August 16, 2010

Musings of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Lipstick?

Businessweek has reported that over the past year Americans have spent more than $300 million dollars to beautify their lips in supermarkets, drugstores, and mass merchandise outlets. In other news more than half that amount was spent by the Muse to beautify her lips…kiddin’, kiddin’!

The most surprising thing about the article was what America’s go-to brand of lipstick actually is……

Any guesses?


Revlon ColorStay, Revlon Colorburst, and Revlon Super Lustrous were all popular choices showing that nearly a third of that $300 million dollars went to Revlon purchases.

Revlon’s best selling shade is a pinkish hue called SoftSilver Rose.

Ok, so now they got me curious. I need to try this SoftSilver Rose for myself.

Honestly, I’d have never guessed that Revlon would win the market share in the world of lipsticks. Lord knows I haven’t been a fan since high school but hey maybe I need to explore again!

I dunno if I have a favorite lipstick simply because I’m not much of a lipstick girl but more of a lipgloss girl. However, I’d probably say long gone Japanese brand, T’estimo, who made some incredibly moisturizing lippies that I adored. I also probably have more MAC Lipsticks in my stash than any other brand due to the variety and the many LE shades I’ve collected and enjoy using.

How about you?

What’s your favorite lipstick?

Any Revlon fans?

Share it!

Have you consumed today’s ?


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  • sillylilacs

    Hmm…does it count if my favorite lipstick changes every week? >.< I can pull out maybe top 10-15 favorites that I pull out and love using all the time, but I can't specifically say one is my absolute favorite!

    • the Muse

      LOL same here lilac. I totally can relate b/c I constantly change my mind!

      • sillylilacs

        I however can safely say that my favorite l/s atm is Rimmel’s Moisture Renew in Coral Shimmer =D I think last week was MAC’s Jazzed <3

        And you should check out Revlon, I used to hate them because all their l/s are so drying, but now they've revamped and the l/s are definitely a LOT better (still a bit drying, but a huge improvement from before!)

        • the Muse

          lilac I have a tiny stash of the new rimmel’s but haven’t tried ’em yet but gagging to after hearing some great raves 😀 I def need to check out some Revlon been years since I tried!

  • Florence

    im not really a lipstick girl, just like you, but still have quite a stash… my fav is deffinetely mac’s hot gossip. a lot of girls say it’s the “wrong” pink shade for them, but i absolutely love it! i’m absolutely sure i look great wearing this one, lol:)
    i also really like one of the shades of the sephora brand, but unfortunately they smell of pee so… not recommending them, haha.

      • Florence

        yep, sephora rouge cream lippies, although very moisturising, fall into the category of ‘pee-scented beauty products’. another one is versace’s bright crystal perf. pure floral pee imo.

        • the Muse

          LOL Florence. How wonderful. pee scented products LOL! I get wet dog from Hope in a Jar does that count for unusual?

          • Florence

            oh,deffinetely! lol! wet dog!
            btw, i have a real wet dog at home atml, (big storm outside) and i have to say i kinda like that smell. ;)am i weird?
            since were talking about scents- did you by any chance notice that toni&guy hairspray smells exactly
            like gucci rush perf? that’s..not okat all…

          • the Muse

            ew LOL florence. def do not likey the smell of wet dog hahahaha! ha I never tried that hairspray but that sounds funny as hell lol!

  • Eli

    Perhaps my Avon Smooth Minerals in Pink Quartz. I wear it on a daily basis, because it’ so flattering on my lips, and so moisturizing, too 🙂

      • Eli

        Well, no, the packaging and the lisptick seem solid enough to me… I always have it my handbag (the big mess) and I haven’t had problems with it…

  • Rosalie

    I’ve tried numerous lipstick and don’t really have a favorite either, honestly. I know that I love KissKiss Baby and its moisturizing texture as well as Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Volupté and its creamy feel. But I know several other lipstick I use often and love!

  • Jackie

    I don’t have an all time favorite lipstick, but if I had to choose it would be MAC Angel…just because. I will def have to find this Soft Silver Rose! You got me interested in it now!!

  • Emily

    I just looked in my makeup bag and every lipstick that I own is MAC. I just thinkg they have the best pigments and actually moisturize my lips.

  • VampiressDoll

    MAC lipsticks seem to win every time, that signature delicious scent and the colour range and finishes. 🙂

  • Lauren S.

    Definitely Estee Lauder for lipsticks. The pigmentation is pretty good, but the formula is the best. I love the fruity smell 🙂

    My favorite lip gloss is from Victoria’s Secret of all places. Their beauty rush lip gloss in passion fruit pop is my absolute favorite. Stays on the lips forever and tastes great with just the right amount of shine.

    • the Muse

      lauren not for me, EL scent/taste isn’t a fav of mine but can’t deny the lip products are damn good 😀 love the beauty rush, damn affordable too 😀

  • Selenite

    Godd question. It goes between NYX Round in Bruised, Morgana Minerals in Blood, and OCC Lip Tar in Anime.

  • tina

    I think Revlon has some pretty good stuff for a drugstore brand. But yea I have a lot of MAC l/s too and it’s mainly LE 😛

  • Lauren

    I actually love Revlon’s Super Lustrous formula. It’s like MAC Amplified Creme but for less than half the price!

  • ValentinaSugar

    Oh!! I love collecting lipsticks. I favor lipsticks over lipglossses. I love trying different brands because they all have different formulas and my tastes change (Its funny though always find a problem). I like the YSL Rouge Voluptes (but wish they came in better colors), I like Shu Uemura (but find them to sheer sometimes), and most practical I think would be NARS lipsticks (nice color range for everyone and they last some time).

