November 23, 2010

L’Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle Foundation Review, Swatches, Photos

They tell me imitation is the highest form of flattery. Perhaps Maybelline Dream Mousse is feeling all kinds of flattered that L’Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle Foundation is looking all kinds of similar.

L’Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle Foundation just recently launched and should be at your local drugstores. It’s a whipped souffle-like foundation much like Dream Mousse. Don’t quote me, I’m not an expert, but this is probably only the second whipped foundation within the US market. I can’t honestly think of another available here in the US.

Now I like whipped foundations ALOT particularly Bourjous’ version, damn that stuff is amazing. However, I’ve had my ups and downs with Dream Mousse and normally stick to using it in the Summer when I want lighter coverage.

I was all about trying this new version from L’Oreal and was quite curious how it would stand up against other formulas I’ve tried in the “whipped” realm.

Let’s have a look!

A new whipped foundation with a smooth, creamy, souffle-like texture from L’Oreal!

Without a doubt L’Oreal successfully gets the formula down pat. The texture is smooth, creamy, dreamy, and just beautiful. The product feels amazing. Like whipped up silk! Maybelline’s version has more of a whipped texture…mmm think of Maybelline as meringue and think of L’Oreal as whipped cream in terms of formula.

I got my shade in Creamy Ivory but it proved a bit too muddy and dark but that actually didn’t prove a problem as it did create a really nice, smooth finish on my skin. It acts to smooth skin and even it out. I think it would be best suited to those who already have good skin but are looking to ease dullness or just need something to make them look more lively however anyone with major problem areas, acne, etc…might find this doesn’t do the trick.

The problem is….

Although the formula feels really great on your finger tips or when you’re swatching it’s not nearly as comfortable during application or at least for me it isn’t. It has a silicone-feel which I abhor. This is one reason I avoid products such as Smashbox Photofinish, this basically feels the same way but thankfully it doesn’t break me out or make me itchy the way PhotoFinish does. I will say it does feel interesting going on very silky, very smooth, and really does brighten up my face and creates a good, even, more flawless finish for makeup however…

It oxidizes within an hour or less on my skin. The formula runs on the thinner side with really light pigmentation so the effects last little less than an hour. You’ll soon need a touch up as this isn’t a foundation that will be sticking around for too long particularly if you’re not one for setting your makeup.

I do recommend it for dry perhaps normal skin because oily skin may find it’s a bit too greasy for them. It feels amazing on my dry skin but I’m betting if I try to wear it in the Summer when my skin is considerably more oily, it won’t look as great.

If you have fine lines I imagine this will look great as I can definitely see it acting as a foundation as well as a primer however since it wears away so quickly one wonders if it’s even worth trying.

The jar will put alot of people off of it since application is done by dipping in with fingertips. I’m not a fond fan of such application and prefer tubes or pumps.

  • Anyone looking for natural, lightweight makeup that perfects skin and doesn’t mind a short wear time (this does create a good even flawless look to skin but it wears for such a short time that it really breaks the deal for me).
  • Anyone seeking to skip out on primer (this could possibly work as a combination of primer and foundation in one).
  • Anyone with good skin that just needs a lighter, less pigmented foundation to even out their complexion.

  • Those with oily skin!
  • Anyone who needs heavy coverage for concealing problems.
  • Anyone who has problems with foundation that oxidizes quickly (if you’re looking for long wear, look elsewhere).
  • Those who aren’t keen on finger to jar application (germs, bacteria…etc…make the jar a poor choice).

The product has some good points particularly for those, like me, who prefer a lighter foundation. I like the lightweight feel of the product and even like the way it feels at first touch however it does remind me of Photofinish a bit too much and I get a bit of an uncomfortable feeling as I apply due to this. I could possibly ignore this fact if it wasn’t for the wear time which is pretty much under an hour for me. If I’m lucky I get an hour’s wear as it quickly oxidizes and disappears on my skin. I think the shade selections could possibly be a problem even though it seems to cover alot of tones, I always find drugstores go with alot of beige. The product has the potential to be good but has a little bit too many bad factors that need work. Possibly worth a try, you may be successful with it, but personally I didn’t like it.

