September 13, 2010

Bliss Eau de Toilette Review

As you know from my past ramblings, I’ve been pretty excited about the Bliss Eau de Toilette release.

I will admit that my excitement was very so slightly dimmed by the fact that I was worried it would be a bit disappointing. I was expecting “spa” fresh but upon hearing notes like cucumber I was left feeling a bit meh. Cucumber in my fragrance brings me back to Junior High School and Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon Body Spray….no bueno.

And upon my first sniff….


I fell madly, deeply in love.


It captures the essence of that “spa”-like scent perfectly. It reminds me, a tiny bit, of something Lush…perhaps a little bit of Lush American Cream but more fresher, more cleaner, and way more crisp and crunchy.

It reminds me of a sweater just out of the dryer, clean sheets drying outside on a windy day….but don’t let these images confuse you because it isn’t a cotton or linen type scent…

It’s very fresh, it’s very clean, comforting, a little warm, but also crisp, bright, like sunshine but not citrus-like.

Cucumber doesn’t ruin the blend in the list thanks to notes of lily and violet which morph the crisp greenness of the cucumber and create a more calming uniqueness.

Other notes include ylang ylang and bergamot but my nose hasn’t really captured those notes.

Simply put it smells like a spa.

Bliss pimps it as a mood boosting medley and truly it is because you can’t help but smile a little as your spritz yourself.

The scent comes in a gorgeous blue bubble glass which is quite a little piece of modern art. It’s 1.7 oz for $54, ow, wince, price is a little scary due to its Eau de Toilette formula, parfum would have been a nicer deal for this type of pricing but since I love it so much I’ll simply look away from the price tag.

Overall, it’s a keeper. You NEED this if you like fresh scents or at the very least sniff it at Sephora because you’re probably going to fall in love with it. A few rant-y reviews on Sephora have popped up about the linger and throw… is EDT so don’t expect incredible wear time but I’m not minding in the least because the blend is unique enough to warrant its high price. I can honestly say I don’t own anything quite like it.


A keeper of a fragrance if I ever did see one.

Well done Bliss, you’ve captured the essence of a spa and put it into a sweet little bottle.


Available now from Sephora.

P.S. If you’re reading Bliss, keep creating fragrance, I’ll buy but please release this bad boy in a perfume formula soon!

Muse Approved for purchase!

Anyone smell it yet?

Love it?

What did you think?

Buy it?

Do share!

Curious how you’re feeling about this one!

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  • Lauren S.

    This sounds like I would love it! I wish they could just bottle up the scent of a lush store. I’m a little weary of the price though…I’ll test it out.

  • Katie

    Hi! Thanks you so much for the review — it’s so exciting — so thrilled that you loved it.

    We’re fans of @musingsofamuse!

    Katie from Bliss

    • the Muse

      aw katie so glad to hear from you! Thanks so much for reading my blog and for taking a sec out to comment. Absolutely adored it. I hope you guys might consider extending your fragrance line as this was just incredible 😀

      I’m sure it’s going to gain alot of fans!

      Well done 😀

  • Johanna

    Love it! I bought bliss in a rollerball, which was a lot more affordable and I like the portability so that I can retouch throughout the day — especially important since the lasting power isn’t the best.
    Thanks for the review, Muse.

  • Maddy

    I just did a review of Bliss. I’m a year late because the sample I got from Sephora was sitting in my box this long. I was expecting the scent to be generic and low brow so it was easily overlooked. I finally decided to try it. I was pleasantly surprised! It is so refreshing! It reminds of cucumber slices, flower petals, and herbs swirled in ice cold water!

    I smell this and puts a smile on my face too. Full bottle worthy for sure!

  • J.

    Sounds amazing! I just saw that this is on sale now, so I think I will get it. And this review really helped me decide I should do just that, so thank you 🙂