the chanel right now, haha (it took me so long to find a liquid foundation that i liked!) that i’m not really in the mood to shop for anything. thanks for your help! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Josephine

    Hi Muse,

    I recently tried the pink chiffon and Sicilian orange. The pink chiffon was excellent in covering up some small spots on my skin and looked natural. The Sicilian orange for my skin tone was a tad too bright: it made me look I was not blushing but flushed from the heat.

    • the Muse

      hey Josephine oh you’re so lucky that pink chiffon worked for you! it’s so pretty but doesn’t work for me ๐Ÿ˜› Sicilian orange does that to me too! kinda red!

      • Josephine

        Yeah, I was actually a tad surprised at how red it came out for me: I thought it would be much lighter

        • the Muse

          me too Josephine. disappointing as hell. I was hoping for a flush of peach but it’s red for me ๐Ÿ™

  • HautePJ

    So do you think the MUFE HD Blushes are a better investment? I still have no clue how to apply these liquid cream blushes….

    • the Muse

      mmm yes pj more variety easier application.

      smile, dab, blend ๐Ÿ˜€ easy!