October 5, 2010

Eve Pearl Dual Salmon Concealer Review, Swatches, Photos

Make-Up Artist, Eve Pearl, has a quite a following online. Her products are spoken of very highly and I’ve seen alot of hype surrounding them which of course made me curious and eager to try some of it out for myself.

My first purchase?

Obvious one for long term readers of Musings, conceal! I always head to the concealer first prior to checking out anything else and Eve Pearl Dual Salmon Concealer held a certain appeal.


Check it out!

A strong pinky/peach color for neutralizing darkness under the eyes.

This contains two shades of concealer which can be mixed and matched to blend and concealer darkness, fine lines, etc….it’s best suited for under eye concealing in my opinion and I believe Eve Pearl designed it as such. I enjoy having two shades to work with as you can start with the medium shade to conceal darkness and end with the lighter to brighten the eye area up.

The key ingredient in this concealer is something called AstaREAL which is an anti-oxidant. The formula supposedly does all sorts of wicked incredible things such as improve the skin naturally, fight signs of aging, contributes to the reduction of hyper-pigmentation, and a slew of other stuff. Honesty, it’s a bit TOO much in my opinion and I’m unsure if any of it is working nor do I believe it will. I’ve been burned plenty by treatment products that promise the world. Who knows? This might work but I am highly doubtful.

Formula wise I’m not keen on this at all. It promises a non greasy texture but it’s amazingly emollient and very greasy. The texture runs thinner than what I normally like in a concealer formula as I prefer a more creamy texture myself however this is thin and greasy it kinda feels like Halloween face paint.

It does conceal darkness however the shade I choose, light/medium, just accentuates my problem areas instead of brightening them. So I have a concealer that works well at diminishing darkness but not one that brightens the area up. It applies muddy, orange, and makes my eyes look tired. I tried a lighter application by blending the two shades and also tried applying the darker first and following up with the lighter and finally just the lighter but no matter how many ways I try using the shades I get the same results.

The concealer doesn’t set right away either as it remains tacky and greasy to the touch for a bit. It doesn’t crease lucky enough which is one good thing about it.

  • Olive or darker skin types with dark circles (anyone with dark circles and darker skin might find the joy in how well this diminishes darkness).

  • Fair, medium skin types might not like the orange, muddy shade this leaves behind.
  • Anyone who likes a creamy, hydrating concealer formula (this runs emollient and greasy).

The concept is a good one particularly since salmon is an excellent shade for erasing darkness under the eyes however the formula needs alot of work as it just feels terribly wrong and leaves behind a tired look or at least on my eyes it does. I was excited to try this out but in the end was terribly disappointed that it wasn’t nearly as great as the pitch.

No likey.

Sadly, I can’t find the joy in this concealer. One of the worst I tried in recent months.

Anyone try?



Do share, curious what you think!

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  • Courtney

    I have just the regular salmon concealer and treatment (not the duo) in light. I really loved it when I first bought it but I’ve since moved on. It covered my dark circles really well but settled into my fine lines like nobody’s business. RIght now I’m using Benefit’s Erase Paste and like it a lot better but I still don’t think I’ve found my HG undereye concealer yet. The ones that cover my circles settle into my lines so I feel like I have to sacrifice enhancing one while covering the other. But anyway, I digress…back to Eve Pearl. I also have the HD dual foundation in Fair. The lightest color works for me but the darker shade went unused. The fair was really more of a light to me so for those with really really pale skin even the lightest shade may be too dark. For the price I don’t think it’s worth it. It does provide good coverage but is a bit too oily for me. I tend to prefer bottled or tubed foundations though so maybe it’s just me. .

    • the Muse

      No problems with settling into fine lines Courtney but hate the texture. It’s so thin and greasy. Feels awful as I blend out. Plus makes me look incredibly tired. Does a good job blurring dark circles but damn no likey the formula. HG at the moment is maybelline dream mousse for me. I’m glad you told me as I was about to indulge in the HD foundation. I also got some of the eye palettes, I haven’t tried them yet but they look gorgeous in the compacts!

      • Courtney

        I think E.P.’s shades run dark too which I’m sure doesn’t help. I’ll have to try the maybelline. I swear, I’m on a mission to ban these things. I’m also on a mission for an effective eye cream to fade my dark circles. I’m using Clinique’s all about eyes now and it moisturizes great but I haven’t really noticed a difference in the darkness. Any suggestions? I’m beginning to wonder if I just have to chock it up to genetics and deal with them.

        • the Muse

          totally washes me out color wise courtney 🙁 the shade looks ideal for olive tones but not my own. try it, you’ll love it. awesome stuff for ds brand. nope, I’ve tried them all and nothing does anything for darkness. How old are you if you don’t mind my asking b/c if you’re mid 20’s-30 you might def need something more than all about eyes 😛

          • Courtney

            I’ll be 29 on Saturday, and yeah, I probably do need to step it up. Your skin is gorgeous btw. I welcome any suggestions.

          • the Muse

            aw man you’re too kind courtney. Concealer helps LOL! Clinique is a great one for the younger crowd but at your age you def should indulge in something a little bit richer particularly if you’re starting to see creasing with your concealer. DermaDoctor Wrinkle Revenge is a great one to start with for finer lines and dryness. ;-D

    • the Muse

      my pleasure ;-D! I wish I had a rec for erasing dark circles but I’ve tried SO many eye creams that def do not do it 😛

      • Courtney

        Yeah, I think genetics, lack of sleep, etc. probably play a part. I’m in my third (of four) year of law school right now and it has aged me beyond belief. Thankfully no greas yet (fingers crossed). I guess I’ll have to rely on concealer and caffeine to fake looking well rested until I’m done lol

        • the Muse

          lack of sleep is a mega prob for me court ;-D I always say early to bed but it never happens. I can imagine law school must keep your but up all hours girl! I’m glad my college days are behind me. I dunno if I could cope at this point lol!

