November 11, 2010

E.L.F. Studio Conditioning Lip Balm Review, Swatches, Photos

The new E.L.F. Conditioning Lip Balm has hit E.L.F.’s website. Seems like we were awaiting its arrival for far too long eh? Anyone order it? Some of the shades sold out way fast so I’m guessing its quite the popular little item.

I ordered two shades which arrived late last week. I’ve been mucking around with them for a few days so I thought it was about time to tell you my thoughts.

Check it!

Sheer tinted lip conditioner with natural ingredients that condition dry, chapped lips including Vitamins A & E and SPF 15 to protect delicate lips against harmful sun damage.

These come housed in a rather large plastic jar. It could be deemed a tad bulky but I actually kinda like it. It’s about twice the size of a traditional lip balm size.

At first glance the balm looks unappealing and hard textured but count me delighted upon digging in that it actually turned out to be smooth and creamy. For a tinted lip conditioner I’d say this is quite pigmented and it leaves behind a nice pop of color. The formula wears well on my lips and feels hydrating and quite smooth. Formula runs somewhat similar to a MAC Lip Conditioner however a bit more on the creamy side and not as a emollient or slippery feeling. This has a cream finish so you aren’t going to get any shiny, glossy finish from it. The balms have a sugary frosting-like taste and smell.

I got two shades which were Blushing Berry (warm rosy, berry color) and Peaceful Pink (baby pink). Peaceful Pink definitely doesn’t work well for me and drowns me out but Blushing Berry leaves behind a nice rosy shade of a berry on my lips!

Dipping into the pot for application will evoke horror in germ-a-phobes like myself!

Although moisturizing they aren’t as hydrating as my other lip balms.

These have a small plastic covering over the rim of the lid after opening the main topper. I imagine E.L.F. included it so the product would remain fresh. I do wonder if these will get hard or go natty after a few weeks. The jar seems sturdy enough but the top seems to let a bit of air into the product so we’ll have to take a glance back in a month or two to see how they fair.

  • Budget beauty shoppers seeking a tinted lip conditioner for a quick, natural look!
  • Anyone who can’t afford MAC’s $14.50 Lip Conditioner price tag (this is a decent dupe not the same mind you but leans towards being very similar).
  • Anyone who favors no nonsense makeup or doesn’t wear alot of makeup (if you aren’t really a gloss or lipstick kinda girl this is a nice way to get a quick dash of color on lips).

  • Anyone who already owns and loves MAC Lip Conditioner (you don’t really need this if you own MAC’s version already).
  • Anyone sensitive to scented or flavored lip products (this has a sugary vanilla-like scent and taste).
  • Those who hate lip products in jars!

I wouldn’t call this the best lip conditioner I ever tried to be honest. It’s very nice but it’s not nearly as hydrating and moisturizing as I expect my lip balms/conditioners to be. For a quick dash of color on my lips or tossing in my bag it’s well worth the very inexpensive $3 buck price tag. Those on a budget will appreciate it way more than those who enjoy higher end product. Anyone who chronically applies and reapplies lip products will find this a nice balm for tucking into their desk drawer or purse however don’t expect it to offer super hydration to dry, cracked lips.

Nice overall but nothing I got too excited about.

Have you tried it?

What did you think?



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  • crotchfairy

    Hello, hello.
    I love Sleek Pout Polishes and saw that you reviewed it previously. How do they compare to these? I absolutely love the SPP in that my arid lips get some relief as I sleep through the night.

    • the Muse

      hi crotchfairy DIFFERENT ;-D vastly different. Sleek are way better. These run a bit harder and less loose. They finish off creamy where as Sleek is more emollient, more of a slippery glide, thicker and gooey plus a shiny, glossy finish.

  • crotchfairy

    HELL YES. Thanks for the reply. I’m waiting for Sleek to get its act together to haul the lovely pout polishes. Unfortunately, the limited edition shades aren’t available online. I love lip conditioning stuff.

