August 25, 2010

Sephora Endless Color Blockbuster: Sephora Collection Collector’s Edition Makeup Palette 2010

A few years ago everyone went wow, wow over the Sephora Blockbuster Palette. Granted, at the time, we hadn’t ever seen anything like it (pre Sephora introducing Blockbuster, after Blockbuster, after Blockbuster palette…)…..

I mean people were generally excited about it. So much so that it sold out and was gone for a good deal of December so we all had panic attacks about not getting our hands on a ka-chingin’ amount of makeup. Needless to say I think it was late January before we seen it again….

So…if you hadn’t experienced this epidemic for yourself at the time, you might be wondering why we got that excited about Sephora makeup. I haven’t a clue to be honest….It was just the latest and greatest to hit the mark I suppose.

Moral of the story?

Flash forward several years and Sephora Endless Color Blockbuster Palette is available. $435 dollars worth of Sephora makeup (sarcastic yay!) housed in a palette shaped like a Sephora bag. Lord knows if you can’t dig the makeup, at the very least, you have to dig the packaging.

Here’s the deets.


187 make-up products people.

The set includes:

  • 98 Sephora Iridescent Effect Eyeshadow Shades
  • 70 Sephora Shiny Lip Glosses
  • 6 Sephora Cream Eyeliners
  • 2 Sephora Lip Liners
  • 3 Sephora Eyeliners
  • 1 Mascara
  • 4 Applicators

Here’s what I want to know…..98 eye shadows and 4 applicators? WTH!

No but seriously this is a shiz load of makeup.

The price of admission also gets you a silver ticket which enters you to win a $1,000 Sephora Shopping Spree, one year’s worth of Sephora Collection products (double yay, heavy sarcasm), and more!

The Sephora Endless Color Blockbuster set is available now for $48 for 48 hours only and won’t be back until November if you’re wanting it.

Let me tell you something….I’m not a fan of Sephora makeup…but they might have sold me. I want the new Bliss Perfume anyway so I’m thinking I need to order this bad boy and give you the low down dirty deets.

What do you think?

Will you buy it?

Share your thoughts!

About the Muse

Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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    • the Muse

      LOL tiffany..sorry I didn’t mean to laugh but the un-eco friendly kinda cracked me up 😀

  • Charlene J.

    Do you know which country the makeup is made in? The 5-in-1 palette was made in China (Instead of France, Italy or Canada, which their normal line is from.) and I didn’t think the eyeshadows were as good as those in their ummm normal line (What do you call it?)… :

  • Dina

    I often think things like this are a great idea for gifting (in theory), but i can never help but compare them to those large, cheap, crappy makeup sets you see all over at xmas. Even though I KNOW that it isn’t cheap makeup, I feel like someone who’s not into makeup like me, would think that it is. I don’t know. Also, these things never perform the way individual items would. I guess I can’t judge since i’ve never bought one. But if they are anything like the ones you get with your bonus points then they likely suck.

    • the Muse

      ditto Dina you aren’t the only one hun! honestly it probably isn’t to far off from those palettes, I have little success with sephora makeup sadly 🙁

  • Regina

    holy moly. i saw this on my sephora email this morning and boy i am still tempted to buy this just coz of the amount of product advertised. i dont know how good is sephora makeup but im mostly interested in the mascara,brushes and blushes. i cant possibly use all that

    • the Muse

      regina not a big fan but I was tempted as well b/c it’s a WHOLE lot lol. but yea, it’s absurd, you’ll never get through it before it goes bad LOL!

      • Regina

        well my friend has finally talked me out of getting this since it is not cost productive because i will only use about 10% of the whole thing. But i do think its a great makeover kit for fun if your friends wanna do a makeup party one day.

        • the Muse

          regina def will not use the blushes or lipglosses but can possibly see myself using some of the shadows…but the formula meh crummy 😛

  • Allyssa

    I don’t like these Sephora palettes at all! The colors of the shadows are never pigmented and always so gritty and clogged with glitter. I do have one single shadow from Sephora. It’s a pale, shimmery green. It’s not nearly as awful as these palettes, but it’s not the best either. I do get use out of it though for a nice sheer wash. But these palettes… poo poo to them.