Anyone try it?

What did you think?

Do share!

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  • Shannon

    I haven’t seen this around yet but if I already think the Dream Mousse has a short wear-time, I can’t imagine this would work out for me that well. I’m a sucker for that texture, though. So, I do use the Dream Mousse concealer under my eyes every day.

    Does this come in concealer form as well? Thanks for sharing!

    • Lita Cleveland

      Isabelle love that name. 10 years ago I found my perfect foundation L’Oréal make up in a jar that was fluffy and moussey. They discontinued it. I just now googled trying to find it and found this new L’Oréal make up that is not in my stores yet but it looks and sounds identical. Can’t wait! Lita

      • Isabella Muse

        Hi Lita!

        Thank you! <3! I'm so glad you found a replacement! It's always stressful when they discontinue favorite products πŸ™ but at least you found a good replacement πŸ˜€ that's great news!

  • Cj

    Geez is it just me or is everyone coming out with a mousse-like foundations like Laura Mercier’s Creme Smooth? Which I am totally inlove with by the way lol πŸ˜€

      • Cj

        You totally should get it! It is AMAZING and the jar will literally last you FOREVER! You only need to use like a pea size and it blends so amazingly πŸ™‚ I use it with my Sigma F80 and my foundation looks flawless. I alternate between the Creme Smooth and the Tinted Moisturizer depending on the day πŸ™‚ Totally love Laura Mercier products lol

  • tini

    I remember when dream matte mousse came out, Rimmel had a “cool” mousse or something. OMG THE CAKEY HEAVE ORANGE CRAP ON MY FACE. I was like a freshman in high school to so I had to deal with it until I babysat for some mo’ cash. I’m terrified of mousse foundations so I’m kinda glad to hear this wasn’t so hot because I’m in love with revlon foundations lately.

  • Sesame

    There’s also Rimmel’s Stay Matte Mousse Foundation and Cool Matte Mousse Foundation but I’m not sure if the latter is discontinued or if it was simply renamed to Stay Matte. πŸ™‚
    I decided long ago that mousse foundations weren’t the thing for me however.

    • the Muse

      sesame ahh yes I don’t think that’s around here anymore but don’t quote me ;D

  • layla

    Thanks for the review! Since it seem to wear off after an hour’s wear, I guess this is not really worth it right? A foundation needs to stay put during the whole day. I certainly wouldn’t want to keep running to the bathroom during work every now and then to check my makeup.. lol.. How is the maybelline mousse in terms of staying power? I haven’t tried any type of whipped makeup and quite curious πŸ™‚ Thanks again!

    • the Muse

      hi layla it might stick around longer for you, personally I haven’t had good wear time for it sadly πŸ™ Maybelline Mousse stays a bit longer one me however it does tend to oxidize fast as well!

  • Asuka

    Muse, talking about beige shades, have you tried the BO, which stands for Beige Ochre in Japanese foundations? I have only used PO (Pink Ochre) and Ochre. They are fine, but still I’ m not satisfied with the shade. But I’ m afraid Beige, which is more yellow, is suited to Asian skin (I’ m European-Mediterranean). However, when I used the European Shiseido Makeup foundation in the long past, it was more red, not yellow.

    By the way, I’ ve found this guide
    which I use when I buy American brands. Had you read this, you would have guessed that “Creamy” is for naturally tanned face (Level 4w).

  • Asuka

    * the European Shiseido Makeup foundation was more reddish tone under the name “Beige”.

  • Jones

    I just got this and I like it. I’ve tried the maybelline mousse and I didn’t like that- the color range was weird. The loreal one feels like a primer and it does keep my skin less oily and evens out my skin

  • Gina

    Hi Mary,

    Magic Smooth Soufflé has just recently launched in Canada and you’ll find it in all stores where L’Oreal Paris products are sold. Let us know what you think!

  • Nadine

    Thanks for that excellent review! I saw a commercial for this about a week ago and immediately wanted to try it. I’m fortunate in that I don’t really need make-up and rarely wear it; sometimes, though, I do want that “finished” look. And since I’m a sucker for gimmicks (smooth souffle – oo la la!) I’ll probably give it – or one of the other brands you mentioned – a try.

