October 29, 2010

Lush Angel’s Delight Soap Review, Photos

Angel’s Delight Soap is pretty much around 365 days of the year. Thankful for small favors here as I love it. However, Lush tends to really pimp it up around the Holidays, not sure why though.


Since Lush goes all out marketing with this particularly Soap around Christmas, it suddenly has become, for me, commonly associated with that time of the year.

Funny as it doesn’t smell Christmas-y or Holiday-like but it still ends up in my shower stall in the Winter time.


I gotta be honest with you here.

People have told me in great detail how they think Angel’s Delight Soap smells like cat pee.



I don’t get that AT all. But I thought it might be safe to warn you ahead of time. As for me? I get a sweet, fruit punch smell that lingers like crazy. They seriously need to consider making it into a shower gel.

If you love sweet, fruity scents this soap is for you.

As for me?

Adore it.

But funny, I never really indulge much during the rest of the year but when the Winter sets in and the Holidays start coming around the corner, Angel’s Delight makes it’s way into my shower.

Fruity and sweet aren’t a cozy scent by any means but somehow, someway, you’ll end up associating that gorgeous fruit punch scent with Christmas too once you get addicted.

Loves it.

Available from Lush.

Any fans?

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  • Cj

    People said this smells like cat pee lol? I think every once in a while lush gets a bad batch of soap, I remember everyone saying that Snowcake smelled like rubber and hospitals lol I thought they were crazy when I bought a slice that smelled like almond icing heavenlyness

    • the Muse

      YES all the time CJ ;-D friends, family, readers LOL! ;-D rubber and hospitals?! WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! no! I always get almond gorgeousness too!

      • Cj

        Yes! I love it :D, Hey do you know if their going to bring back the shower gel version of Snowcake this year? Or was it just a one time thing last year.

        • the Muse

          cj I really don’t know but one can hope. I’m still waiting for them to bring back Comforter Shower Gel, praying for it!!!!!!!!! ;-D

        • Jenny

          I think this year is not going to be the Snowcake shower gel version, I saw it in a vid by Lush UK 🙁

  • Jenniet2002

    does lush have a buy one get two free sale yearly? will you keep us posted? =)

    • the Muse

      jenniet boxing day every year although it varies each year what the sale will be. most times the sale online sucks imho 😛 though! yup I’ll let ya know.

  • Heather

    I wasn’t found of this smell until I smelled it a couple of times. I also recently discovered Glogg smells like RC. My man pointed out he thought it smelled like flat coke. I still love it nonetheless.

    • the Muse

      hey heather I didn’t get RC from it ;-D mostly hippie, dark for me. Too much cinnamon! I have to re-smell glogg now ;D

  • aquahartz

    i sooo love this soap. initially here in melbourne about 7-8yrs ago angel’s delight was only sold during christmas time. its such a long wait every year to get this soap which was only available for a few months. i was a student at that time, couldnt afford to buy loads & loads of kilos of them plus no space to keep them. in the past 3yrs i’ve noticed that it is sold all year round. its such a delight to be able to get my lovely soap whenever i want it.
    yes, its a beautifully smelling soap, fruit punch & much more. they should also come up with a shower formula or bath bombs/melts formula. love it!!

    • the Muse

      I wish they’d do the same with snowcake aqua ;-D but maybe we’d get tired of it if it was available year round ;-D I agree! A few years ago they made a special edition Wimbledon bath bomb that smelled of Angel’s Delight!

  • J

    I really wanted to love angel’s delight but unfortunately I don’t 🙁 I just think it smells plasticky. But I somehow have ended up with like 500g of the stuff because I went absolutely crazy at the post xmas 50% off sales buying random gifts lol.

  • Hol

    Oh man! I lovvvveeee this soap too..would like to get some but I’m in the Bahamas ..heck!

  • Alexandra

    Do you still have any left I would like to purchase it been looking for it everywhere no one has it 🙁