  • KristyQ

    Who would by this? Unless you are just starting out with makeup and have ZERO eyeshadows and lipsticks/glosses, you don’t need this. FAIL. The quality isn’t there, and you could get something so much better for your $48. Just imagine reaching for this in the morning to do your makeup – it should come with a vanity so you’d have something to “unfold” it onto!! LOL.

    • the Muse

      LOL you need a table in your bathroom to unfold it kristy. I’m actually getting it out or MORBID curiosity. I need to review this thing in a major way. I know it’s going to suck but I really need to actually try it for myself LOL!

  • Eve

    Hm it LOOKS ineresting but I’ve never tried Sephora makeup but I’ll take your word for it Muse and stick to what I know I like. And about it being uneco-friendly, well it’s more eco-friendly packaging wise because a lot more would be wasted if you had all those items separate.

  • Margaret

    NO, Muse. You are not getting it.

    Put the charge card away. I hope this was just a little mistake on your part and we won’t have to tell you again.

    Heavy sigh.

  • mon

    Actually, I read that the Sephora palette with the 4 removable palettes actually have decent eyeshadow so maybe there’s hope. On a side note though, have you tried Sephora’s Flashy Liners? I’m a huge oil slick so I have the UD 24/7 pencil s and the Sephora ones are just as amazing but for less $$. The Flashy liners also have several UD shade dupes. Love.

    • the Muse

      there is indeed mon I have a tiny palette that’s really quite nice 😀 Noooo someone told me they were good 😀

      • mon

        They are soooo amazing. I now only buy the 24/7 pencils in the colors that the Flashy liners don’t come in. That is how close the Flashy liners are to my little heart.

          • mon

            Hmm, honestly can’t give you any help there since nothing, NOTHING, has ever stayed on my waterline. I am such an oil slick that I thank the makeup gods whenever anything stays on my face. Sometimes I think companies should just abandon the Middle East and instead give me a call.

    • LorraineER

      I was wondering about the flashy liners! They looked like they were trying to be 24/7 dupes and I read the reviews on Sephora but I was still not sure if they’d be any good. I love the 24/7s and my lids are super oily too. The thing is- I don’t mind paying the price for Zero and Bourbon b/c I use them constantly but the pretty colored ones I know I won’t use often enough to justify the price tag. If the flashy liners work I could try new colors for less money. Thanks so much for mentioning this!

  • Connie

    Wow thats loads of makeup! I have to say i really like the packaging its so cute, its like makeup in a Sephora bag! haha =) I am a palette freak and even though i have tons of pigmented eyeshadows that will last maybe a 3 persons lifetime, this palette is still tempting! And i know this is most likely will be sheer eyeshadows and sheer lipglosses but hey thats perfect for days when you dont want to wear so much makeup and just have a sheer look right? =D Thanks Musey for the info! Definitely will be getting this =)

    • the Muse

      I thought so too Connie. my pleasure hun 😀 I was tempted and debating if I should get. Just out of morbid curiosity really even though I know I’ll prob be disappointed 😀

  • Storm

    I have to be honest: I would buy this for the Mr.’s oldest niece because the colors aren’t going to be *that wild* and it would last her (and her makeup obsessed little sister) a while. But other wise..nopes. I’m 100% not a fan of the packaging. Forget the eco issue, it is frackin tacky.

  • Johanna

    Thanks for telling me about the new Bliss perfume — I just checked it out on the Sephora site, and it looks refreshing. I always pass up the Blockbuster Palettes, however — eyeshadow doesn’t really do much for my face and I like to be able to carry along my lipglosses and lipsticks for touch-ups.

  • LorraineER

    I’m always a bit tempted when I see these things but I know better after getting one of these for Christmas a few years back. It was such a disappointment! I’m always curious to see if they have improved but unless they have majorly gotten better, It’s a Do Not Want!

  • Katie

    i’d like to see what you think so I know whether or not to get it in November.