  • Lilac

    I believe that Estee Lauder’s Ideal Matte may have been the first mousse/whipped foundation. It came in a tube and was the perfect, perfect makeup. It was my HG until it got discontinued πŸ™

    The Maybelline version never worked for me so I have (had?) high hopes for this one. Based on your review I’m a little skeptical that it will work for me so I’m not sure if I should try it….

  • Lori

    I adore this foundation and think it blows the Maybelline version out of the water. This is much more natural looking to me.

  • Silvia

    I know you say you do not think it’s good for blemishes but how do you think it would be with discoloration? I have olive skin and discoloration around my forehead…

    also, any good recommendations for pressed powder to set it with?

  • Kari

    I really like the creame mousse texture on my hand. I have splotchy skin, lightly oiled, & scars but the are not deep they are smooth. This foundation is beautiful but not so great foro by the my skin. Since I do have slightly oily skin in my t zone my nose & between brow usually look uncovered. This gives me a splotchy look. As for the scars they are flesh level & smooth but not the same color as the rest of my face. This foundation does not work for that. And it doesnt last very long. I have a 14 year old daughter who, by the way, has beautiful skin, light colored and speckled with freckles. This foundation looks great on her, but she does not like the way it feels on her skin & after a few classes at school it has worn off. So this not so great for either of us. She wore it to a dance the other night, of course she sweated off everything, droppped her bra as soon as she got in the car. But her pictures came out flawless & awesome & she had a great time. So for short term use on flawless skin it is great but for long term use on not so perfect skin, not so great.

    I also tried the Dream Mousse Blush, I really like this product. Is the same as the foundation but for cheeks & eyes if you choose is cool. I use them put a powder over the top. LIke a regular face powder for a soft look or a powder blush for a little more color. Or if u have perfect skin (freckles included) this is also good to use for a lighter day time look.

  • Paloma

    I am on your site all the time! I love it! I just saw the commercial & it looked really good. How can you tell if your makeup oxidizes?

    • the Muse

      hi paloma for me it tends to go gray and ashy however sometimes it simply disappears. So if you’re making is disappearing that means it is oxidizing or if you’re seeing a certain dullness. hope this helps!

  • Devin

    I wanted a light weight coverage with a satin like finish, so I picked this up not too long ago. And I have to say that I really adore this foundation!
    I don’t put it all over my face (mostly under the eyes, nose, and chin) and it really blends my skin out. I do however set it with MAC StudioFix. Maybe since I set it, it last quite a long time. But my opinion on this product is very high. I also liked the fact that i found a shade that fits my skin colour perfectly.

  • Paula

    I just used a sample of souffle makeup today and I absolutely love it!! My face has pores and it concealed every flaw I had and made it look perfect. I will definitely buy it as soon as I can.

  • Heidi

    I’ve been wearing this foundation for about a month now and I actually quite like it. It doesn’t wear off on me as quickly as it seems to for you (obviously everyone’s skin is different). Then again, I usually set it with Studio Fix, so perhaps that is the variant that makes it last longer?

  • cat’smeow

    i bought this yesterday and I am in love with it. i am 63 years young and when i put on this makeup it was like a magic eraser. it just covered all my lines and i look 10 years younger at least. the color was hard to test because there was no testers but i think it is the best foundation i ever used. i bought on HSN a wonderful product called MAGIC FINISH thought that was the cat’s meow but after trying this on the Loreal product had better coverage and was a hell of a lot cheaper. girls i would highly recommend this one. i am going to buy another one in a deeper shade so when i tan it will match better. LOREAL this is the best product i ever bought from u.