    I’m still on the lookout for my HG lipstick. One with a really great formula and nice case. I used to love L’Oreal Colour Juice Sticks. I had one in Cherry Freeze. It was the most flattering red and it smelled like Cherries 🙂

    • the Muse

      mm that L’oreal sounds divine Valentina, my downfall is cherry flavored/scented glosses or lipstick loves!

  • Valerie

    My favorite lippie is Lime Crime’s Retrofuturist. It’s bright red, and that stuff doesn’t come off for anything. You can drink, eat, whatever you want. My lips are still stained when I use makeup remover! (Which cannot be healthy but whatevs, it’s damn good stuff!) I *have* used revlon, but not in a long time… I duno, that stuff would come in the middle and just didn’t look so great.

  • tangerinelatte

    Never really been a fan of Revlon. I think maybe it’s because I find the packaging kind of dull so the products never catch my eye (I’m not a packaging snob, I just never say to myself, “hmm I want some Revlon!” LOL). Some of my favorite lipsticks are by Wet n Wild and Milani. My fave right now is Wet n Wild Silk Finish in 501A. Lovely medium pink with gold shimmer. Goes with everything!

  • Roxie

    I’ve been wearing Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey for years. However, I did purchase my first MAC lipstick….Dazzle Lipstick in Snazzy. Lurve it!

  • Courtney

    Origins Rain and Shine has mint in it so it feels really good going on. My favorite shade is Plum Luck which looks really purple but goes on as a really nice pinky plum shade. I also love MAC lipsticks. My favorite is Viva Glam V.

  • Hannah

    My favorite right now is Rimmel’s Pink Blush or Pink Champagne (mine says Pink Champagne, but when I went back to the store, the label is now Pink Blush? weird.. haha) But I have to be careful because I could see if you use too much of it, how easily it would look crazy! hahah but I have to say, overall I really love Rimmel lipsticks’ in general. (:

  • pinkgirl08

    My favorite lip product is a gloss, but my favorite lipstick is actually the Kat Von D Painted Love lipstick in Prayer. I wear it A LOT.

  • M

    That’s an IMPOSSIBLE question to answer! I have TOO MANY FAVES! Hehehehe.

    But I reach for these regulary:

    1. Lunasol Full Glamour Lips G 35 (Shiny Pink Red)
    2. Shiseido Maquillage Glossy Perfect Rouge (R224- I LOVE THEIR MULTI-COLOURED MICROSHIMMER!)
    3. Guerlain Rouge G in Giulette (this is one of the most gorgeousest coral-pinks I’ve seen….. and also my most expensive lippie)

  • donna

    my favorite lipstick OF ALL TIME is MAC’s “cherish”. on my skin tone it gives that perfect brigitte bardot nude pout. i completely love it.

  • LithiaBlack

    My greatest lipstick love of all times (and the first one I actually managed to use up totally) is the Balm Read My Lips – Smut
    It was the first time ever that I found a MLBB color 🙂

    I long to the day when my economy is better so I can buy a new one.


    • the Muse

      hi lilthia how are you? long time no speak! Do not have this one but gotta check it out b/c I’m a big balm fan!

  • clementine

    I don’t have a go-to, but I love the semi-sheer glossy ones. They’re easy to wear and tend to be more moisturizing, so you can skip the balm and gloss.

  • Miss D

    I don’t know about a favorite lipstick, but one of my favorite colors is Elizabeth Arden’s Breathless. It’s pretty and a safe color to wear anytime.

  • Grace

    love my NARS lippies. love the matte finishes

    i agree with the ladies above me as well! revlon lipsticks (and lip glosses) are very high quality for the price you pay

    80% of my lipsticks are from nars and revlon =)

  • Marcy

    Hi Muse long time no see 🙂 I have been so busy that i haven’t even kept up with reading beauty blogs… where have my priorities gone!!

    I have used one revlon in the past (super lustrous sheer formula) and really enjoyed the smooth formula and colour pay off. Though I am too much of a brand slut to continue using it. But if I do have to pick favourites… Paul and Joe has nice packaging, and for formula I’d say Chanel for high end, and i have actually had some good experience with Avons. (i actually own the most Avons… they are just so cheap and I can’t help myself.)

    Is Lunasol compared to T’Estimo? (Since i guess that’s what it got rebranded for) I only got into makeup after T’estimo disappeared >.< Speaking of which the other day I saw some Shiseido pN for sale which kinda grossed me out, pN disappeared about 6 (maybe more?) years ago!

    • the Muse

      hey marcy 😀 gasp you haven;’t?! 😀

      I really like Avon, surprisingly, too! No, Lunasol didn’t get rebranded for T’estimo. CoD kinda took over for T’estimo. ew…that is gone longer than 6 years that’s kinda gross lol

  • Kasey

    Mac Peachstock from the Liberty of London collection!! It looks weird on lots of people (and they think it looks good on them) I’m looking to buy some light pink Mac lipsticks but i don’t know where to start! I’m NW25 can you help?

    • the Muse

      Hi Kasey sadly not as I’m not too familiar with mac’s foundations and such so wouldn’t even begin to know what to rec hun! I’m sorry 🙁

  • melissakisses

    so i assume no one here has tried revlons new matte line? woww. its fab. theyre good mac dupes. especially the nude attitude its sorta like macs myth or freckltone. and theres a pink shade called pink pout thats just like macs snob! and a FAB red thats calledin the red..its the diiie for. TRY EM!