September 8, 2010

Musings of the Day: How Glam Are You?

In October the new Jennifer Lopez Love and Glamour Fragrance will be releasing, I’ll tell you more about it really soon! In honor of the new scent a website has launched at which is filled with all things glamourous and lovely!

In honor of the scent release I was able to participate in the creation of the site by submitting some posts on love, glamour, life, the universe, and everything….

You know you love when I babble on about these things dontcha?

I recently submitted a post to the site entitled How to be Glamorous…I know, you wanted to know the top secret information for being all kinds of glam like me, kiddin’, kiddin’!


I’m far from glamorous that’s for sure however I do think glamour is an easily achieved state of mind that doesn’t always consist of how gorgeous one is, how perfect your hair is, how incredible your skin looks, etc….don’t get me wrong, I wish with all my might that I can walk out of the house looking like the next hot model but it hasn’t happened yet and probably never will however it doesn’t stop me from displaying my own inner sense of glam.

So musings of the day….

How are you glamorous?

How do you achieve a more glamorous you?

Maybe it’s a killer outfit, or the perfect red lips, or maybe it goes deeper and comes from your fabulous personality or your clever wit?

Tell me about your glamorous self, inside or out.

I know for me it probably falls into my personality. I rarely have bad days, I always laugh and smile too much for my own good, and I feel like I have a contiguous effect on others because of it, seriously, in my presence, it’s simply not an option not to smile and laugh a good deal.

That’s my very glamorous feature and I love it about myself.

Share yours!

And do stop over to the Jennifer Lopez Love and Glamour Blog to read my post on How to be Glamorous!

Looking forward to reading about your tips and tricks for being glam.

Check it at

Disclaimer: This Musings of the Day is a sponsored post.

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  • Marina

    Wow. So I accidentally clicked out after I’d written a pretty lengthty comment. Face. Palm.
    I feel that there are a few essential aspects of glamour. A positive environment really can shape you, and turn your perspective around.
    Up until last August or so, I truly, truly cared about what people thought of me. Deeply. I got called short God knows how many times, and it ticked me off. But then I got a bunch of great, great friends. I can completely be myself, say anything I want (be as blunt as I want–but not harsh!), and we have very similar interests. It gave me a self-confidence, having such accepting and loyal friends. I have a friend who seriously radiates sunshine. I could be having a terrible day, but in an instant he’ll make me laugh and I’m good for the rest of the day. It gives you good vibes, and it’s contagious. So a healthy atmosphere and friendship base can help someone develop their inner glamazon, just by letting go of inhibitions and worry over people’s judgements.
    Then there is the more material and physical aspects. My style is ADD. One day, I’m rocking a nerdy t-shirt (LOST, Invader Zim, LOTR, HP, Harley Quinn, etc,), and the next I’m all dolled up in a punky dress. Chucks or sandals. I change my nail polish every other day, because I crave variety. I think that’s something completely necessary for someone to have fun and feel glamorous–you’re not confined to one set style and you don’t have to dress for anyone else’s standards (learned that the hard way in middle school XD) Branch out, variety is the spice of life, as they say. And I believe it.
    As for glamorous makeup, I like to experiment with bold colors and looks inspired my movie/book/tv/musical characters. My makeup style changes with my mood, and I feel it’s a great way to develop self-expression.
    Anyone can be glamorous, really. It just takes a healthy outlook on life, positive attitude, a supportive group of friends, and sure…maybe a gorgeous pair of heels or the perfect shade of shadow.

    • the Muse

      ha marina I’ve done that SO many times.

      friends are such an important part of being not only confident but also a support system 😀 I’m so glad you have people around you that help you to be YOU! 🙂 aw you’re awesome Marina what a fantastic attitude! You’re totally a glam girl in my book 😀 more people should embrace such a healthy attitude about life!