September 7, 2010

Too Faced Holiday 2010 Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland Palette

I always feel like Too Faced lives in the shadow of Urban Decay and doesn’t get nearly enough love that it so richly deserves.

Last year, Too Faced went with a Marie Antoinette theme for Holiday 2009 and released a rather fabulous little, using the term little loosely, palette entitled Glamour Revolution. This year I’m ever so delighted they are keeping along a similar vein with a new palette, Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland.

Too Faced Holiday 2010 could prove exciting if this is anything to go on!


Too Faced is pulling out the big stops with Enchanted Glamourland from the looks of these pictures as it appears you’ll be getting full size shadows as well as a full size Too Faced Shadow Insurance and a full size Too Faced Glamour Gloss plus blush and bronzer.

Products aside it looks like Too Faced also included makeup instructional cards as well for application tips and tricks. I can’t recall if my other palette from last year had these but I don’t think it did…..?

The actually palette looks stunning and looks like an enchanted winter fairy them however the shadows look a little re-runny and uneventful however I’ll reserve my judgment considering these photos are terrible.

I think it’ll sell out as quickly as Glamour Revolution did last year due to the volume of product you’re getting plus the very pretty design, come on, you can’t deny that it’s gorgeous to look at even if you’re a bit tired of the same rehash of colors in the shadows.

This release info was provided on a Japanese site but I think it’s probably safe to say we’ll see the palette within the US towards the middle or end of October.

Will I buy it?

I’m leaning towards yes, I’m a sucker for killer packaging.

Will you?

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  • dina

    very nice 🙂 want to ck out the colors in person, looks like the first 3 or so shadows are the same but i’m sure its the photo/lighting. so much detail on the packaging and a lot of product. curious about price too.

    • the Muse

      ditto dina. they are saying 7800 yen in Japan but that would be obscenely high by US standards, can’t recall but think last year it was $38-$48? around there?

  • Claudia

    you’re right; they could have come out with better pics. most of the top shades just appear washed out….
    i didn’t know that too faced came out with these 😛 where was i last last year to have missed this??

  • Storm

    This is too pretty! Wait for it…I don’t own much, if any, two faced products. I think I own a lip balm….I know, I know! They just never seem to pull me in. However, this is gorgeous and won’t be repeats for me because I don’t own any TF products.

  • Rach

    OK- I’m totally sucked in to this one already- I have Glamour Revolution from last year & love it! Putting this on my wish list now- as always, thanks for the info first, Muse! Hope all is well with you girly 🙂

    • the Muse

      my pleasure rach 😀 aw I’m great and you!? This is on my wishy list too!

  • Anitacska

    The packaging is gorgeous! But I don’t know, TF isn’t one of my favourite brands, it feels like a (not actually very) cheap copy of UD. We’ll see.

  • LU

    I have to admit it looks pretty, but I’m totally saving up for the UDNYC palette!

  • Becky

    :-O NEED! I totally love Glamour Revolution and this also has a glamour gloss (which I LOVE!). Dang.. can’t wait to see better pics down the road or it to be released!

  • RonyaLii

    This is so cute ^^. I have a friend who loves all things fairy . wanna stick her photo i that cute picture frame . Perfect gift for true friend 🙂

  • Selenite

    That package design is incredibly gorgeous. I want it just for the pop up story book feel and I almost never spring for palettes.

  • peri

    i love the packaging. i got glamour revolution last year, it didnt come with instruction cards, but i ended up returning it. this one i think i would LOVE, but i wanna see it in person. they get an A+ on the packaging though, i love it!

    • the Muse

      hey peri thanks for confirming so I don’t have to haul out mine, I don’t remember the instructions card last year so this helps 😀

      • Elle

        there were instruction cards. hahah, i’m starting to think i’m crazy because no one recalls them, but i’m staring at the palette and they’re definitely there. they were hidden in the little pocket above the mirror mirror glosses. check yours out because the looks are peerrrtyy.

