August 6, 2010

Mountain Dew Shampoo and Conditioner

I’m pretty sure if I admitted to not loving and bleeding Mountain Dew (particularly Code Red) they’d revoke my Geek Membership and I’d be kicked out of my Guild.

Between us, I can’t stand the taste of the stuff but don’t tell anyone ok? I’d lose my credibility as a W0W geek if you spread that kinda news around.

Now if you happen to be a fond lover of Mountain Dew or just a general geek or you need to stay awake long hours at a time while you live your primary W0W life (and your real one wastes away) you might be interested in a little something that Bella Sugar discovered on Etsy.

Check it!

From Etsy user, Digitalsoaps:

A geek’s dream existence: Wake up at noon. Wash hair with soda. Wash body with video game controller. Open bag of Cheetos. Play video games. Fight zombies IRL. Sleep. Repeat.

Now I gotta say, if I could live my life everyday with a bag of cheetos while playing video games and fighting zombies, I’d be one happy camper. Seriously? Zombies? IRL? Yes, please, sigh me up! I don’t even need the Cheetos, just give me a big machine gun and some Zombies…..oh wait, I can’t, I forgot, Zombies are people too. Damn.

Moral of this story is that Digital Soaps sells refreshing shampoo made with a Mountain Dew scent (is your inner geek screaming?) each bottle contains 530 mg of caffeine which they say is absorbed through the skin. I’m hyper enough, don’t need to add to that equation. And how the hell is it absorbed anyway?

Hell, they even have a matching conditioner so they are obviously targeting the female nerds here.

If Mountain Dew Shampoo and Conditioner isn’t doing it for you, you can check out caffeinated soap bars shaped like your favorite game controller, Pepsi Shampoo, or even rock it old school with Tetris shaped soap.

God, I love this shop so hard right now.

Visit the Digitial Soap Etsy Shop to get your geek on.

Tell me whatcha think?

Any geeks out there?

For the record, I want a Code Red Shampoo and Conditioner set.

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  • Marina

    That is so genius. I think I need to get my brother the Pepsi stuff and some controllers!

  • Kate

    Oh those are cute!

    Heh, I kinda liked Code Red–but then I’m probably the least caffeinated nerd out there.

    Once in college, during Winter break, I had a week of dealing with the same D&D mofos who would come into the student store, ask if we had Mt. Dew, and then squeal “ewwwww” when I said we only had Code Red. (The person who bought all the foodstuffs was off for two weeks.)

    I finally said “go drive 10 minutes and buy a cube of Mt. Dew. It will be cheaper than buying soda here and you won’t be interrupting my Law and Order marathon.”

    (I’m not saying people who play D&D are mofos–I kinda wish I had friends who played it in high school. But I am saying the charm of freshman complaining about the drink choices when they could very easily have their mom or dad pick up a case of Mt. Dew from Costco got old fast.)

    • the Muse

      LOL me too Kate. I like diet cherry pepsi on occasion but I don’t do coffee and def do not like MD or CR. LOLROFL! Oh noes. can not cope LOL! How nerdy are we talkin’? I love me some D&D old school but MD had nothing to do with the equation in my retro old age :-D!

  • Storm

    I love Diet Mt. Dew–no sugar, and all the caffeine! (Oh, don’t tell Annie…sure dt sodas are super bad too…and they are…oh well)

    This would be fun, but not something I could use everyday, you know?

    Now to watch the WoW episode of South Park…

    • the Muse

      hells yes diet soda=LETHAL 😀 but damn so good Storm lol. Oh well better hit the water bottle.

      forget south park, latest eppy of the Guild 😀

  • Belle

    This is sooo cool! Lots of cool stuff on Etsy – there’s so many creative and enterprising people out there!

  • Hana

    I like the Game Fuel or whatever Mountain Dew best… I wish they’d make soap in that scent.

    • the Muse

      I actually never tried it hana since I’m not fond of Code Red, assumed it was about the same. Although it makes an appearance at almost every LAN party I go to!

      • Hana

        Oooh, the Game Fuel one actually tasted completely different from Code Red to me. I actually don’t like Code Red much either. My roommate and I totally stocked up on the Game Fuel one last time it came out as the WoW Horde Red. I wish we still had some. ;_;

    • the Muse

      ha tina are they NOT showering and sitting in front of the monitor days on end wow’ing it up!?

      • tina

        yup, my cousin is 10 and everytime i ask when’s the last time he showers, the answer is usually “I showered LAST week! how come you want me to shower everyday???” He’s too busy playing online gaming 😛

  • Coral

    That is awesome! It might be worth getting just to have, I mean, come on! How can you pass this up?! The soaps are genius! I’m already itching to get one.

  • Vera

    I’ve never liked Mountain Dew. My husband used to love it until I told him to kick the habit! And we have no problem discerning between our WoW lives and our real ones. Even though I could stay on the auction house for hours at a time!

    • the Muse

      hi vera wasn’t implying anyone had a problem discerning real life from wow 🙂 I’m a wow player and was simply being funny about how many hours it sucks our of “real” life 🙂

  • Heather

    haha at any point I swear my guy has a fortress of mountain dew cans on his desk. Yet he never gains weight.

  • nucleii

    oh man, they need to make more geekiness items as well. I’m a FF girl.

    • the Muse

      me too nucelii 😀 FF=ACE 😀 although WoW somehow has me alot of the time too 😀

  • sillylilacs


    My inner geek probably just died and went to heaven….aaack! lol

    Sadly, I would totally buy something from there and show it off to my gamer friends…and they would totally be jealous lol

  • Sarah

    hi! Just started reading your blog and am really enjoying it 🙂
    What server are you on in WOW I play too, I’m on Drenden.
    I may actually want the Tetris soap for reals.
    So glad there are other gals who play WOW and like to be pretty lol 🙂

    • the Muse

      hey sarah glad to have you on board and good to meet you! I play on a private server 🙂 the tetris soap is rocking! ha nada wrong with being a geek and loving makeup too hehe!