October 14, 2010

Bobbi Brown Crystal Eye Palette Review and Swatches

Just when you though Bobbi was all about playing it safe she releases the Crystal Eye Palette. Now Bobbi Brown injects color here and there on occasion but for the most part she’s a professional and keeps to slicker shades of browns, golds, and other colors that work well in a business environment or for more elegant makeup.

I will say prior to starting Musings I was all about loud and outrageous colors of eyeshadow and well into my first years of Musings I was still about that. But I’ve gotten older and I’ve gotten very appreciative of what a single shade of good brown eyeshadow can do for my eyes. I can thank Bobbi Brown for that.

Now for the Holidays, Bobbi got a little crazy and for the first time since I was introduced to the brand she injected a little color into one of her new Holiday palettes.

The Bobbi Brown Crystal Eye Palette for the most part are as wild as Bobbi gets with shades of purple and white however she also included a popping shade of teal eyeshadow that may just surprise you. Go on now Bobbi, getting all crazy on us!

Loves it!


A brand new quad that features four shades of luxurious Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow!

As I mentioned above the colors in the palette aren’t particularly crazy for Bobbi. The palette is made up of a Diamond Shimmer Wash (my fav formula from Bobbi Brown), Star Sparkle Eye Shadow, and Amethyst Metallic Eye Shadow. Combining them all together with Peacock Metallic Eye Shadow is what makes the palette very different for the brand considering the line isn’t about such bolder shades of color. Peacock reminds me of MAC Parrot in a major way. It’s a beautiful shade of teal that pairs up perfect with the Star Sparkle Shadow in the palette.

I imagine Bobbi never considered I’d be layering Peacock all over my lid and following up with Star Sparkle to highlight but that’s exactly how I wore it today and I love it. I think she meant to inject the color very softly into a look but since the shade is so pigmented you can easily wear it all over your lid if you’re a lover of a bolder look.

Amethyst Metallic is a jewel purple and Diamond Shimmer Wash comes across a as lighter lilac so these two also pair up well together.

Although I do admit I’m not sure how I’d combine all four and I wonder what sort of looks Bobbi Brown would come up with for the palette. How would you use it?

Personally I think the shades are best worked in twos. All the shadows are nicely pigmented but Star Sparkle is definitely sheerer than the others but still a very pretty off white sparkle. Diamond Shimmer Wash and Star Sparkle have the most shimmer where as Peacock and Amethyst have a more metallic sheen which comes across faintly sparkling depending how you apply, these also work well wet. They blend and wear well like most metallic shades in the Bobbi Collection and have plenty of pigment to back them up!

(Indoor Light)


Not sure about anything bad here as I felt it was a nice solid palette however I will say that I’m a little puzzled how Bobbi would have used the palette. As mentioned above I think Amethyst and Diamond Shimmer go best together and Star and Peacock are best suited together but in some ways the shades seemed to not suit each other all together or maybe, correct that, Peacock seems the odd guy out.

But no doubt they are all lovely shades!

  • Anyone who loves aqua or teals shades of shadow (I know I adore these shades which is why the Crystal Eye Palette was a big yay for me).
  • Anyone who missed out on MAC Parrot (this has some aspects of that shade).
  • Anyone who loves the idea of Bobbi embracing color (long time fans might be delighted at this injection of color!).

  • Anyone lacking creativity (the shades def need a little creative magic to work into some gorgeous look and I obviously lack that creative magic as I went pretty standard with the looks I created with this palette!).

The Bobbi Brown Crystal Eye Palette is a pleasant little surprise with a gorgeous shade in it that should capture the interest of not only Bobbi fans but also new users to the brand considering color is always something that attracts the eye. Peacock makes the palette extra special and it’s a shade that’s worth looking at, swatching, and playing with at your local counter. This is a nice little palette that can spice up your look if you’re wanting to go the less than traditional route with your makeup for the Holidays.

Anyone try or buy it?

What did you think?

Is it on your wish list?

Do share!

The Bobbi Brown Holiday Collection 2010 is available now at Saks, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and other Bobbi Brown counter locations. And of course at www.bobbibrowncosmetics.com

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  • Anna

    That blue is so vibrant, it’s amazing, but I’m not amazed by the other colours in this palette. But I guess the pigmentation differs from skin type to skin type

    • the Muse

      Mmm Anna the teal is def the keeper here ;-D but the other shades are very nice as well ;-D Jewel tones. But def varies from tone to tone ;D

  • Jenniet2002

    that look is gorgeous on you!! =) i don’t venture out from nudes as much as i should!

  • Caroline

    Oh!!!! I like the way you used it! Makes your big browns look so pretty!!!!

  • jonnie

    Wow, that looks wonderful on you! I don’t think I want this though… I have pretty much all these colors in my Alice palette already. Some of those other BB holiday sets though…

    • the Muse

      Jonnie def some dupes in Alice girl! But the other sets…HELLS YES you need ;D

  • Regina

    oooh the teal looks great on you! so jealous of your big, pretty eyes – mine are small and squinty, boo!

  • Courtney

    The teal color is AMAZING on you! If your hair was down you’d look like a greek water nymph. Seriously, love it. As for how to use all four, you could do the lighter purple on the lid, darker purple in the crease, white shimmer as your brownbone highlight, and maybe use the teal as a liner? You could switch up the purple and teal as your crease color and liner. Another though is to use the teal all over the lid, darker purple in the crease, lighter purple on the brow bone and maybe the whitish color on the inner corner of your eyes to brighten? I don’t know. It does seem like a lot to use all four. I rarely use more than 3 colors at a time.

    • the Muse

      aw jeepers courtney thanks hun *hugs* you’re too kind! great suggestion my dear girl ;-D same here. if I’m lucky I use three lol mostly two for me ;D

  • N

    This blue is YOUR color, lady. Gorgeous with your eyes. Wow.

    I really do want this one. I’m not sure I’m going to haul ALL of the new stuff (I have many of the shades already in the palettes), but this—being all new shades—, and some of the new red lippies will probably be coming home to moi. Take care!

    • the Muse

      aw nina you rock thanks! Yeah! Def if you have a larger bb stash alot of reruns are in the palettes ;-D but some stuff def is priceless like the sparkle palette, gorg!

  • knownever

    The colors in this are rather whatever for me but I love that packaging. Very preppie and cute

  • Nia

    The palette does not wow me, but the look you are wearing definitely does. I hope you have more of Peacock it is look amazing on you. Love it!

  • Tam

    I saw this in the department store and was seriously tempted. The peacock is beautiful but the amethyst is very underrated! It’s a wonderfully pigmented bright purple (I have a shimmerwash in Eggplant which is a darker purple) which looks amazing on girls with brown eyes.

    And best of all the colours look even more awesome when applied with a damp brush

    • the Muse

      I really need to get eggplant tam you’re the 2nd person that told me it’s fab ;D