        • the Muse

          elle been too lazy to lug this out but thanks for telling me LOL! I was wondering if I was wrong or not about them :-D!

  • Tohnia

    I’m going to get it. Hoping I can get the UD Book of Shadows too! I’m in St.Catherine’s right now (moving for school boo…and my roommates are no picnic either), and I don’t think there’s a Sephora around here! Going to have to get it on a trip home…if I can’t, i’ll be one sad panda. I want this too! hopefully I can pick them both up at the same time…

    • the Muse

      aw sorry ’bout your roommates tohnia that sucks. I hope you can get some love packages from Sephora during Holidays 😀

  • Kelly

    Oh! I love this! I also love the Bobbi Brown preview! I’m going to go broke! ha ha. Do you know when the holiday collections usually become available? I love your site. Thanks for all of your awesome previews, reviews, and temptations =)!

    • the Muse

      thanks kelly so glad you enjoy my musings xoxoxo! normally mid Oct, beginning of November 🙂

  • Jennifer

    The packaging is gorgeous! I hope the colors aren’t too cool. It looks like it from the pictures, but I’m hoping it’s just the picture quality. I can only pull off warm shades.

    Hopefully Too Faced will have enough inventory and not pull a UD marketing stunt (BoS III selling out in 10 mins, really?! >_<).

    • the Muse

      hey Jennifer naa TF normally doesn’t do the whole twitter deal 😀 UD has alot going on marketing wise that’s for sure hehe. Pic is kinda meh but we’ll see 😀

  • Melissa

    Ohhhh i’m in. I just discovered toofaced shadows with the naked natural um whatever they are called boxes and they are great for the price. I like shadow insurance and those darn glosses taste so good. I’m in. Hopefully its priced well.

  • Danielle F.

    Oh I must own this!!! So pretty!

    I am going to guess it will be more expensive than last year because of the fullsized shadow insurance and full sized glamour gloss. I don’t care because it’s beautiful, even in these less than stellar photographs!

  • Catherine

    Aww…I want this so much, thanks for the info, I’m just sad as I don’t think this will be available in the UK as we don’t have a sephora but Too Faced is sold in debenhams and boots, so maybe?? – would be great to know if it will be available for all us UK girls – I need this in my life lol… Well I really need a sephora but i’ll take this palette as a starting point 🙂

  • Doanne

    Oh my gosh! It’s so pretty! I love Too Faced but don’t have much from them. I want to get it but I’ve been saving for UD Naked Palette when it comes back in stock. Choices, choices…

  • PoisonKitty

    Wow – this does look cool, but just like with the UD Book of Shadows, I have no use for the pop-ups. What am I gonna do, set it up in the bathroon while I’m getting ready? No. Plus, I just splurged on the Too Faced Vintage Sale, and the UD Naked Palette, which I think is a MUCH better buy.

  • Gina

    Oh God, I’m dying to get my hands on this!!! I LOVED glamour revolution, and I think this one looks really promising too. 🙂

  • Kali

    Just bought this today at Sephora. So excited to mess with it tomorrow. So far, it is gorgeous! I bought the last palette they had and they said they wouldn’t be getting anymore for like 2 weeks. And I agree with you – Too Faced lives in the shadows of UD and, personally, I adore their shadows!

    • the Muse

      kali agreed poor too faced 🙁 but yes def loving this, it’s a gorg palette !

  • liz

    where to buy it in japan?
    i just travel in kyoto and really want to buy it.
    would anyone give me some advice, thanks.

  • london

    i love this so much i hope i get it for christmas and if i dont im sooo gonna buy it!!! i love everything about it and i love how all of the eye shadow is stuff yu could put on everyday. love this palette:)

  • Maria

    hi looking for this palette too faced Enchanted glamourland i give 70 $ for the palette and 20$ for shipping cost to greece. i pay with pay pal..and Used if in good condition