September 21, 2010

NYC New York Color Cosmetics Berry Bloom Collection Review, Swatches, Photos

Ahh beauty budget girls gather round and heck even my high enders come on down.

When you think of roses you may think Spring and that’s exactly when the MAC Rose Romance Collection launched. It was one of my favorite collections as of late from the brand because of some of the interesting products released with it such as the Just a Pinch Gel. The fragrance, the makeup, and just everything about the collection was really exciting to me.

Flash forward to Fall 2010 and NYC New York Color Cosmetics Berry Bloom Collection has launched.’s not Spring and it is beauty on a budget so one wonders do you need any of it? Some of the more snobbish makeup users will beg a big no on this however those watching their wallets will find this is a beautiful little collection that warrants a haul. Shades aren’t particularly Fall but believe it or not they manage to work quite well for a warmer look.

Wanna see?


The collection is available for a limited time and includes a total of nine pieces all marked at $1.99-$4.99, see? Told you it’s budget friendly.

Now I am a bit of a snob with makeup but I’m not one for turning my nose up at cute makeup finds and this falls onto my adorable radar without a hiccup.

I hauled all of the products aside from the Individual Eyes Custom Compact which is available in a limited edition shade selection. This looked like a nice range of shades however a little cheap compared to other pieces.

First off the sad disappointment….

Two shades of Cheek Glow Powder Blush in Rose and Cherry Blossom are available with Berry Bloom however both have REALLY bad packaging. They come in really retro early day black compacts that reek cheap makeup. Sorry NYC but the packaging can use a revamp on these. They also include a scratchy brush that sheds worst than my cat. However, both shades looked very pretty so I was willing to forgive the poor packaging if the shades worked out well.

Sadly, shades are a tad meh. If you’re super pale they may work but anyone a shade up from that might experience little pigmentation from Rose and perhaps a hint from Cherry Blossom which is the pigmented of the two. They would have done them a huge service if they had a way better formula (this just feels like utterly inexpensive makeup, awful) and designed the packaging around the theme. Perhaps a Rose patterned powder? On the upside I guess “glow” can be taken literally as they act more as a highlighter than a full on blush.

Skip ’em and head to the gems of the collection which are….

The Rose Lip Gloss, Lippin’ Large Lip Plumpers, and Eye Dust Loose Powder.

Now obviously the Rose Lip Gloss caught my attention because of the design! How cute are these? Shaped like a little Rose these apply beautifully on lips leaving behind a creamy lip color with the barest hint of a shine. They aren’t a gloss in the traditional sense but they lean more towards being a creamy lip color. Part of the appeal is of course the rose design however it does smear away quickly with a few dabs le sigh but still cute none the less. These come in Peony Kiss (dark brick red) and Rose Kiss (true rose).

The NYC New York Color Lippin’ Large Lip Plumpers are fantastic. Good solid formula here with a nice thickness to make lips look fuller. The shades are pretty damn stunning too with Mulberry coming across as a subtle wine on lips and Pink Tu-Lip a pretty shade of pink that enhances anyone’s natural lip color. Formula wears well and long with a bit of tackiness but nothing uncomfortable and medium pigmentation that can be easily built up!

The NYC New York Color Eye Dust are a toss up as one shades is great and the other slightly lacking. Packaging is a rollerball which I don’t particularly favor for eyeshadow application even if I’m in a rush and want a quick eye look I wouldn’t suggest a rollerball, just too messy to work with and shadow applies extremely unevenly. Sparkling Rose is a dirty shimmering shade of rose and applies very nicely however Wild Orchid has a hint of shimmer but comes across more matte and difficult to blend due to the formula. Applying this shade to your finger tip and patting on your lid is the best technique however it doesn’t blend well, applies patchy, and just feels and looks like cheaper makeup.

The overall look of Berry Bloom is pretty sophisticated. It’s work friendly makeup that looks and feels mature plus I didn’t get a Spring vibe from it at all as it comes across considerably more warmer than I expected with berries having a richer Fall hue than I believed possible on first glance.

