October 14, 2010

Bare Minerals Body Lingerie Review and Swatches

There comes a time in your life where 1. You admit you don’t need more shimmer and 2. you’re too damn old for it.

That time has not come for me yet (nor will it ever).

BRING the shimmer, bring the sparkle, gimme glitter, gimme shine.

I love it so. Particularly for the Holidays!

Bare Minerals Body Lingerie Luminous Body Shimmer is the newest shimmer-fess to launch on the Holiday scene. Best thing about it? Flirty packaging and a great price tag particularly when you’re feeling the love and desire for more expensive brands that put out this type of product for dozens of dollars more.

Check it!

A subtle golden shimmer in a vintage perfume style bottle with a vanilla scent. Use it on your face, shoulders, d’ecollet’e, or anywhere you want to sparkle!

Prior to running around and squealing about the shimmer factor because hey we all know how much of a shimmer-a-holic I am, I got excited about the actual packaging. This comes housed in a vintage perfume bottle with a squeeze puff applicator. It’s a perfect pick to beautify your vanity.

Simply squeeze once for a blast of very fine golden shimmer. This isn’t overly done sparkle and it just imparts are barely there sparkle so you aren’t left looking all kinds of disco ball.

It works a treat on legs, arms, shoulders, even hair if you want! You can pretty much incorporate it into any look for a little added glam and yes, why not, face too. Since the sparkle is so subtle you can easily dust your face a bit for a little bit of delicious shine and sparkle!

Considering Guerlain and a few other higher end luxury brands have the same style of sparkle and bottle at price tags of $85 and up, Bare Escentuals Body Lingerie is an ideal pick for those who want the same experience but not the high end price tag that comes with it. This is $29 for 0.6oz where as Guerlain’s version is $85 and houses 0.57oz. You’re getting 4 more grams of product at a third of the price tag.

Hey BE where’s the vanilla?

This only has a faint touch of vanilla and you really have to get your nose in there to smell it. It’s a very subtle fragrance so don’t expect a ton of vanilla.

  • Shimmer-a-holics (you’re out there even though you won’t admit it).
  • Anyone wanting the new Guerlain ‘Or Imperial’ Loose Powder (get more for less with this!).
  • Anyone who likes pretty little makeup purchases (this is a gorgeous little piece to display on your vanity plus it houses lovely powder).

  • Shimmer haters (although I will say anyone who isn’t keen on shimmer might want to try it out because it is very subtle).

The holidays always bring out my shimmery good nature and Bare Minerals Body Lingerie is the perfect little treat to get me in the mood for the season ahead. A gorgeous little bottle filled with sparkling powder? What’s not to love here?


Available at www.bareescentuals.com

Muse Approved for purchase!

Anyone try?

Is it on your Holiday wishy list?

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