September 2, 2010

Use It, Stash It, or Trash It and Sex, Marry, Kill

Have you ever played Sex, Marry, Kill? Obviously, my best friend Jai and I have way too much time our hands since we often play it.

Obviously easy to figure out if you never played.

Someone presents a list of three people in your life or celebs and you decide if you want to have sex with them, marry them, or kill them off.

Fun times right?

I had a good one recently which consisted of Neil Gaiman, Taylor Lautner, and Albert Einstein….can you guess who I had sex with, who I married, and who I killed?


Spoilers! If I told you!

So why am I telling you this? Because my variation of the game involves cosmetics. I’ll give you three options and you tell me if you’d keep the item and use it, stash it away in your beauty vault and never use it because it’s just so damn pretties, or trash it in the makeup graveyard!

Up for a little gaming action?


Here’s the list:

Pretty hard isn’t it? As they are all awesome picks.

For gratuitous sake how about a few celebs to go in the bunch as well.

Here’s the list:

  • Quentin Tarantino
  • Brad Pitt
  • RPattz

This is a little hard because I want to say that I’ll never use the Lorac compact and stash it due to its stupid hecka cool prettiness but I also want to say that I’ll use it because it’s just so practical plus I wanna show if off when I touch up!



Too Faced Leopard Love Complexion Perfection Kit because the shades are too awesome to stash away!

Lorac Evening Out Complexion Kit because it’s gorgeous and deserves a place in my beauty vault!

Kat Von D Adora…sorry, I own it but haven’t used it yet. Gorgeous yes but I think it’ll prove hard for me to use since the colors are super pigmented and dark..ugh don’t wanna trash it but def don’t want to trash the Lorac or Too Faced either…Sorry Kat!

As for the celebs I’d marry Quentin’s morbid ass because he’s genius

I’d kill Brad Pitt because he’s simply too irritating for words lately

And I’d have a little sex with RPattz…curious minds…you know for the sake of the game….tell ya about the sex action when it happens, promise!

Your turn!

Stick to the list and tell me what you’d use, stash, or trash and who you’d marry, have sex with, or kill off!

I look forward to hearing your fun replies!

About the Muse

Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment.

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  • Shamini

    I find it odd that you say that the colors of Adora is super pigmented, as every other review I’ve read about this palette says the opposite? From swatches I’ve seen I must say I was quite disappointed in it myself – do you have a secret trick we need to know of? 😉 If that’s the case, then please share!

    • the Muse

      nope no secret trick Shamini. i swatched it as soon as I purchased and colors seemed nicely pigmented on my arm. but as I said haven’t used it yet in a look so I might just change my mind ya never know! When I review it fully you’ll def know if I loves it or hates it.

      • Shamini

        I’ll keep an eye out for your review then, I do love the colors – it looks so mysterious and sexy! I’m a little ashamed to say that I’m ready love the Kat Von D palettes just for the packaging if I have to.

        Oh, and I’m sorry for not participating in your game, I just don’t have any good answers. Hope you’re having a good night (it’s 2:15 AM in Norway)!

  • Marina

    I agree with you on the makeup…but I honestly don’t have an answer for the other question. But I totes agree with Pitt.

  • Rachel

    I was debating whether to get KVD’s Adora palette but after reading your review I won’t. I like lighter colored eyeshadows so I think these colors are way too dark for me. As for the guys: i’d marry Brad Pitt since he seems like a good father, have sex with Quentin Tarantino since I’ve always found him creepy but hot at the same time (I can’t explain why) and kill Robert Pattinson since I think he is ridiculously unattractive and I hate Twilight. 😉

    • the Muse

      they are pretty dark rachel, kinda gothy 😀 LOL quentin def gives off the weird sexy creepy vibe 😀

  • lulee

    use- kat von d palette (as long as its good quality)
    stash- two faced
    trash- lorac

  • Courtney

    I would totally use the LORAC kit, stash the Too Faced (so cute), and Adora would be going to the makeup graveyard. As for the men, I’m in total agreement on marrying Quentin though I’m afraid I’d have to kill RPatz in favor of sex with Brad. Brad is annoying but I just can’t get the Legends of the Fall sexiness out of my mind. Hotness!

  • Brooke

    Oh my gosh! I have never told anyone about my secret attraction for Quentin but now I feel okay about it since I’m not the only one! haha. I think it’s a weird, yet sexy creeper thing…if that even exists. I’m not quite sure what it is.

    Brad Pitt annoys me. I think he seems like an okay guy, but for all I care, he and Angelina can live on an island and populate it with offspring just as long as I never have to hear about them again.

    And ummm I would have more than a little of the sexy time with RPattz, thanks 🙂

  • Ashley B

    I would stash the Too Faced, trash the Lorac, and I use the crap out of my Kat Von D Adora pallette(it is my new eye shadow minion)

    Sex-RPattz (gotta love those eyes, and lips, and hair…..*sigh*)
    Marry- Brad Pitt (he’s good with kids and very easy on the eyes)
    Kill- Quentin Tarantino( even though his movies are brilliant, I keep thinking about the time he spit on a reporter. Thats just icky)

  • Amanda

    Sex, Marry, Kill. What a glorious game! When we’re talking celebs Im going with:

    Sex- Brad Pitt! He’s easy on the eyes and there is no need for conversation.

