August 30, 2010

Urban Decay Lipstick Indecent Review and Swatches

Ahhh the MLBB experience.

What’s MLBB you might ask? Why that would be the my lips but better lipstick or gloss you might own. The one you reach for daily because it enhances your natural lip color but doesn’t overpower it. The one that makes you look like you have nothing at all on but still looks sexy and pouty none the less.

I think lip junkies would agree that the my lips but better experience rarely comes around but when it does, it’s embraced to the max and in some cases you’ll find yourself stockpiling the product you use to create that perfect, bare, nude lip look.

I’ve only had one MLBB experience myself and that would be with Urban Decay Naked Lipstick. I can’t say I have a ton of glosses or lipsticks in my stash that achieve this incredible look but I surely wish I did and I’m always hunting around to see if I can find another product that will achieve the result.

I am happy to say that Urban Decay Lipstick in Indecent has made it’s way into my stash and it’s almost as lovely as Naked in some ways….

Check it!

I’m not going to get into a big drill about the formula as I’ve already reviewed Urban Decay Lipstick in a prior post which you can view here, however, I will tell you all about the joys of Indecent.

For the most part indecent is pretty opaque but that’s the joy of the shade as it merely enhances your own natural lip color with a barely there hint of pale peach shimmer. In the place of any color the shade creates a fuller, shinier lip look with hints of nude peach giving you that MLBB experience I discussed above.

Now it’s not as kindly as Urban Decay Lipstick in Naked as that comes across considerably more pigmented and this does not but that doesn’t stop it from joining the ranks of a gorgeous shade to add to your Fall wardrobe particularly if you are embracing a dramatic smoky brown eye look and do not want to take away from the beauty of it with a too loud lip look.

If you’re looking to go a bit nude and naked this Fall with your lips and just want a little bit of something to enhance your lips, Indecent is your girl.

Likey lots!

What shades of naked are you going for this Fall?

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  • Phyrra

    UD Naked is definitely MLBB. Completely awesome.
    Silk Naturals XXX is another shade I rock like that.
    Indecent looks cute.

    • the Muse

      looked at XXX dd I prob can’t rock that one but looks great for a nude look 😀

  • peri

    my MLBB shade is flushed by stila. im not big on lipsticks though, im an eye makeup girl but ive got a few glosses and that one lip color that i love. this color looks pretty though, i might have to check it out lol

    • the Muse

      hey peri good pick! I looked a swatch up and that’s a nice MLBB 😀 I am too. I happen to be an eye girl as well 😀

  • Wendy

    Ooh, pretty! This would look great with the Naked palette. I think my MLBB is either Maybelline Pink Please (blotted) or Boots Petal (again, blotted). My lips are really red though so I think that’s why I tend towards pinks =P

    • the Muse

      absolutely would wendy 😀 I wish mine were read….mine come across kinda pink 😛

      • Wendy

        lol, no you don’t… it’s all Snow White-ish but it looks like I’m having an allergic reaction most days o_o”’ it REALLY shows when they’re chapped.

        • the Muse

          wendy snow white!? sounds divine to me 😀 oh but that’s the case for everyone dude. my lips always look all kinds of kool aid sipping weird when they are chapped 😀

  • Marina

    Gosh…I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try this shade. ACW has this one on the site right now, so maybe I’ll snag it before it’s gone…
    Thanks for the swatch, now I really want it 😉

  • Storm

    Honest to goodness, my MLBB is Ophelia by Nars. I bought it for the name (umm…because I’m a nerd) and soon realized it wasn’t much of a different color.

    • the Muse

      Ophelia is a GREAT pick storm. Not my MLBB quite but almost there 😀 ha yes the name def appeals 😀

      • sparklyblind

        I third that about Ophelia! I totally bought mine only because of the name and all the while knowing I hate how NARS lipgloss smells! It’s not disgusting how UD’s Pocket Rockets are, at ;east, so I can still wear it though. Ophelia is actually a nice color, I should dig it back out! Thanks for the reminder! I honestly think I only wore it once because when I got it I was all hype about the bright lip look & it wasn’t so I just sat it down, but it’s really not that bad…

  • Kelly

    Oh heck, I’m in trouble now. Between this and the primer box, I need to go on an Ulta raid! The good, and the bad of being right across the street from there, lol! I’m thinking I’ll need to check out Naked as well. I’ve been using Maybelline Pearl in Luminous Lilac, which I love the base color but I wish it were a bit less frosty. I dab on NARS in Sweet Charity as my MLBB.

    • xMissxAndristx

      my local ulta doesn’t carry Indecent… but then again, it’s not very large. they also don’t carry vinyl, voodoo, trainwreck, sellout, jilted or wicked. *glares angrily at ulta for not having them, then sephora for not being closer than 2 hours away*

  • tina

    I’ve never had a UD l/s before. I think I’ll make this shade my first!
    thanks for the review!

  • sparklyblind

    I love Indecent so much!! that was my first color to buy when UD first released their new lipsticks w the badass packaging. Of course that was a seriously slippery slope as I now own doubles of every color and have given away the few that dont look good on me. I love Indecent because its just like you said. My lips but better. a sheer glaze of microsparkles w a nongritty feel at application and during wear. I love it SO much MORE than Midnight Cowboy. I think I need to adjust my moniters settings though because your pics are looking way closer to 5150 though, hhmm. Indecent is pretty much clear for me going on. Its perfect for your smokey eyes done in green or purple or when youd just rather not a pink gloss or shine. In my opinion its basically a lipgloss in tube form but w all those awesome ingredients they packed in for us. Pistol is another nice one to try if you want a slightly darker glaze than Indecent! So whats up w their FF SALE?? I hope theyre having it soon! A new eyestash?? Ooohh you should so spill!! Pretty please?!

    • the Muse

      hi sparkly. I actually answered about the FF sale in several other posts you asked me in 🙂 I don’t have any info about when it is but I’ll post when I know for sure. hopefully soon. 5150 is considerably darker…wow your monitor must be really bright how strange. Pistol is a great shade, I wear it quite a bit with darker looks 🙂

  • sparklyblind

    Sorry, Muse, I’m all over the place online w my phone & all, sometimes I can’t get online on a “real” computer & my phones real slow to get my new email. Anyhow, what’s ACW? Is it like Rue La La or those other sites that sell stuff for cheapie? Do this mean they’re about to discontinue Indecent?? Oh no!! Why must they insist on doing that? I have noticed that a few Times w other items/shades before, they’ll pop up on those sites & then next they’ll just be gone forever:(

    • the Muse

      no prob sparkly just thought you should know I had answered the question a few times in your other comments 🙂 I don’t know if they are dc’ing Indecent as I purchased it at full price. prob not worth panicking over as UD has a vintage section. hope this helps 🙂 ACW is a wholesale cosmetic site.

  • jonnie

    Wow, this looks great! I never used to be a big lippie girl (I love the eye makeup!) after the goth days, but I’ve been building my stash ever so slowly… I got Naked last year and I love it. This is going to go on the UD FF list!

  • xMissxAndristx

    my lips are very pink… peroxide and lovechild are my go-to MLBBs. my bf is confused about the fact that MLBB does *not* mean major league baseball to me. silly boys.