August 9, 2010

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment Review

I’d love if I had more time to head to the spa for a facial. Ideally I’d love to just sit back and relax at least twice a month but it never happens. I always feel so pressed for time and sitting back for a facial rarely makes it into my day to day schedule.

I’m lucky enough to have very good skin without any problems however dullness is something I suffer from a fair bit. My skin is very lackluster and in need of a boast most days of its life. One such boast would be a proper exfoliation as this seems to revive and kick start my skin. Dullness is fairly common for those with dry skin and my own fits right into the groove.

Taking my dullness and my lack of time for a facial into consideration I invested nearly $100 on the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment in hopes it would not only cure my dull skin but also keep me from having to rearrange my schedule for facials.


Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment is dubbed as the next best thing to seeing Kate at the Clinic yourself! It’s a dual action exfoliation system which effectively combats acne, blackheads, reduces discoloration, and polishes skin for a smoother, healthier look!

I was a tad wary of trying this simply because many who enjoy it are chronic acne skin types and that simply wasn’t what I wished to address by using this. However, the good news, is the brand does recommend it for not only all skin types but also sensitive ones which surprised me consider it is enzyme based and can be a tad strong depending on your tolerance for “skin peels” so to speak.

It’s not a traditional exfoliating treatment in my opinion as you aren’t exactly scrubbing this around and hoping for new, glorified skin. You’re actually left to gently massaging onto your skin and proceeding to wait a few seconds prior to washing it off. It works more as a skin peel in my opinion rather than a traditional exfoliating treatment.

To use it, simply squeeze a nice amount onto fingertips and proceed to massage in gentle circles on a damp face. Now you wait for 20 to 30 seconds. You’ll feel a slight tingling sensation and a certain warmth as the enzymes go to work eating away at dead cells and the likes. It’s almost as if you have a foaming treatment on as you can feel it sort of sizzle up, eating away at your skin, removing the dryness as it works.

After rinsing, results are pretty much visible right away. For example, dry, flaky skin between my brows is gone, dullness around my jawline looks brighter and my cheeks have a healthy flush (yes, your skin will turn red after use but no worries, it’s more of a healthy flush than anything else).

The formula is a sluggy green shade with tiny beads in the mix. It has a grainy texture but does not feel harsh on skin. After use, there is no tightness that normally accompanies exfoliating and skin feels lighter with a smoother, softer finish. Moisturizer seems to absorb easier as well and my face looks brighter.

As per Kate’s instructions, this can be used twice a week. Ideally, I’d love to be able to use it daily but it does seem a tad too strong to do so.

I’m unsure about sensitive types. Even though it’s recommended for all skin types, those with sensitive skin might find it a tad strong. It does have a warm, tingling sensation and sensitive types may find themselves turning red after use so be aware and do a spot test prior to full application.

Although results are visible after the first use, I didn’t feel like my face remained as bright and healthy as it did within the first few hours of use. Dryness did not return and my skin remained smooth but my dullness did return sadly.

The 2 oz size at $85 is a hefty price to pay particularly when using a generous amount twice a week daily. If you’re lucky you can get two months out of a single tube but don’t hold your breath as you may even go so far as to get a mere month from it. However, good skincare, is always worth its weight in gold in my opinion, particularly when it works!

  • Anyone suffering from acne, blackheads, etc….
  • Anyone in need of an exfoliation system that doesn’t dry skin out but makes it smooth while keeping it dewy to the touch!
  • Anyone in need of serious exfoliation!

  • Sensitive skin types should be careful if and when using this!
  • Anyone unwilling to shell out $85 on a treatment that will last a month or two at best.

Although the price really is a tad on the high size for a skincare product so small in size (4 oz would be a bit better), I did really like this. I was disappointed it didn’t completely help with dullness but I can’t deny it’s one of the best exfoliators I’ve ever used simply because it didn’t dry my skin out and kept dry, flaky areas at bay. A single use kept my face flake free for at least two weeks plus I wasn’t forced to do double duty on the moisturizer front. I’m really impressed with the fact that it exfoliated well without overly stripping my face and making it drier than when I started out as most exfoliators are guilty of this. I’ll continue to purchase but would love Kate to introduce a bit of a larger size or to perhaps lower this price down to $65-$67 range.

Great stuff and well worth a purchase if you suffer from problematic skin or dryness! Muse Approved for purchase!

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  • mythy

    I received a sample of this from Sephora. I really loved how it made skin feel but ahh! the unsure long-term effects and the price really scare me 🙁 hahaha

    • the Muse

      mythy price def needs to lower down a little. $65 is a bit fairer imho 😀