    Marry- Quentin! Not cookie cutter pretty but he could keep me happy for the rest of my life. Im twisted just like him.

    Kill- Rpatz! Hes everywhere and is it strange that I only find him attractive as a vamp with an american accent? I would enjoy killing him off.

    As for the makeup Im going to have to say that Too faced is trash bc I have 100 million blushes and bronzers. Stash away Lorac bc i cant part with the sexy packaging and the secret concealer!! Im all about using Kats palette. The reddish plummy colors are amazing. I love the creams and Im never scared of some drama! 😀 This was a lot of fun.

    • the Muse

      lol Amanda easy on the eyes and no need for conversation hahaha 😀 aw glad you enjoyed it hun xoxo!

  • Adora

    Use: Kat Von D’s Palatte, I <3 dramatic eyes
    Stash: Too Faced, The palatte is uber cute but I hardley ever use bronzer on blusher.
    Trash: Lorac, Im so pale that its super hard to find the right foundation shades for me so this is a match made in hell.

    Sex: Rpatz, cuz he was the only one left
    Marry: Brad Pitt, but only during the Interview With The Vampire era (silver eys and sleek dark hair and a frickin vampire, yes please)
    Kill: Quentin Tarentino, he just dosent do anything for me.

    • the Muse

      god adora remember when Brad Pitt was actually hot 😀 aw you’re killing me on Quentin 😀

  • Gen

    Use: Lorac, ‘cos i am a Lorac virgin
    Stash: Too faced.. too gorgeous not to have
    Trash: Kat von d …this palette does notjing for me

    As for the boys, my choice will be the same as you! Cmon, Quentin is 2 for 1 : i marry the guy and have sex with the dude! Awesome! (super geeky laugh)

    I will get rigth next to you for Mr. Pitt. I got rashes that are less irratating than him.

    Sex with RPatz…i don’t drink but that’ll be a nice excuse!

  • Kristina

    Use – Lorac’s Complexion Kit because my complexion isn’t always so great.
    Stash – Too Faced’s Leopard Love because it’s pretty and I’m afraid of bronzer.
    Trash – Kat Von D Adora because I think she and her makeup are overrated. (Ouch. Sorry to anyonw who likes her. Just my opinion.)

    BTW – DuWop’s Private Nude and Plum lipsticks are on Sephora now!

  • Dina

    use Lorac, stash Too Faced, trash Kat VD.

    you know we play the m/s/k game in my family too but it adds a whole new sick dimension when you can only use family members or very close “like family” friends. yes, we are sick b**tards. 😉

    oh, marry tarantino, sex brad, kill rpattz (i dig vamps but i can still go after eric northman right?)

    • the Muse

      ha dina we are of the same mind 🙂 LOL we normally uses friends as well which is always hysterical! eric is off limits, he’s mine 😀

  • jenna

    okay here i go!
    use: Lorac
    stash: Too Faced
    trash: Kat

    sex: Quentin (get it over with i guess? don’t want to marry him but no desire to kill him either)
    marry: brad (would begin husband training to bring him back to his prime)
    kill: Robert (omigosh i’m sorry i just hate him soooo much!!! and if the werewolves and volturi can’t kill him well then i’ll just have to do the job jeez)

  • Wendy

    Ooooh! Tough!
    I think I’d stash the Leopard Love because I couldn’t mess up the pretties. I think I’d use the Adora palette, I like the colors but I’m not sure about the pigmentation. That leaves trash to the Lorac kit… I dunno, I don’t get it? lol!
    As for the actors, hm… I’d sex Rob Patt but I would pluck his eyebrows first man! GROSS. I could do it sexily… lol. The other two are toss ups, Brad is kinda meh and Quentin… meh.

  • Miss D

    You’d marry Neil right?! (Of course, that’s a two for one since you can have the sex with the marriage.) 🙂

  • regina

    id use lorac because its the only thing i own on the list and i love using it. i guess im more practical cause even tho i have stuff that are too pretty to use i end up using it anyways^^. i agree on trashing the kat von d coz those eyeshadows just arn’t my color

  • Regina

    ooh well i dont have any of these except lorac and i do use it a lot even though its almost too pretty to use.

  • Claudia

    a couple of Kat’s palettes are on sale but I still decided not to get them because of hearing that she’s dating Jesse haha

  • Pavlina

    This made me physically ill! I do hope you would kill that Twilight guy! Please! Oh Goodness Gracious PLEASE!

  • Kate

    Too much ADD to play the game right now (for me) but…. I will say I own the KVD Adora palette…it was an impulse buy and I do kinda regret it now. I love the red shade but, ugh, CREAM SHADOWS wtf KVD! They almost alllways dry up over a period of a month or so….and then I have to like…mix in my moisturizer to “revive” them….probably not so sanitary altho I do suppose my moisturizer contains preservatives to prevent mold growth… e__e;;

    I love KVDs shadows…I think they’re pretty pigmented but they leave so much glittery, nasty fallout. I have to clean the hell out of my brushes after I use a KVD palette. 🙁

    The Too Faced blushes/bronzers look FAB. Saw them in the store and wanted to buy but I already own a lot of blush/bronzer. haha.

    never tried any of Lorac’s stuff….! So can’t judge!

    • the Muse

      yea kate the cream shadows are the worst 🙁 I like them but sometimes they are a tad too frosty :-/ as well as glittery!