August 10, 2010

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Review and Swatches

Let me tell you the Candyman can take a sunrise, spirkle that shiz with dew, cover it in chocolate, and a miracle or two but he ain’t got nuttin’ on Make Up For Ever.

Make Up For Ever can completely re-launch their lipstick range with Rouge Intense and make them available in 50 brand new shades plus slap an easy color wheel Lipstick Shade Finder together so you can find your perfect lipstick shade.

Can the Candyman do that?

I think not!


Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense is a collection of 50 brand new shades with an EXTREMELY pigmented formula that contains 50% more pigment than traditional lipstick formulations!

Well, if intense, bold, vibrant shades of lipstick are your bag, honey, you need yourself some Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense. Wow. Possibly the most intense lipstick I’ve owned in terms of color pay off, these seriously deliver on the promise of pigment. The lippies not only sport a long lasting formula that has a nice hydrating finish but they also sport 50% more pigment than your average, everyday lipstick. It’s basically a one stroke lipstick as simply one application will deliver complete coverage with full color pay off!

The texture ranges in the creamy zone and has a nice moisturizing feel that wears quite comfortably. I always have a bit of a problem with color this intense as it does like to migrate and chase around my mouth but I’m happy to report that these shades adhere well to my lip line and do not smear about playing tag with my upper lip line or my chin for that matter. They stay quite nicely in place. The formula is made up of a mix of vegetal waxes which include beeswax and rice that help fix the pigment in place allowing for long wear and boy do they ever wear long. You can easily eat and drink yourself through Thanksgiving Day and the lipstick stays quite nicely in place. Of course, a touch up to freshen the color up is always in order but the lipstick for the most part offers such color pay off that it’s really not necessary.

The lipstick comes in an assortment of both shades and finishes and includes the new Make Up For Ever Lipstick Shade Finder you’ll find near the display which allows for easy selection of a color that’s best suited to you. Basically they ask your hair color and skin tone and proceed to give you a list of your perfect pinks, reds, and nudes. I commonly make the mistake of purchasing a lipstick because I love how it looks in the tube but after trying it on, I’m horrified how badly it looks on. This pretty much takes the guess work out of shade selection.

I tried five shades from the line which included 24 (satin natural beige), 37 (bright satiny pink), 44 (satin brown red), 48 (satiny blackcurrant), and 21 (pearl bright brick red).

I thought the pearl finish worked best for me as the satins felt most comfortable with gloss on top as they felt a tad too matte for my liking however the pearl finish comes across shiny enough to work on its own.

It’s my biggest pet peeve that Make Up For Ever uses numbers instead of names but I guess with 50 shades it would be a bit difficult coming up with all those names. However, I am one for forgetting so names would be easier to remember rather than numbers.

Packaging is simple, traditional black Make Up For Ever design. I’m not keen on it because I put a rather high value on cuter or more elegant packaging, this runs towards being more industry like.

Some of the bolder shades should be used with a lip brush which isn’t always convenient to travel with but for best results a lip brush works great at getting a nice precise look on lips!

  • Anyone looking to embrace a vampy, dramatic Fall lip look (with 50 shades to choose from you can find some pretty darn great shades to work that look!).
  • Anyone who likes bolder, sizzling lips!
  • Anyone who needs a bold lipstick to pair up with a more simple, natural eye look (cat eye or a winged eye look with liquid liner would look ideal paired up with a shade of Rouge Artist Intense).

  • Anyone scared of color (these have mega color pay off, be prepared for bold, beautiful lips).
  • Anyone with dry lips (prepping and priming is essential to get color to look smooth and beautiful).

With 50 colors to choose from and a formula that takes things to the extreme, Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense should appeal to makeup junkies in a major way. Color pay off and pigmentation alone is enough reason to want to dish out the very affordable $19 price tag for this formula. Those who like variety will absolutely adore this big of a selection and anyone who has a problem picking out that perfect shade of red or pink or nude will happily find that the Lipstick Shade Finder aids in a mega way.

(Sportin’ Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense in 21)

Formula wise you won’t find a more pigmented lipstick around.

Gorgeous stuff.

Looking forward to playing with more shades at my local Sephora.

Anyone try?



Wanting to try?

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Available now from Sephora.

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  • Tracy

    Muse-that colour looks just divine on you!! I’m excited to try these!

    • the Muse

      aw thanks tracy you’re too kind. damn they are intense dude! can’t believe the pigmentation! 😀 tell me whatcha think when you try curious minds!

      • Phyrra

        48 and 49 look awesome.
        36, 33, 14, 15, 9 all look nice, too.

        Right now, I’m trying to find that perfect wine eye shadow shade. I think I may have found it with Fyrinnae’s Princess of Darkness.

        • the Muse

          ooo wine eyeshadow dd 😀 Bobbi Brown’s New Collection sparks to mind!

  • Storm

    Muse, MUSE. I NEED these. I have gone to the website and firmly feel that I need 47/50. Maybe 48. WHY have you done this to me? Realistically, I won’t buy them ALL but…I definitely need some! I need a good, long wearing retro red for the nights we go to shows…. This may just be the answer, no? Oh, I need to go to a Sephora (we don’t have one around here!)….which means I will be visiting my best friend’s parents in Birmingham! LOL

    • the Muse

      lol storm 😀 they are awesome but save some money for the new glosses that launch soon those are def a YOU NEED THIS kinda thing 😀

      • Storm

        New…glosses? Really, I just need a great retro red. The Mr. plays guitar and there are lots of shows we *must* go to and my go to is a cat eye and red lips with a shirt dress lol. But…glosses are good too!

          • Storm

            They are! That red is awesome… And a few of the purples…and pinks…oh my. Christmas is soonish! Maybe I can claim to celebrate Channukah this year with my mom’s family…. Hmmmm…… (Don’t tell my grandmother I said that)

          • Storm

            Haha, Thanks Muse! That side of the family finally stopped buying me religious themed jewelry (I haven’t set foot in a church/Temple/Synagogue in years for personal reasons). They’re finally buying me makeup and gift cards that I’ll actually use! LOL

          • the Muse

            LOL Storm. Aw well 😀 Makeup cards=WAY better hehe!

  • Ruthless

    I thought the packaging was sleek, understated (which equals elegant in my books) and had a good weight to it. Very pleased with the one I bought #11. Formula is very dry on this particular one but amazing colour

    • the Muse

      ruthless glad you tried ’em out 😀 Packaging is a bit too understated for me but not really bad as mac sports similar simple black packaging 😀

  • Melanie

    I fell in LOVE/LUST with #21 last night, wore it all night at home and am wearing it at work right now! Sex in a tube. 🙂

  • Gina

    I got the satin brown red lipstick today, plus the Smoky Lash mascara..not that I neeeed anymore of either of those items, but I haven’t bough Make Up For Ever in a while, so I figured why not, lol. That pearl bright shade looks absolutely gorg on you! 🙂

    • the Muse

      aw thanks gina you’r e way kind. I had the a crummy experience with smoky lash keep me updated how it works for you!

      • Gina

        lol i can relate to melanie’s comment above..i put on the lipstick last night and just wore it for a few hours before i went to bed because i couldn’t wait to try it out. the color is so rich and beautiful, I’m already feeling like I want to buy more of these! 😉 This is only my first day of wearing the Smoky Lash, and so far I do like it…I’ve been known to change my mind on products after getting to know them a bit better, so i will def keep you posted!