November 18, 2010

Hard Candy Eye Def Glitter Eyeshadow Review, Swatches, Photos

I seriously do not need more shimmer eyeshadow in my life which is why I didn’t bother indulging in the new Hard Candy Eye Def Glitter Eyeshadow. Looking at the tube, well, let’s just say it’s even too much for glitter for me.

I did however give it another glance when a reader mentioned how delightful these are.

What did I think?


A glittery, shimmery eye shadow cream!

This comes packaged in what appears to be a test tube. Yay for funky packaging! Loves it. Open it up and you’re presented with quite a nice slanted, generously sized doe foot applicator. The applicator gets major points from me because it saturates well with the product and aids application.

I only indulged in one shade, which Hard Candy dubs, Ditch. How Urban Decay of them! The color is a bronze-y brown with a heavy dose of gritty gold glitter. The gritty texture definitely has its love/hate moments. It does indeed have a hardcore dose of glitter not shimmer, not sparkle but indeed glitter. It feels a tad gritty on the lid and it blends kinda crummy but you have to get a certain knack for it, once you do, you’re golden. It doesn’t have crazy pigmentation but it does have enough to give my eye a twinkle of brown mixed with a healthy dose of glitter. If you work the angle correctly you can get just the right color wash on lids for the perfect eye look. Over do it and you’re doomed to disco ball hell.

The formula stays wet a while so this allows you to blend easily however it does dry down within a good time frame so you aren’t left with a sloppy, wet eye cream. As I said it does run a bit gritty but it’s not too unpleasant once in place.

The formula migrates a fair bit, spreads around, creases, and fades so do a big prep prior to application to keep it wearing long and strong throughout the day…and honestly, even with proper prepping and priming you may still experience a bit of fading.

  • Glitter lovers, Steampunk types, daring makeup users!
  • Anyone with brown eyes (the shade Ditch kinda rocks it for big brown eyes).
  • Anyone who likes cream eye shadows with a kick!
  • Budget beauty make up lovers ($6 bucks for a variety shades).

  • Glitter haters (the formula is saturated with glitter).
  • Those with oily lids (the formula migrates on my dry lids so be aware if you have oily lids as this may be a mess).

I’d call Hard Candy Eye Def a surprise. I honestly passed over it at first glance and chalked it up as something I simply did not need. But turns out it’s actually quite interesting and makes for a simple makeup on the run. It does have a fair bit of sparkle but I think the shade I selected, Ditch, is rather a nice one to start with it. If you’re on a bit of a budget and you generally like cream eyeshadows plus a fair bit of glitter, this might be one to check out.

Anyone try?



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  • Kate Hollifield

    I love that you mention Steampunk! You did a great job applying. What was the specific technique you used? And did you use a primer? Do you think the glitter would spread/stick better with a primer?

    • the Muse

      thanks kate 🙂 nothing particularly special about the technique. Used some UDPP, spread some on, and patted in place 🙂 primer is key, mentioned a few times in the post it’s important to prep and prime b/c it does tend to migrate around a little bit 😛

  • suzy

    I also tried this in Ditch and loved it. I have very oily lids so I started with UDPP topped with ground work paint pot from MAC. I blended the eye def over that and then I add Voyage by NARS . I also applied Cairo by NARS in the crease. Turned out beautiful and lasted all day without creasing. I know those were several steps but I loved the end result!

  • Sara

    Thanks for the swatches! I love that you have hard candy swatches on here every so often. Whenever I see the display at Walmart I never walk away with anything because there is so much to look at it’s confusing! There are like five types of mascara for pete’s sake. The Eye Def does look pretty nice…

    DId you see the nail polish in Beetle?

    The meteor eyeshadows (is that even what they’re called?) are calling my name but I can’t settle on a color. The purple maybe? Time to look back through your older posts and see if you have them swatched. 🙂

    • the Muse

      my pleasure sara! LOL true. I agree the display is pretty overwhelming!!!!!!!!!! and five mascaras, etc…is crazy ;-D I haven’t, I’m not much of a nail girl tbh! I believe I have the meteor post up ;-D as I recall they were dupes of some of MAC’s old mineral shadows ;D

  • Donna

    haha, yaaaay. Im glad you [sorta] like it :3 I wish there would be a white, or black in Eye Def, I’d definitely buy 5 of the whites then to make sure I wouldn’t run out with how pigmented they can be, and I can’t ever seem to find a white that just pops. They are all either too sheer, or has a pink tint, or just dull. goodness!

  • p

    I went for the brighter shades… pool boy, sprinkles, sequin and lagoon. The base in each one besides sprinkles is stronger than the glitter and once the glitter starts falling your left with BRIGHT face painty clown make up =( its great for short periods of time but even with a primer I can’t get more than a few hours wear out of them. Pool Boy, which is my favorite shade is also IMPOSSIBLE to get off…it stains your skin, even with primer =(
    all my complaints and i still love them!

    • Katie

      Oh lord.. Poolboy stains..? I just got that one today, and I’m wearing it. Wish me luck getting it off, lol.

  • Katie

    I got “pool boy” today. I Really like it, because it brings out my blue eyes. I didn’t really spread it, because it’s my first time using it, but mine hasn’t faded. And it dried really quickly, but slow enough for me to manage. it kind of spread though, into my crease, and i had to wipe it off. No big deal. I love this eyeshadow, and I’m not really a big eyeshadow fan either. :]

  • kilikina

    i just got sprinkles and swatched it on my hand. it was only on maybe a few minutes and it stained that part of my hand an orangey-pink! i even tried with UDPP and it still stained!

  • Amanda

    Wanted to try these so I decided to look them up online and was so glad to find swatches. Its funny you mentioned the name ditch was kinda like UD, I have a super shimmery bronzer from Hard Candy before it was sold at Walmart only. I bought it at Sephora years ago, and the back says its a UD company. Dont know if it still is but anyway, awesome product I love them! I also bought a color called golden earth and its the most beautiful rose gold color!