  • Ceriene

    I love your reviews, Muse, really I do. I’ve never used this concealer or anything by Eve Pearl myself, but I find it rather unfair that some of the ‘bad’ things you listed about this concealer aren’t exactly justified.

    I don’t think it’s quite right to criticize a concealer for promising ‘too much’ in terms of skincare related benefits, because you doubt that it would work that well. Unless you’ve used it regularly for a significant amount of time and have been able to see whether it lives up to its claims for yourself, I would refrain from commenting about the skincare-associated properties altogether, because the judgments you’re making are just speculation.

    I hope you don’t take this the wrong way. I do adore your blog and your reviews, and am always looking into products you review positively. I just don’t think it’s fair to judge a product on what you think it will or won’t do.

    • the Muse

      Hiya ceriene.

      I’m on the doubtful side that a concealer can do that much Ceriene but it’s just a personal a opinion. I’ve been using the concealer for a few months and haven’t noticed significant changes under my eyes in terms of fine lines being erased, puffiness, etc…..as stated in the review I did mention it being my opinion of the product so others may experience dramatic results perhaps however I choose to be doubtful that a concealer can do that much….but as I said ya never know ;-D

      Results will vary for everyone whether it’s skincare, mascara, eyeshadow, etc…..what I like you may hate what I don’t like you may love, etc…that’s why everyone should try things for themselves and see how it lives up. I started this blog to get my opinion out on products if I didn’t tell you what I thought of products, how they worked, etc…I’d have nothing to blog about ;-D so I’ll definitely speculate about how items work, what I think of them, and just babble on about what I do and don’t like, that’s what Musings of a Muse is about, a blog about items I tried, purchased, like, dislike, etc…

    • Kira

      One of the biggest gripes about cosmetics companies is that they promise the world and rarely deliver. They don’t have to back up their claims in a way, shape, or form. They are not legally accountable for the hype they create.

      So, in my case, I approach all new cosmetics with, “What are they lying about this time?”

      And as for Eve Pearl’s claims, the surface layers of our skin are all dead. Hard to “improve” dead tissue. Pigmentation (and hyperpigmentation) is due to melanocytes in the deepest layer of skin releasing melanosomes. I highly doubt the concealer is reaching the deepest layer of skin; it is too protected by the upper layers.

      Marketing is a nasty business. I don’t think I could do it and keep a clear conscience.

  • bayleysparkagex3

    you should check out the Maybelline Double Face Perfector… concealer on one side, a highlighter on the other 🙂 quite good!

  • Renata

    I have the trio which includes de salmon concealer/corrector (“A” trio), and I don’t like it that much, but it’s different for me. I like the texture on my mature (40) skin, but I don’t think the coverage is good. Not as pigmented as I’d like, so the coverage is not enough for me.

    • the Muse

      renata I’m ok with the coverage, it does alright diminishing darkness but the texture is so greasy on me 😛

  • Karen

    Thank you so much for your honest opinion. When I saw the title, I thought uh-oh, don’t tell me she’s going to sing praises of this concealer like everyone else!

    I bought it because almost everyone on MUA was raving about it. I too find the texture way too thin for my liking. I got the same as you and both shades don’t work for me. I really regret getting this over the BB Corrector which IMO, works better as it’s thicker. The coverage is almost non-existent!

    I have yet to come across one that totally covers my undereye circles without emphasizing my fine lines. Search goes on.

    • the Muse

      hey karen I see alot of ravings as well which is actually what made me curious but was so crushed that it wasn’t as great as the raves 🙁 Have you tried Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer?! I LOVE this stuff!

    • the Muse

      it’s AMAZING karen! and cheap ;-D my pleasure! I did a review a while ago on it. so fab!

  • Mary

    I COMPLETELY agree with your review. Its better for more olive skintones. It does nothing to brighten my face. The medium just makes me look tired and orange.

  • indie

    It’s not just me!

    This product came so highly recommended from one of the Makeup Gurus that I follow closely and wow, was I disappointed. First of all it was out of stock for months and then when I finally ordered it – at $42, I was seriously underwhelmed.

    I have some very dark circles under my eyes and given how glaringly orange this product is, I would have thought it would have covered them, but no, it doesn’t. It makes the fair parts of my under-eyes orange and it made the dark parts muddy. It is so oily that it smears everywhere like crazy making it difficult to cover with liquid foundation.

    I just don’t get it. more often than not, I reach for my cheap-o Cover girl concealer and leave the expensive Eve Pearl sitting in my makeup case. One of my biggest disappointments ever.

    • the Muse

      indie yup that’s why I purchased it b/c of guru recs and raves but it’s awful 🙁 it makes my eyes look tired and ages them 🙁

  • Amal

    I myself bought the Eve pearl salmon concealer duo but in medium/tan. For a few months i’ve been loving this concelear, i even thought it was my HG concealer because i have a severe dark circles and it actually neutralize the dark circles.

    But now somehow I got a lot of negative thoughts about this product for 1) its sooo not long lasting, after few hours product is pretty much gone.
    2) settles in the fine lines of my eyes and actually make my eyes look old and it accentuates those fine lines
    3) very drying

    I even bought other stuff of eve pearl like their dual HD foundation. I can just use the lighter side and the darker side is just too orange and dark.even for contouring.

    Overall, I think for their high standard and price, i am really dissapointed in their product!

  • yael

    antioxidants can never stay active or useful in an open setting (jar , compact, etc.) they would be killed off within a short time of hitting the air, so you were right that the ridiculous claims are bogus !