November 1, 2010

Lush Gorilla Imogen Rose Solid Perfume Review, Photos

I recently read a review on the new Lush Gorilla Fragrances that basically said they had a stinky hippie vibe going on. I nearly burst out sobbing.

Noooo! Simply not true! I think you have to be a Lush lover to really understand the Gorilla Fragrance Collection. Granted, some of the blends definitely lean towards earthy and in some cases stinky hippie for sure but NOT all of them. I thought some were downright unique and interesting, all the things Lush is, what Lush stands for.

So no I disagree, these are definitely not all about the stinky hippie vibe. I slay anyone who disagrees!


Speaking of interesting, special, and unique, Imogen Rose stands out as all of the above and a fond favorite of all the Gorilla Fragrances released stateside. It also happens to be the most expensive in it’s spray format. The line starts at $29.95 works itself up to $39.95 proceeds to reach $49.95 and reaches it’s final pinnacle of $64.95 for Imogen Rose.

It is understandable that Imogen Rose is the most expensive of the fragrance line considering that it uses a high oil concentrate of rose absolute which does run pricey.

Is it worth the price?



Particularly if you’re a fan of rose scents. I absolutely rose so this is very me.

It’s very floral, very rose-like, however they added a note of baby powder which is absolutely ingenious in my opinion as it makes the scent smell like that fresh baby smell but the rose gives it more of a sophisticated feel.

I wouldn’t call this true rose by any means since the powder does seem to dominate the blend but the rose is prominent enough to make any and all rose fans a lover of this scent.

I tried this in the solid perfume format and I must say I’m duly impressed with these. They last and linger well plus have considerable throw for something in a solid form. And this also allows you to tote around your fav with you when you travel for quickie touch ups on the go.

Imogen Rose is living proof that Lush creates some of the most wonderful, unique, and beautiful fragrance experiences in the world of beauty.

Absolutely adore this.

No stinky hippies here, just pure, gorgeous, flirty fragrance for ladies that love floral perfumes!

Anyone try Imogen Rose?

Loves it?

Leaves it?

Any favs from the Gorilla Fragrance Collection?

Do share!

Available now at

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  • Stephanie

    I have been having a blast trying out all the gorilla perfumes. I have this one in an atomizer and I really love it!

    • the Muse

      me too Stephanie ;-D a fond fav! It’s like a low calorie version of tuca tuca!

  • Cj

    Did you see they came out with another scent on the uk site :)? It’s called Breath of God. Can’t wait to get the solid of it, I’m totally addicted to em 😀 So convenient to just throw em in my bag. I got Vanillary the other day and I’m really loving it! Not as much as my Tuca Tuca tho ofcourse 🙂

    • the Muse

      yeah CJ I actually have it from the B Never days but was happy to see it back again ;-D in solid form! Vanillary=LOVES 😀

  • courtney

    i dont know why but i can’t stand any of the gorilla perfumes, they smell like incense. But i know a lot of people love them

  • Ludwig

    Hey Muse, hope you had a good weekend! Completely unrelated to this perfume but I went to Lush this weekend and got the Bon Bon lip scrub on your recommendation and it is AMAZING!! I think I’m in love : ) Also picked up the Snow Fairy liptint and it doesn’t really show up on my pigmented lips but its absolutely GORG over a nude lipsick!

    • the Muse

      FANTASTIC Ludwig happy to hear it. Taking alot of willpower for me not to just eat it like candy ;-D sorry about Snow Fairy 🙁 It Started with a Kiss was way better imho! ;D

  • katrosado5

    Sounds lovely. I haven’t tried Lush products yet. Where we have lived prior there were no stores. But there is one down the road now in Honolulu and I might have to take a 15 min road trip to have a looksee 😀

  • Ashe

    Hi Muse! I had a trip to England in August so of course I went to Lush (one or three times) and the lady told me that they named the perfume Imogen Rose after the creator had a dream about his wife being pregnant and she told him that was the baby’s name!

    Also, be careful because the color on the solid can rub off…I have karma and it made my neck orange because I wasn’t paying attention! XD

    • the Muse

      hi Ashe true story ;-D Simon did indeed name Imogen Rose b/c of this ;-D oh thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t experience that but good to know, would hate to ruin a shirt or sweater b/c of that!

  • Kelsey atcheson

    I have not bought any, but today at the store I sniffed some interested in the solid perfume (never seen that before) and they are very strong if you just smelt it but I heard that they don’t smell so strong on your skin. I really am interested in these solids for school and parties. I liked this one, the vinillary, and tuca tuca. I don’t want to smell bad though! Which scents that are being sold at stores are best for a 16 year old?

    Thanks!! Love you guys!!