  • teresa

    weak knees, shortness of breath, inability for brain to properly function.
    oh no this only means one thing . . . I WANT!!!

    (but i dont really like the pakaging)

  • Sarah

    Want ittt just because of how much sctuff your get! I never use gift sets and stuff even if theyre good quality and the packaging is just horrible. For a gift set i still think the price is steep even though its “sephora brand” For me all gift sets should be max $20 hahaha. That is a LOT of makeup though.

  • Amanda

    The Blockbuster pallettes are 110% different from everyday Sephora collection. Muse, I would give Sephora collection another go. They actually reformulated a lot of there products. New glosses, shadow quads and single shadows. I use to work for Sephora for quite awhile and they have really steped up there game. ( I think the we all complained enough about quality.)
    As for the blockbuster- I feel like in order for one pallette to house that much product, they quality can not be that amazing for what they are selling it for- right? I have a feeling its going to be just like what its always been. Cute packaging though.

    • the Muse

      hi amanda I def pick through it on occasion and def have run into one or two items worth it but for the most part not a big fan 😛 def think it’ll suffer a bit 🙁

  • GinaB

    Why is this palette getting so much hate? loves it! I think its adorable and super cute packaging. Sure, it might not be the most practical size, but it has ever color you could need! You could do all of your friends makeup, and re-create every look you see in magazines/youtube tutorials. Sephora might not make the most amazing quality shadows, but sometimes you just gotta have some fun (:

    • the Muse

      gina I think we’ve just been burnt by sephora makeup in the past 😀 so we are wary!

  • Zombii

    Tell ya what, you order that bad boy and swatch the hell out of it. Or at least review it and let us know if the shadows are decent, and I’ll think about it. I’ve already got a shit load of eyeshadow, but man… that is tempting!

  • Lenna

    I want it, but I don’t have the money for it right now, and chances are, I will never actually use it. I got a palette with a bunch of eye shadows from Icings a little bit ago and have yet to use most of the eye shadows. u_u Nyah. But I want lots of eyeshadow I’ll never use…haha.

    • the Muse

      lenna it’s a crap load of makeup 😀 so def can’t see myself making much use of it with my stash as is!

  • Ashley

    Ladies (& gents), don’t knock it til you’ve tried it. Don’t let all you bad experiences judge your future experiences! I give the 2009 blockbuster palette a 7/10 so I might hoard this one too!

  • BeautyMaven

    love love love the packaging!!
    what i want to know is.. what’s with all the blues? do people seriously wear blue anymore if it’s not turquoise? gross.
    it’d be nice if they’d do this packaging but maybe have the “best of Sephora-s” as the make-up. that’ll probably never happen though.. le sigh.

    • the Muse

      maven me too, very cute the shopping bag 😀 blue is always a tough one to pull off as well!

  • joelle

    I bought the Smashbox equivalent to the Sephora Blockbuster last year, and am SO glad I did! ULTA sold them, and I wish I’d gotten a couple more to give out as gifts, because I keep going back to it…

    • the Muse

      joelle I was so curious about that one and was going to get it but didn’t. it was nice?!

  • HautePJ

    I’m with you Muse – purchased it out of pure curiosity (which I guess could go under the heading of “first world dilemmas/needs” along with designer band-aids, ahem). And with this purchase I got the new 500point perk containing NARS, Too Faced, and MUFE goodies.

    But I was really, really impressed with the 5-in-1 palette and it sounds like that was made by a different manufacturer. So maybe these shadows have hope. Keep hope alive!

    • the Muse

      pj def. totally dead on curious about it in a major way. don’t NEED any of it and sephora is very hit or miss but just curious beyond believe. designer band aids LOL <3!

  • peri

    i love the packaging. but i couldnt order this online, id actually have to go in and play with it because the sephora brand products are so hit or miss…99.9% of the time they’re miss lol. i KNOW i dont need this though lol…but it looks like fun to play with.