  • Rhona Gorman

    hi, i just bought the magic souffle, it didnt look anything like on TV. it was diffrent, i was a little dissapointed, but it does hide my age spots a little. it wasnt “souffle” looking like on TV>

  • Doris

    I’m thinking about getting this foundation after reading all the good reviews about it, but I don’t know what brush I would use with a “souffle/whipped” foundation. Any suggestions/recommendations? I’m a big foundation noobie ):

  • Lisa

    I love this make-up the very best however i bought sun beie and d need a different colr becaus my skn is darker.THE VERY BEST EVER………

    • Lisa

      sorry about the spelling in bad need of new key board.but i do love this makeup i have had so many people ask what I had done to my skin,but the answere was used this makeup.

  • Trina


    Would you have happened to notice what the undertone shades were for the lighter shades in this foundation? Im very pale with yellow (or neautral can be ok) undertones (nc5-nc15 in mac) and I always find drugstore foundation shades to be too pink or weirdly beige…

    what do you think? I really want to try this out some time : )))

  • Sarah S.

    Hi Muse! I know this post is so old but I recently got this foundation and I love it! I do use the primer L’oreal sells under it, though. Maybe they’re being sneaky and you kind of have to use them together? I apply this with a foundation brush (sephora #55 or Real Techniques stippling, NOT a flat one) and I have oily skin, acne marks, dings, you-name-it and it covers them and makes me look airbrushed! I like how it feels on my face but hate how it feels on my fingers… so the brush solves that issue and blends it in so well. It would probably be my HG, in fact, if it lasted just a leeeettle bit longer. I get over 4 hours of “flawless wear” haha so it’s not too bad, but yeah it doesn’t cut it for a full day at the office. What I do love is that I can use it around my eyes and it doesn’t go in the lines like, well, EVERYTHING else. Have you tried it with the primer?

  • Brooklynn

    I had used this makeup for about two years before I found “Avons Healthy Makeup”. When our relationship was happening, I was in love with this product. It was my first ever mousse makeup & I just loved how it felt on my dry skin. It didn’t settle in and flake, and it didn’t settle into my up-till-3-am-studying eyebags. That being said, it also helped cover the dark circles I had made for myself under my eyes as well.
    However when I switched to Avons (they recently discontinued the healthy makeup moouse, I am heartbroken and have been researching for an alternative) I noticed all the things wrong with it. It didn’t last very long, despite looking amazing in the morning. It began to look clumpy after a few uses, even after I had washed my brush. It began looking like my whole face was dry, and I would have to make my face damp with water before it would slide on smoothly again.
    The other thing is I am an alabaster/porcelain skin tone – with them not making those shades available in drug stores, I has to use ivory. Ivory was fine as long as I was in dim lighting – but when walking out to my quad or sitting under a fluorescent light, it turned me a bit orange – which needless to say is embarassing.
    This makeup was my first mousse love – but unfortunately I had to move on. I would recommend for seeing if you like mousse foundations, but otherwise I would pass it by.

  • Lourdes

    I am 61 and have great skin; always have had. Through the years I have tried foundations and have never liked any of them, so I just use a primer, translucent powder and blush. If anything I might mix a few drops of foundation with my moisturizer, or try a tinted moisturizer. But I am willing to give new things a try and I see a lot of whipped-style foundations like the one here L’Oreal Magicsmooth Souffle, the Revlon ColorStay Whipped, the Maybelline Dream Airfoam, and the Revlon Photoready Airbrush. I want something lightweight. Which of all of these do you recommend?

  • Brittany

    I am BEYOND disappointed with their 2013 spring collection because this is the ONLY BASE I can use that makes me feel good about my skin. I about cried when I couldn’t find it ANYWERE. Please, please come back out with this.

  • joan peterson

    bought loreal magic smooth souffle foundation fr Ulta for clearance price about $5 but most websites are selling it for $12.95 where can I get it for the lower price?

  • Jessica Bolender

    I love LOVE loved it!!! So light. Brightening. Perfect coverage. Only problem now…. i can’t find it as any drugstores or target or Wal-Mart. Did they stop production on my fave product ever!!!??

  • Yolanda Lukers

    I love this product! I am currently using my last jar of classic tan number 532 I have ordered it 5 at a time. . I have been searching for this shade to no avail. Is this shade ever going to come back? This makeup makes my skin look younger and goes on so smooth. Stays on all day. Just love it.