November 15, 2010

Lush Matryoshka Review, Photos

Best gift of the season?

Lush Matryoshka!

I purchased four of these darling girls and proceeded to tuck them away as gifts. Believe me, it was hard to do so because I just wanted to keep them all for myself but, my less than greedy side said I should really give them away to the people I love and adore. So they are in my closet at the moment in gift boxes addressed to others in my life who are sure to enjoy them!

Lucky enough I got one to test out recently and couldn’t be more happier because I think I was starting to hear whispers from inside the closet asking that I open at least one up and try it for myself.

What is it?

A traditional Russian nesting doll but with a bath time twist.

Check it!

A darling Matryoshka Nesting Doll that unwraps to reveal Lush So White Soap, Lush Cinders Bath Bomb, and Lush So White Bath Bomb!


The doll is actually considerably smaller than I thought she’d be which makes her all the more darling! I placed a Bobbi Brown Palette box side by side so you can see her measurements. Her outer shell (red) is made up of two pieces of So White Soap on either side each is 3.3oz each. Unwrap her kerchief, lift up the first slice of soap and you’ll real a So White Bath Bomb slice that’s 2.1 oz. Below this is a Cinder Bath bomb of the same size!

The sizes of So White Soap are pretty large so they should last you a while plus you’re getting two slices as it makes up the top and bottom pieces of the set. So White Soap is a sharp, crisp, tart apple scent. Don’t quote me but there isn’t any other apple soaps from Lush aside from Temptation so this is a great one for apple scent fans!

Cinders is a spicy warm cinnamon creation and one of my very favorite Holiday scents! And of course So White Bath Bomb matches up with the soap and smells like a crisp, crunchy apple!

Cinders, in my opinion, doesn’t cocktail well with So White so you can unwrap each piece of the doll and place them in ziplock bags and use each in an individually bath (don’t store them together since So White is strong and will easily overpower Cinders, store them in separate bags).

So White is a highly moisturizing bath experience and it makes my skin feel incredibly hydrated but be sure to be extra careful when stepping out of the tube as things can get slippery or if you have a tub/shower together be aware in the AM when taking a shower as, again, things can be slippery!

I think the novelty of the set is the doll shape and cute nesting idea of the product. True Lush fans will adore this!

My chunk of Cinders Bath Bomb was lodged too deeply into the So White Soap so I had to toss both in the tub when I took my bath and had to fish out the soap after Cinders melted away. Not a big deal but it annoyed me. Not sure if this is the case with all the sets but I’m assuming it might be hit or miss.

  • Russians (ha! If you’re Russian I’m sure you’ll find the appeal of this set)!
  • Lush fans!
  • Anyone who hasn’t tried Lush before (this is a great introduction to Lush Bath Bombs and Soap).
  • Anyone who likes warm, relaxing baths.

  • Those sensitive to scented bath products (Lush products have fantastic scent with fantastic throw so if you’re not a fan of fragrance you may wish to avoid).

Lush Matryoshka is a thrilling little gift to get and to give. It’s unique and special enough to warrant a purchase for yourself but also to give to fellow bath lovers plus it’s alot of product for it’s tiny $20 price. I absolutely loved this one and think I might indulge in another before it’s gone!

So sweet!

Very Muse Approved for purchase!

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