October 6, 2010

E.L.F. Shimmer Eye Liner Pencil Review and Swatches

At a dollar a pop I probably shouldn’t rant too much about the new E.L.F. Shimmer Eye Liner Pencils but ado….sometimes when things are too cheap…..

Well you know.

A shimmering metallic liner available in none shades for a mere buck each!

If you’re really strapped for cash these could be a good budget fine. They come in nine shades and have a metallic finish that’s quite pretty. The name is a little misleading as I thought it would be a glittery, sparkle finish however this comes across like a liquid metal effect eyes with the very subtlest shimmer.

I purchased two shades Boldly Bronze, a golden brown shade and Grassy Green, a bright green.

They sport a pigmented formula that smudges nicely and wears well without creasing or fading on my eyes however….

They have a decent texture which comes across creamy but not nearly as creamy as other liners of its kinda in the budget catagory. A little tugging is involved to get it on straight but nothing major.

The real problem is the packaging. The idea behind the packaging is a good one but the actual outcome comes across poorly. Basically the pencil cap is also a sharpener. The sharpener has a tiny slit which allows air in when the top is on. Basically this translates as not keeping the pencil fresh. I only have it for a short time now but chances are the pencil will harden over time due to the exposure to air.

Secondly, the concept of the sharpener is interesting as you merely slip the pencil into the top and sharpen! Awesome right? No…not so awesome. The slivers and gook as you sharpen get trapped in the sharpener and cause for a pain in the butt clean up. This doesn’t come with a little pick for clean up so you might wanna use one from other sharpeners you might have laying around but either way it’s still a little messy.

  • Anyone looking for bright, colorful, cheap eyeliners!
  • Anyone on a budget who wants a colorful eyeliner that smudges easily and wears well.

  • Anyone who has a drugstore eyeliner they like already with a creamy formula (stick with that, these aren’t as creamy as some drugstore liners I’ve tried, price is nice but not worth the hassle of ordering online. Maybe worth a pick up at Target if they become available there sans shipping fees eh?).
  • Anyone who has alot of eyeliners (if you have alot of liners you rotate don’t get these because they’ll hang around and possibly get hard or stale before you have a chance to rotate them into a look!).

At this price I probably shouldn’t rant too much but even at a cheaper price tag the packaging still stinks and kinda does make for wasteful spending if the liners end up drying out plus they are a bit of a mess once sharpened to store since little icky bits of liner stick around on the sharpener.

If you’re really strapped for cash this might be a great option but I’d suggest another drugstore eyeliner in its place. Packaging needs major work for me to consider a repurchase.

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  • makeup morsels

    hmm I really do like that idea though, a pity it doesn’t work out. Both colors are gorgeous, but I haven’t used traditional pencil liners for a long time, I tend to prefer ‘gel-pencil’ liners now.

  • Courtney

    I actually just got the teal one and a violet one in the mail the other day. I like the teal but it is very cheap. I think ELF products are fun to experiment or for a one time look but definitely not for every day, at least the liners anyway. The purple one didn’t really work on me too well. I loved the color but it brought out the red in my eyes and made me look tired and my eyes bloodshot. Just a general FYI, the ELF tweezers for a buck rock!

  • Carolanne

    hmm. i have two of these (the bronze and black) and have had them for a good while now, too. i actually really like these!! as long as i set them a bit with a little powder eyeshadow (which i always do with pencil liners anyways), these babies hang around really well!! i guess to each his own..

  • Josie

    Thanks for reviewing these! I wanted to try out some shades. I think i might
    if i do a big ELF order but i already did 2 big hauls this year with them 🙂
    I hate that the sharpener is on the cap. I have a product from ELF (i think
    its a lip definer or something) with the same cap and its soooo messy &
    awful. They really should change that! Thansk again for the review!

    • the Muse

      my pleasure josie. worth picking up if you’re doing a major haul for sure but not just for the pencils imho as shipping is too high. HATE the sharpener, very poorly designed 🙁

  • justltee

    Funny that you should post about this because I am wearing this today for the first time. Are you channeling me or something?

    I have the teal one. I think it’s called Twinkling Teal. I do like that it’s creamy and glides on very nicely. I didn’t feel any tugging at all for me.

    You make a good point about the sharpener and how air can dry out the pencil. I never even thought about that. And, also about getting all the gunk out from the shavings. I’d also be scared to nick myself with the sharpener too.

    This is only my first day wearing it so I don’t know how it wears throughout the day. Did you find it smudged on you?

    • the Muse

      ha justlee ;-D I read minds ;-D It tugs a little for me 😛 but nothing too dramatic. I just used another sharpener to prevent the mess but still kinda ranty about the air that goes in. I covered it with a bit of tape ;-D dunno if that’ll help! It wears go, no smudging problems for me. I had it on from 5am until around 10ish pm and no smudging probs!

  • Lenna

    I got one of these pencils when they first came out, and even with the annoying sharpener cap, it didn’t dry out all that much. But yes, the little sharpener gap got super gross and messy and I just want a normal little cap!

  • Makedonka

    I have no respect for E.L.F. line at all – the only thing they are good for is as gift to lil girls so they can play/draw mkup on their dolls. Ok, I know I will duck now so you can go ahead and throw some rotten eggs this way …. {duck}
    I have bought a lot from them and gave them a good try/chance (well, ok that was over 5 yrs ago but I doubt quality had changed since though) and none of it was any good. I remember buying even some shimmery face concoction that just clogged my pores – it was major yuck!

    • the Muse

      makedonka no one is throwing anything at you ;-D I can relate and understand. I’ve purchased a few odd pieces and haven’t been particularly happy. Some stuff is ok but most isn’t so fab. It’s really cheap stuff lol so can’t expect too much eh?

  • lo

    what a shame about the sharpener! i just bought one of these in “blissful blush” or something like that, a shimmery taupe for my bottom lash line/waterline. the color is pretty and subtle like i was looking for, but i haven’t really had a chance to see it in action. i’ll definitely use my regular sharpener then (and see if i can find an old eyeliner cap that will fit)!

    on a side note, their new matte loose eyeshadow is actually pretty decent. i bought a few shades for my mama, since she likes subtle makeup looks and can’t seem to find matte shades that she likes, and they were smooth and not chalky. they even had pretty good color payoff with a primer, which surprised me given the fact that they were mauve and berry colors (which always seem to show up kinda weak on me).

    • the Muse

      hey lo great idea on an old eyeliner cap to fit ;-D

      I haven’t tried the new matte shadows as I’m not much for matte but they sound interesting ;-D!