It’s not makeup you’re going to write home about nor is it the best quality that you’ll be jumping through hoops for it but I can’t deny that it’s a very cute little collection that creates some lovely looks with a little patience and time.

Cheeks: Cheek Glow in Cherry Blossom Eyes: Eye Dust in Sparkling Rose Lips: Rose Lip Gloss in Rose Kiss

Eyes: Eye Dust in Wild Orchid Lips: Rose Lip Gloss in Peony Kiss

I liked it.


And I think it’s worth hauling a few pieces, you might be surprised by it particularly if you’re more of a high end type.

Have you seen this release at your local drugstore?



Would you buy it if you did?

Do share!

Muse Approved for purchase (not all of it but some of it is worth the price, can’t beat budget prices!)

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  • Phyrra

    The wild orchid looks pretty. I used to have some rollerball eye shadow, can’t remember what it was.

  • Ally

    I just picked up the rose lipglosses (both colors) and the lip plumper in the pink shade. Rite Aid has BOGO free on NYC products this week also! I may have to go back though and get the other shade of the lip plumper as it is gorgeous- and pick up another piece of course as it’s BOGO free!

          • ValentinaSugar

            OMG!! NOOOO!!! HAHA!!! I was just at rite aid yesterday and was debating over whether to purchase peony kiss or the rose kiss!! I bought one and really wanted both, had no idea it was a BOGO!!! GRRRRRR!!! Why didn’t the sales lady tell me!!! I could have had both at home with me!!

          • the Muse

            valentina still got your receipt? Bring it back into store and they will honor it 🙂

  • knownever

    The rose patterned lip glosses look kind of cool, but I am off drugstore powders (other than Physician’s formula). I bought a revlon blush once and it smelled so bad. like rancid. I’m not sure if something was wrong with that one or if that is what you have to put up with from the drugstore since i’m too timid to try it again…

  • Dao

    You look so pretty! Sadly, my local CVS stores don’t carry LE of NYC anymore. I would totally check it out if I could, le sigh. Love the rose lip balms, they are so cute!

    • the Muse

      vanessa you’re way kind ;-D I’m trying not to over pluck lately and they look bushy as hell b/c of it but thank YOU!

  • MC

    I bought the 2 rose glosses today from CVS and I LOVE both of the shades. The Peony Kiss looks like a darker shade of rose on my lips while Rose Kiss is a nice wash of a light rose. I do have to wear some lip balm under the colors because the formula was a bit dry on my lips. Overall, great colors for a cheap price tag!

  • Zombii

    I actually really like NYC stuff. Well, some of it. I *love* the [url=] Extreme Lip Glider[/url] lip gloss – even more than the Urban Decay ultraglide gloss (I think it’s a dupe, but better). It’s got great color pay off, shine, and not as sticky as you’d think.

    As for this collection…the only thing I grabbed was the rose gloss in Peony Kiss. You’re right about that application, it’s awesome! A nice layer of color with a wee swipe of the finger. Too bad the color itself looked old-ladyish on me. 🙁

    NYC frequently has dollar off coupons all over the place, like magazines (recently this month’s All You) and websites ( and one other..umm..can’t recall). Not sure if the coupons are currently on those sites, it’s been a while since I reached my print limit. Easy way to make cheap NYC products even cheaper. Especially when bundled with Ulta’s frequent $3.50 off $10 coupons.

    • the Muse

      I like those too zombii I reviewed ’em a few weeks ago as a You need these item 😀

      aw sorry to hear it. Maybe the other shade might work better!? cheaper is always good 😀

  • Kerri

    i’m a ‘brow snob’ hehe, i’m soooo fussy about good brows, and yours look fanfreakingtastic in these pics!
    love the gloss’s as well:)

  • Taylor

    Gosh, I can’t get over how perfect your skin looks! You’re so lucky, girl! Hahaha! 😀 I love the little rose lip glosses. :]