November 11, 2010

Clarins Barocco Shimmering Gold Powder Review, Swatches, Photos

The Clarins Barocco goes traditional Holiday this year with its Shimmering Gold Powder. Seriously? What would the Holidays be like without one great shimmering gold powder or highlighter? It would be like the year without Santa! Gasp! Too horrifying to think about isn’t it?

Well no worries the Clarins Barocco Shimmering Gold Powder is here to save your Holiday Season with golden shimmer, sparkle, and shine.


A pot of shimmering golden nuggets with a puff for application!

You’ll obviously be far removed and very immune to this product if you aren’t a great lover of shimmer. However, those who adore shimmer and can’t get enough of it will love this.

Basically these are tiny golden nuggets with an enclosed puff for application. The nuggets come housed in an elegant cylinder black and gold box with black scroll and a large powder puff for application. The puff can be smoothed over the nuggets and proceeded to be used by delicately patting on arms, legs, chest, or if you’re super daring, face (but I wouldn’t attempt it, these are SUPER sparkly!).

The puff picks up really flaky, chunky pieces (you’ll see what I mean in my swatch) of what appears to be solid gold glitter but as you buff it breaks up into a very fine golden shimmer. The effect is quite gorgeous when applied correctly but it does take a delicate hand and things can quickly get out of hand if you aren’t careful.

I stuck to application on my chest and arms and I’d probably consider a little buff on my legs if I wear a dress or skirt but it might be slightly overly done so maybe for an evening out or a Holiday affair of some sort.

You have to be extra careful with these as they are delicate and they break apart super easy! I purchased two online as gifts and proceeded to get a dusty mess each time so I returned and purchased at a counter and the same thing happened. So be aware when purchasing at a counter and ask if you can check them over prior to your purchase.

I wish they had included some sort of strainer or net to hold the puff above the nuggets. The puff becomes quite crazy with shimmery flakes and it turns into a crazy mess when you remove it. Some sort of net to separate the puff from the nuggets when not in use might help to prevent such drama.

  • Those who adore golden shimmering powders!
  • Anyone who loves elegant, collector’s style makeup!
  • Anyone looking for a bit of golden shimmer for the holidays!

  • Shimmer haters and even lovers (shimmer haters will detest this and even lovers will find it’s a bit TOO much! Just apply delicately for the best results).
  • Those with a heavier hand (anyone who applies with a heavy hand does have to practice a softer touch during application).

Clarins Barocco Shimmering Gold Powder isn’t the easiest product in the world to use but it’s a gorgeous choice for those who collect makeup or love pretty purchases. It’s not conventional to purchase makeup just because it’s gorgeous but in this case I’d make a big exception because I find the powder very, very, very pretty and all kinds of elegant.

Anyone try?

Do share!

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Don’t forget the Clarins Friends and Family Event is happening now!

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  • Anna Crystal

    Wow, you’re so happy with the product and I did nothing but writing a VERY bad review and even recording a bi-lingual YouTube review video to warn other make-up lovers.

    • the Muse

      Hi Anna I ADORE these ;-D I’m all about shimmer so I loved ’em! They are a bit messy to work with but if I’m careful I can get some nice results. What didn’t you like about them!? ;-D I was kinda agitated with the puff storage 🙁 it really made a mess but aside from that I really thought they had a nice golden shimmer ;D

      • Anna Crystal

        I always buy gold shimmer, I love Guerlain’s meteorites and that’s what I compared them to. They totally tried to copy Guerlain and epically failed. The scent is awful, the puff feels like total PVC and the pigments don’t even clinge to the skin unless you take a nugget and rub it all over your skin… and I guess that’s not the sense of a puff – to not use it!

        • the Muse

          I don’t think they are much like Guerlain’s version. Guerlain’s are considerably more subtle and def not sparkle crack like these ;-D I don’t think they copied at all, it’s two very different products. I didn’t get a scent from them!? I find that the product starts off really flaky and chunky but if you puff with the puff it breaks it up and becomes a nice, fine shimmer.

          I’m so sorry you didn’t love these 🙁

  • auroragyps

    Is it bad of me to want to sing the theme song to “Goldfinger” when I saw the swatch on your skin? 😉

    Way to glittery for me and I’d have no where to wear it, but it is very pretty.

    • the Muse

      LOL auro ;-D not at all! I was humming it ;-D It’s def super shimmer at best!

  • Crystal

    omg Muse! This is absolutely stunning. I am in love with gold makeup for the holidays and this lovely shimmer powder is no exception!

    • the Muse

      crystal me too! gold is so traditionally holiday ;-D love it for this season! ;-D