September 16, 2010

L’occitane en Provence Divine Skincare Collection

Note to Self.

Dear Self,

Self, you do not need more skincare.

Reply to Self.

Self, L’occitane Divine Skincare might mean you need more skincare.

Hard to resist.




Around May or June I proceeded to revamp my skincare regime, AGAIN, and add the Philosophy Miracle Worker Collection to my stash. I was bound and possibly determined to stick it out with a good anti-aging regime.


Philosophy Miracle Worker Concentrate, Philosophy Miracle Worker Retinoid Pads, and Philosophy Miracle Worker Moisturizer began its work on my face. Within a few works, even though I was determined, Miracle Worker Moisturizer ended up being pushed aside, damn this shiz is way too rich even as a night cream I was a greasy mess. The concentrate serum followed soon after……Needless to say the pads are still being tested out and it’s looking good so far but not sure I’ll re-buy them, we’ll see!

Seems it’s that time again for a switch up and the line that caught my eye this time is the new L’occitane Divine Skincare which I probably don’t need but lem none the less.

The formula contains organic immortelle essential oil formulated with a micro-capsule delivery system to stimulate microcirculation, collagen synthesis and protects against free radicals, organic myrtle essential oil formulated with a micro-capsule delivery system to stimulate the action of the longevity protein, Buckwheat wax for anti-puffiness, Ash tree extract for anti-dark circles, and Rose floral water for soothing the skin

Check it.

L’occitane Divine Eyes $70

  • Smoothes lines and firms the fragile eye area.
  • Visibly reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.
  • Diminishes signs of fatigue and enhances radiance.

L’Occitane Divine Extract $105

  • Smoothes wrinkles, has a visible firming effect.
  • Plumps up the skin, visibly improves its texture and appearance.
  • The complexion looks fresh, radiant and luminous again.

L’Occitane Divine Cream $95

  • Immortelle essential oils stimulates the production of collagens and improves skin microcirculation, and also helps to reduce damage caused by time and restore substance and vitality.
  • Myrtle essential oils stimulates the action of the longevity protein – to help increase cellular vitality and preserve the skin’s appearance.

L’Occitane Ultimate Divine Skincare Collection $270

Set Includes:

  • Divine Eyes
  • Divine Extract
  • Divine Cream
  • I Am Divine Collectors’ Box

As you can see it’s alot to drop on skincare however I’m not a stranger to dishing out the cash for good product that will help my skin look its very best however I’ve never been partial to L’Occitane Skincare so I’m unsure how I am feeling about dropping near $100 per product.

I will say however that I did try a sample of both the extract and eye cream that were included in the L’Occitane catalog and I’m kinda loving the texture of this stuff and how dewy my skin was after use.

Is it worth it?


I’m leaning towards purchasing the collector’s box.

Remind me again why I should be good?

What do you think of the new Divine Skincare Collection?

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  • Jessica Allison

    Personally, I think I’d skip it. I’d love to see the complete ingredient list- especially on that $105 serum. In my experience w/ the brand, they use some good ingredients, but nothing so fancy as to justify that pricetag!

    I’ve also researched immortelle before, as it is a component of the Borlind treatment I’m using. Though l’occitane touts it as an antioxidant and anti-aging ingredient, I didn’t find any evidence of that (nor does l’occitane site any scientific studies on their site that support the idea). Immortelle is an anti-inflammatory, but honestly, there are plenty of other ingredients that can do that without the steep price.

    l’occitane’s great marketing & just the look of the products make them
    tempting, but I say move on!

    • the Muse

      honestly sometimes loccitane can sell me snow in the Summer Jessica ;-D any suggestions for anti-aging that you have liked? or anything great for puffy eyes that you have noticed works?

  • jenna

    the packaging is so… juicy! it looks like it should smell like ripe lemons 🙂 if you get it i hope you fall in love! because its so heartbreaking to be disappointed by pricey products.

    • the Muse

      ugh tell me about it jenna ;-D! that’s how I felt about miracle worker but this is considerably more $!

  • MC

    The jar for Divine Cream reminds me of the Avon Perfumed Skin Softener jars my mom uses…which I love because it’s so retro looking. XD

  • Fuuka

    There is a lot of fragrance in that line. Pure immortelle smells GROSS. I use an organic essential oil spray for acne, it smells like burnt toast with butter. Evan Healy makes good skincare, or if you don’t mind splurging Shiseido’s White Lucent line is FAB. I recently switched to the paraben free and organic skincare line Eminence Organics. It’s AMAZING. And actually less expensive that L’Occitane despite being a spa brand.

    • the Muse

      hi fuuka I didn’t get that smell tbh when I used the sample…! thanks for the rec on SWL, I actually have some of it.

  • sugar sugar

    I just bought the Divine Cream. 🙂 It was really hard to choose between Philosophy and this one. I was oogling because the cream costs more than $100 in my country but since I was shopping with my dad he said I should just pick up L’Occitane because it’s worth the price! 😀

    I have used the Very Precious Imortelle Cream before since my mom uses it but I find that it has a thicker consistency and stronger scent. I really hope this cream works. 🙂

    • the Muse

      sugar sugar do update after you’ve used it a while ;-D I’ve been wanting to haul but haven’t yet!

      • sugar sugar

        I will! =) It says results can be seen after 4 weeks. I’ll update you on the 2nd week. I intend to use this AM/PM. 😀

  • Poppy

    There’s a travel set for this.. Full size eye cream, 2 tiny jars of serum and cream. The bf bought it for US$85 and I’m loving it so far!
    I have epic dark circles, and it’s helping! I’m sorta seeing the area decrease.. I’m on week 2 now.

    I also use the immortelle brightening self foaming face wash.
    Get it get it!

    • the Muse

      poppy thanks for the heads up ;-D I actually purchased the trio a bit ago but haven’t used yet ;D!