October 1, 2010

NYX Concealer Magic Wand Review and Swatches

I’ve tried many concealers in my day and consider myself a tad on the concealer obsessed side of things. I have dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness that I really want erased so I can appear brighter, fresher, and wider awake which is why I’m constantly purchasing and rotating endless concealers, in the hopes, that I’ll finally come across “the one”.

On my travels through budget land I came across NYX Concealer Magic Wand and decided, hey, why not, cheap concealing power, let’s try.

Here are my thoughts!

A $5 buck concealer available in a range of shades to correct, conceal, and brighten.

Little great is to be said about NYX Concealer Magic Wand sadly but I will say that they have a wider selection of colors to suit every problem including yellow and lilac shades which can be used to correct as well as brighten. Packaging wise they also get a few points as this comes in a tube with a sponge applicator for really fuss-free application. Simply dot and blend!

Sadly, that’s about the extent of the good….

At $5 I guess one can’t expect too much greatness.

Sadly, this has a terrible rubbery smell that isn’t particularly pleasant. On top of the bad smell, the formula is really awful. It is somewhat creamy but also terribly drying when applied. It’s difficult to blend and ends up looking cakey and creas-y right out of the tube. It has decent pigmentation that could have the ability to conceal well if it wasn’t for the really rubbish formula which is a fail.

Formula wise they have alot of work ahead of themselves to really give this a go. Younger eyes may benefit slightly if they have good skin texture under their eyes however anyone older and/or drier will experience really bad results due to the drier texture of the concealer and bad blendability of the product.

I purchased both the yellow corrector and a solid shade, neither was any good. The yellow corrector does a fairly ok job of diminishing darkness but the formula is incredibly bad wearing which does no favor for its concealing abilities.

  • Anyone on a budget (if you’re REALLY strapped for cash you might want to indulge but I don’t recommend it. Check out another drugstore concealer around the same price range).
  • Anyone who wants to spot conceal (this might work as a spot concealer at best but don’t expect miracles).

  • Anyone with drier and/or mature eyes (Just say no, the formula is simply bad for this type of eye situation).
  • Anyone who can’t stand cheaper smelling cosmetics (this has that really bad inexpensive makeup smell).

NYX does some major good in the world of eyeshadows and palettes but this concealer just didn’t live up to their normal quality of product. The idea and concept of the packaging is a great one however the formula needs alot of work to go anywhere with me. Younger eyes MIGHT benefit but anyone who really needs serious, lasting coverage that won’t fade, crease, or cake plus blends easily, should choose to look elsewhere.

Not good.

No likey.

Anyone try?

What did you think?

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  • Smirking Valet

    NYX is all about trial and error. I love their eyeshadows though!!

  • RonyaLii

    oh,what a shame . i really hoped these are good ones 🙁
    have you tried their pot concealers ? ive heard good things about them , but never tried.

    • the Muse

      haven’t tried the pot ronya and kinda off trying them b/c of this fail 🙁 Dunno how good the pot can be if the wand wasn’t so fab ya know? sad sigh!

      • RonyaLii

        well , its rated 4.1 out of 5 on makeup alley . so i hope that is a different formula. hope dies last 🙂 NYX is so cute packaging and nonexpensive, so i really want to be good 🙁

  • RonyaLii

    and more – ive heard elf concealer is a fairytale . is that really true ? miracle maker for 1 $ ? *cofused 🙂

    • the Muse

      never tried, doubt it works for a buck. Firm believer that concealer is a splurge item Ronya 😀


        omg god ronyalii if youre asking about the all over color sticks……. THEY are amazing!! they work great for covering redness and pimples they are more like foundation and the actual concealer in a tube is perfect for under eye… 🙂

        • RonyaLii

          i was asking about Concealer Pencil & Brush (i was wrong , it costs 3 bucks ), but thank you 🙂 i decided to try all of those concealers elf has, ordered even zit zapper 🙂 . theyre so cheap, that even if noone works, i wont be upset 🙂

          • the Muse

            at this price a bad apple won’t be too bad ronya at the price of a buck or two ;-D

  • Stavroula Plag

    They look disgusting!! :/ Thanks for the review and the swatches!

  • Robin

    My NYX pot concealer in Porcelene is pretty nice. It’s a lot like the old MAC Studio Finish concealer in the pot before they added the SPF 35.

  • glory

    Their concealer in a pot is great for dark circles. I love it more than my bobbi brown’s.

  • sillylilacs

    NYX’s concealer in a jar is much better =D

    P.S. How do I get an avatar lol

  • Mystiiza

    Can someone please explain what “swatch” means? I’m confused =S

    • the Muse

      a swatch is the color you see swiped on my arm. It’s when someone takes an eyeshadow, blush, or any makeup and places it on their skin.

  • Mystiiza

    Awww thank you soo much. I was seeing that word on every makeup review site and was completely lost lol. I didn’t expect such a quick response =]

  • sandra

    I bought some of these concealers and it works perfect on me! I just use a tiny amount and its done! i think it really depends on your skin type.