  • telle

    i am not a huge fan of sephora brand product either- i’ve given it a fair try, but find that i share the same complaints as everyone else. while the concept is fun, where is one going to stash something like this? its too big and bulky to actually be usable and accessible. i think sephora has done some innovative things, but that’s about it. and wow, for the quality, the price is way too high (almost as much if not more, depending on the product, than mac! new eye palettes of 4-5 colors have been released and they are cutsie, but $31 CDN- that’s way too much- i’d rather put that money towards a fun UD palette or otherwise).

    thanks for the info, Muse! 🙂

    • the Muse

      my pleasure telle! great reply 😀 I think we are all fairly in agreement 😀

  • Pooja

    Not A fan of Sephora makeup & To be honest,The sheer size of this Palette Is off-putting,& a waste of product,money,there is no way this palette is going to get over,with normal use,

  • Samantha

    I received the Blockbuster palette last year and although I agree that it’s not the most practical size, I have used it. Granted, the shadows aren’t super pigmented, but if you’re not into crazy bright makeup, I think this could work.
    I did not like many of the lip glosses/lipsticks that came in the palette. There were some that were quite garish while others were super nice. Also, the blush/bronzers are so damn shiny and glittery that I’ll probably never use them on my face. Most likely, I will use them as eyeshadows as well.
    Anyway, for the price, it’s a lot of makeup, which is nice, but there’s no way in hell you can finish this. If you want a crazy palette like this for even less, try e.l.f. They have different sizes and their eyeshadows are quite nice for an inexpensive brand. Not MAC quality obviously, but pretty decent and pigmented.

  • HautePJ

    Update! So I ordered it on Wednesday and guess what showed up via the UPS man on Friday? The packaging is a little much, but it looks sooo cute on my counter. Now on to the makeup – I think the shadows are a much better quality then previous palettes. Yes, some are duds with OK colors and glitter fallout, but the metallic and matte shades are great IMO. The lipglosses are good, but some of the colors are so similar it seems like a waste. Surprise surprise the blushes actually have pigment and some staying power! Haven’t tried the liners or mascara. My only pet peeve is the slots for the liners – they’re too wide and the liners move around a lot when the palette is closed. Looking forward to your thoughts!

    • the Muse

      awesome PJ!!!!!!!! damn! fast! 😀 sounds like not too bad at all for the price 😀 haven’t gotten mine yet…believe it arrives tuesday!

  • Bettyflies

    SOOO… Im getting this too- it should arrive on the 2nd. Im a makeup snob and there is only one reason I bought this pallet.. I am in cosmetology school and I dont necessarily like the idea of using my expensive makeup on practice models at the moment… Perhaps once I start getting paid… I figure if I dont like it my two little girls will go nutcakes over it. 🙂

  • dee

    i actualy got this as a late birthday present (my friend let me pick it out for myself… i was curious as well to see how it would perform).
    While its not something i use everyday, it is nice to have all those colours on hand that you dont normally use, instead of buying them all individualy for alot of money, when they are colours that you rarely use. Its also really usefull for playing with using new colours that you wouldnt normaly try. If you find a shade you love, you can always go out and buy a higher quality dupe.

  • Nickolle

    I bought this one for xmas. really the lipstick is good. i ate with it on and for 4 hours it staid. next don’t worry about the eye crayons. even if they move they don’t damage anything. about the glitter on the eyeshadows: you may use these colours in makeup for special parties and even for an inspired makeup for xmas. sephora means good makeup, really. and the last thing, a good makeup artist, or even a good novice is able to do a nice look to matter the makeup

  • Atika

    Hey, I would love to buy it, but I live in The Netherlands… 🙁 Do you know if you can buy it off the internet? I reaaaallllyy wanna have it, friend of mine bought it in NYC and she loves it!

  • Brooke

    I have one, But it broke because I would brign it to school with me when I didnt have time in the morning and the plastic kinda just broke from the edges so its not for the heavy travling expecially by heavy Harry Potter Books

  • sarah

    hiiiiiiiii i love this sooooo much but im gonna need to get it cheeper!!! its wayyyyyyy to much money for the 320$$$$$ come on

  • Iriana

    Hey i wanted to know where i can buy this product and for how much?
    it seems this item is unavailable

    • the Muse it was LE for the Holidays so it’s not available anymore.