November 12, 2010

Hard Candy Visibly Wet Glossy Lip Pencil Review, Swatches, Photos

I reviewed Hard Candy Visibly Wet Glossy Lip Pencil when it first launched and wasn’t terribly impressed with it but I recently got one of the new shades to check out and I kinda felt like it was an improvement.

Let’s check it!

A glossy lip pencil!

Hard Candy recently extended the line to include five new shades. The older shades were all about subdued, friendly colors however the new shades contain a healthy kick of shimmer and to me, a more pigmented formula.

I tried out Babe and man it’s a shockingly pigmented fuchsia! If you like louder, vibrant colors you should probably re-explore these if you tried them before or check them out for the first time.

It’s not incredibly glossy in terms of finish in my opinion but it does have a nice hydrating feel on lips and it’s main benefit would be the great color pay off of the product. Although I’m not a fan of shades of fuchsia on my lips, I thought Babe looked rather wicked.

Kinda disappointing they don’t have a super shiny, glossy finish but can’t complain too much about the formula considering it seems a vast improvement compared to the first five, original colors that were released.

  • Those who love bold, vibrant lippies!
  • Anyone wanting a easy to tote lip product (the pencil is super travel friendly).

  • Anyone wanting a glossy finish (this seems to have a vinyl-like finish on lips but not crazy glossy or shiny).
  • Anyone who can’t do bold (the new shades are mega pigmented so if you prefer softer shades, best avoid).

Hard Candy Visibly Wet Glossy Lip Pencils not only got a revamp in color but formula feels alot different as well. This time around you’re getting more pigment for your buck. I actually liked Babe alot and at $6 I can’t complain too much. I may go ahead and check out the other new colors as well! For the goth crowd there is a new purple color called Jezebel that looks rockin’!

Check ’em out at Walmart and

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  • Danielle F.

    Oh, Muse. You read my mind sometimes! I picked up three of the new colors on my latest venture to Wally World —which was due to your awesome pics of the new Hard Candy stuff and your rave review of the cheek stains, which I also snagged and you are right–I love them and glad to have gotten them all because each shade is very different.
    ANYWAY–back the the lippies. I picked up Babe, Inferno and Jezebel. The pigment rocks my world. Inferno is my fave of the three I purchased. It is one of the coolest red lipsticks I own. You should check that out for sure! Side note–all three of these left me with a slight burning sensation after about 30 seconds of putting them on. I don’t have sensitive skin or lips so this struck me as odd. It fades after about a minute, but I do experience it every time–even over balm.

    • the Muse

      hey danielle!!!!!!!!! how are you? Happy to hear you got the cheek stains, those are incredible ;-D Inferno got it, added to the list ;-D mmm really? I didn’t experience that. Wore for about 4 hours last night but didn’t get the burning, that’s odd. Don’t think they are plumping!?

  • Danielle F.

    Hey Muse–doing good! Been very busy this week! How have you been? Probably equally busy!

    Yeah, I reread the packaging and there was nothing about plumping so it must just be the formula doesn’t completely agree with my body chemistry. No big deal, I still wear them anyway because it fades away quickly. But it did freak me out a little when I first put it on–like OMG I am having an allergic reaction and I am going to be stuck with a trout pout. LOL. Thank goodness it didn’t though. I would be totally bummed if I couldn’t wear these–especially inferno–it’s perfect for Christmas!

    • the Muse

      hey danielle. CRAZY girl just crazy! ;-D I owe you an email about the WnW I’m sorry, please forgive me ;-D just swamped. LOL! a trout pout haha! I didn’t get that…weird. gonna try it again now, it’s in my bag, see what happens lol!

      They really improved on the formula. crazyyy pigmented inferno sounds gorg ;D I wanted candy apple too!

  • Erica B.

    Do you know if these are like the lip pencils that Milani released awhile ago?

  • Jessica

    I think they’re taking all our comments/suggestions to heart because I’ve noticed a quality difference in some of their first releases and the newer collections.
    Others are having the slight burning sensation too I think it’s a reaction to some of the coloring agents used.

    • the Muse

      hmm I wonder if I’ll experience this if I try some of the other shades Jessica….!

      That’s nice to hear as some companies def do not bother listening ;-D!

  • Jessica

    I think the current owners of the brand are doing their best to keep the brand alive, there’s room for a lot of improvement (The glitter crayons? Those are for 5 year olds not teens, bring back some of the products or colors that made the brand great, change some of the marketing and packaging because I think it turns off a lot of adults) and I’m just happy the brand is still alive.
    I worked for them in the old days, and for a long time the brand kept changing hands and I don’t think any of them knew exactly what to do with it you know?

    • the Muse

      jessica I concur. little hit and miss here but they are really doing a super job of maintaining it but they also have to switch up the packaging to get adults on board for sure!!!!! I thought at one time that Urban Decay had owned it. Am I nuts?!

  • Jessica

    No you’re not nuts! Urban Decay did own it for a little while but did nothing with the brand because it was one of their major competitions as far as being “funky and fun”.
    A lot of people got excited when they bought it, thinking they’d start going back to basics, bringing back all the fun colors that the Louis Vuitton people got rid of in order to make the brand more “normal” but unfortunately they didn’t do anything with the brand except have a lot of 30%-50% off sales.

    • the Muse

      I thought I was nuts there for a sec ;-D I actually thought UD had it to begin with as in created it! and proceeded to pass it on to various other companies!

  • Cj

    For some reason I really like the color, but it’s way to bold for me to wear. Tho I bet I could probably dot it a couple times and blend it to get a sheer shade 😀 I’ve never really tried anything from Hard Candy before, mostly cause I never go to Walmart lol

    • the Muse

      me either cj I avoid it like the plague lmao! ;-D but for hard candy I do adventure in from time to time ;D

  • Telle

    I really like the packaging bc I like swirly things with birds and I just ind the packaging unique but not cheap!
    I am excited to try these- I really like the lies watier and milani ones too! 🙂
    Thanks for the review Muse!

  • Eileen

    I’d really like to try this …. I love vibrant lip colours. Sure hope they’ll be carrying it at Walmart in Canada. Will check out the other colours too!

  • Angela

    I tried this pencil and loved the color but I also experienced the burning sensation as well when I put it on it did eventually go away but it scared me. Overall though I think this is an awesome creamy lip pencil that is a steal price wise!

    • the Muse

      ha angela thought I was alone, strange right!? awesome pencils but WEIRD burn!

  • erin

    I have a hard time finding a good red color that matches my complection, but candy apple is perfect. I also experienced the burning right after my first use and thought I might be allergic, but it ended soon enough. It might seem silly, but Im a little confused as to how i extend the pencil after it is used up. I know that there is more color throughout the whole pencil, but i just cant figure it out..

  • Shayne

    this things burn like hell! lol.. Excuse the language, but wow. I actually had to wipe off the color (with a cloth and water) because the burning didn’t cease after about 5 minutes. Very disappointed in that. I love hard candy, and have used their products since Sephoria days, but this one, not living up to the standard. The color is awesome (I bought the Babe color), but I couldn’t deal with the burning. And, I don’t even have sensitive skin or lips.. 🙁