    • the Muse

      my pleasure crotchfairy. I’d go for the extra $ to get the sleek ones. These are nice enough but I prefer the more hydrating feel of Sleek’s version. It’s impossible to get on the site today 🙁 but even at regular retail they are still a nice buy!

  • Misato-san

    vanilla scent! this is interesting but other parts of the review aren’t… I’m not sure I’ll try this one if it will hit the European site…

  • Josie

    Thanks for the swatches! The berry one looks so different, almost shimmery
    on the site but i’m glad i saw it here! I’ll be passing on these but i’m hoping
    you might’ve bought the new cream eyeshadows to swatch those for us!

    • the Muse

      Josie they are cream finish for sure. I’d have loved shimmer but no suck luck girl 🙁 I did and will do a review soonish!

  • Kristen

    Thanks for the review. I think I’ll be passing on these. I hate that ELF is so hit and miss with their products.

  • jenna

    i love the peaceful pink shade! i have the mac conditioner in fuschia and i wish they made more of a baby pink like this one. probably will have to give it a try for the 3 bucks. thanks for this review!

  • addicted_j.t.

    Would peaceful pink be a dupe for MAC’s Hello Kitty Pink Fish lip conditioner . I have been lemming that crap now for a year and have yet to find a good dupe!! ugh woe is me 🙁

  • BabyAdore

    OMG… Thank you for the review, I was thinking deeply as whether to choose The Pink or the Natural color, but after reading and seen the real color swatches, I am sure I am getting the Peaceful pink, thanks! <3

  • janika3689

    I have tried a couple and I have to say I love them!!! One more than the other because the other one doesn’t suit me that much! I love them, but I have to say I haven’t tried many lip balms so I can’t compare it to others, all I can say is that I don’t like sticky and thick ones like Mac’s or Loreals.

  • princess

    Thank You for the review. I ordered a handful of these the other day, but heard it takes three weeks for their products to arrive. After throwing things in and out of my cart for a couple of days I was so disappointed that the one thing that I really wanted to try was sold out while I was deciding what to buy. Oh well. Have you happened to have tried the matte cool bronzer? That was what I had wanted.

    I bought six of the balms just in case I loved them and extra’s to pass on to friends. They only cost $1.50 as I had a promo code! How can you beat that? 🙂 Hopefully the bronzer will come back in stock. The only one I can pull off on my fair skin is Nars Laguna and its quite expensive.It would be nice to find an alternative since every other drugstore or high end bronzer makes me look as if I fell into an orange muddy glitter puddle.

    I also ordered the studio eyeshadows that they had in stock as well and look forward to comparing them to my nars singles. It still makes me wonder how they turn a profit for such low prices. I mean a dollar? Come on??

    Oh I ordered two of the eyeshadow primer and people say it works as well as my Urban Decay primer potion. Any money we can save in this tanking ecomomy is well worth trying.

    Thanks for the balm review. I am looking forward to trying them in the bombshell brown, the berry, and the red rouge. 🙂

  • Kamagrian

    I used to use a lot of high-end products (Lancome, Chanel, strangely never MAC) but motherhood and so on have meant I’ve had to rein in my more “selfish” luxuries. I still use a few more expensive items – I’ll defend my right to Benefit Rocket Pop lippy to the grave!! – but I quite enjoy the buzz of finding a decent product at a low price these days. 😀

    All of which is really just a preamble to saying that I like a few products from ELF. This lip conditioner is one of them, as well as their HD powder and a couple of their mineral blushes. I was stunned by how pigmented the lip balm was in “Romantic Rouge”, and was rather scared to wear it for a while. It’s soooo red!

    Hello from a shiny new reader of your blog, hiding all the way over in Scotland! I’m enjoying your reviews and honest, witty writing, so thanks for being informative and entertaining at the same time. 🙂

  • Taylor

    I have two of these, a coral one and a nude one (I don’t remember the names!), but I really like these. I love the nude one most though, looks so pretty on. 😀 The coral one however was much more filled than the nude one, which stinks, but I would buy these again and again. :]