November 23, 2010

MAC Pink 4 Friday MAC and Nicki Minaj Collaboration

MAC Pink 4 Friday, a collaborated lipstick shade between Nicki Minaj (who?!) and MAC will be available for purchase starting November 26th online only at and will be offered each following Friday (December 3rd, 10th, and 17th) in the month of December.

Nicki Minaj is a Trinidadian hip-hop diva according to MAC. According to me? I haven’t a clue who she is. Eep! Have I lost touch with pop culture? I’ve honestly never heard of her but than again my taste in music runs to the extremes.

Nicki’s shade, is a creamy pink satin formula, kinda looks dup-ish to the recently released Lady Gaga Pink that MAC created for Viva Glam.

Honestly her shade does seem a tad hard to pull off for many in my humblest, I thought the same about Gaga’s shade but if you’re a nude pink kinda girl this should appeal.

It does appear super limited edition so it could appeal to hardcore MAC collectors.

What do you think of it?

Do share!


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  • Nathalie

    Don’t worry about not knowing who Minaj is. You’re not missing much. She’s insanely obnoxious.

    I agree. That tone of pink is going to be very difficult to pull off.

    • the Muse

      oh good Nathalie ;-D can avoid LOL I always see too many insanely obnoxious celebs as is ;-D don’t need more haha!

  • breyerchic04

    I heard of her yesterday in a non makeup context. I guess she’s a rapper whose newest album (coming out this week I think?) has no sexual context so it comes off as feminist.

    • Carol-Patricia

      I wouldn’t say that, considering Eminem raps on a track about how he ties a girl to a bed and does ungodly things to her because she downloaded his music. i was so disappointed 🙁

    • swimmingpretty

      Nicki Minaj is most certainly not feminist! She another highly oversexualized female rapper. In fact shes a dupe of Lil Kim, so it makes sense that her lipstick is a dupe of Lady Gaga, MAC needs to be more original.
      Im sure we’ll all be saying the same as you muse -“Nicki who?!” in a few years!

  • Maddie

    Never heard of her before the other day when a girl on youtube posted a makeup vid on how to look like her. And is it just me or is she missing arms?

  • Cj

    Lol it’s funny you say that the shade is a dupe of Lady Gaga’s because a lot of people are saying she’s trying to be like Gaga :P. But yeah it’s perfectly fine you don’t know her lol she isn’t that big and she’s actually kinda weird :X I saw her on VMA’s and she was acting like she was nuts lol

    • the Muse

      no kid cj? ;-D LOL VMA’s seems to be a welcome mat for being weird and nuts :D!

  • Eli

    I think I’m also lagging behind with pop-culture, I didn’t know who Justin Biber is until today… Sue me 😀

  • Kel

    I have an obsession with her at the moment. She’s so fun! After VG Gaga came out was I thinking they should make a Nicki lipstick. So I’m psychic?

    • the Muse

      I need to google and youtube Kel but I honestly haven’t a clue who she is!? eep!

  • Step

    I like her lots! She went to an arts high school for drama, so she’s a really theatrical rapper and uses a lot of different voices and accents. And wigs. I think she’s fun, some find her really off putting, just depends. She sings well too. I wish the lipstick was a Viva Glam so I could justify buying it..

    • the Muse

      step I knew who she was. def have to brush up and see her in action on youtube ;D

  • dina

    want this!!! 🙂 i thought i read it was sheen and buildable so hopefully its wearable

    • the Muse

      dina lucky girl if you can wear it. I fear I’ll look like a corpse if I attempt it!

      • dina

        i have to say after seeing temptalia’s swatches i think i’ll have to back off 🙁 was hoping it’d be a bit pinker/darker

  • krystin

    ok wait. so is this just pink nouveau with another name slapped on it? or is it a new color?

    • the Muse

      I’m honestly not sure krystin. from what I understand the shade is called pink nouveau. But I wasn’t familiar with the color in the general catalog. I’m gonna throw it out there and say it’s a new shade as mac wouldn’t pimp it as LE crazy-like if it wasn’t!? but don’t quote me 😀

      • lovnlife4ever

        I’m pretty sure actually the lipstick is called Pink Friday. Pink Nouveau is already a MAC lipstick which Nicki says was her favorite before she collaborated with MAC to make Pink Friday (which is also the name of her new album).
        In swatches it looks a lot more like Snob than Pink Nouveau imo, but not far off.

      • LorraineER

        Pink Nouveau is part of the permanent collection. I’m confused about whether it’s a new shade or not because she said her signature shade was Pink Nouveau. I’m not a big fan of her or anything but I am kinda MAC-obsessed lately, lol.

  • nicci

    I have never heard of this woman…lol but I would not buy that shade of lipstick either. It won’t go well with my skintone and it doesn’t look real. I’m not a huge fan of MAC but I’m glad the other brands I do enjoy don’t come out with colors that are hard to pull off for anyone.

  • Maggie

    Yeah, my first thought was “who”?! And then when I saw the MAC promo pic and Googled her, my reaction was “AAAAAAAUGH! RUN AWAY!!!” She’s totally frightening-looking.

  • Stellar

    What is with the promo pic D: It is seriously making me scaring me a bit. I am totally not a big fan of her but her debut music video with the use of fabric to story tell was cool (though I should give my thanks to the director/people/person who came up with that idea instead).

  • Cat

    *crawls out of corner and stops lurking*

    Hope this clears up some confusion….

    Pink Nouveau is a MAC satin lipstick that is not limited edition or anything. You can check at and click on the lipsticks section, then click the “shop by finish” tab and look around in the satin lipsticks section. It’s been on my “to try” list…from my obligatory hand swatches that I do every time I hit up the MAC counter, it’s more yellow-pinky and darker than Viva Glam Gaga, which I own (and also darker than Saint Germain, another shade I have). It might be a toughy to pull off for some skin tones, but I’d definitely say it seems like it’s not as hard compared to Gaga or Saint Germain.

    From what *I* understand (I may be wrong!), Pink Nouveau is Nicki Minaj’s fave lipstick. BUT, she’s gonna be collaborating with MAC and making some sort of…dream shade, I guess? I imagine it’s gonna be similar to Pink Nouveau. Maybe bluer/warmer/brighter/darker or something. I’ve got no clue. I’ll probably pick it up regardless 😛

    The only reason I know about Nicki Minaj is because she sang in a song with Lil Wayne.

    And the only reason I know about that is because some of my younger siblings listen to Lil Wayne. Usually I’m quite clueless about celebrities, I swear.

    • the Muse

      ha cat thanks for coming out of lurkdom and giving your feedback! ;-D appreciate it greatly. LOL me too, particularly ones like this, utter cluelessness!

  • sparklingpinkgorilla

    I keep seeing it called pink friday 4 (her album is also named pink friday, not sure where the 4 is coming in at…). I love her, just bought the cd. She’s really a specific taste though, I love fun girly music.

    • the Muse

      hi sparkling wish I can say I know who she is ;-D ha. Sadly I don’t. My music tastes def veer around in weird paths 😀

  • bayleysparkagex3

    Nicki Minaj is a really famous she-rapper. really popular with the younger crowd! 🙂

  • tini

    According to temptalia’s swatches this is basically a dead on dupe for gaga and pink nouveau but reads straight purple on the lips doesn’t look good, and I’ve only ever seen this chick on the VMAS and OMG, i… she is just… not my cup of tea. Maybe I’ll get it anyway to support her because SHE HAS NO ARMS? Is that what the cool kids are doing?

    • the Muse

      LOL tini not sure about her arm deal LOL weird. I haven’t yet figured out who she is and I kinda don’t care lol!

  • zang

    monaj raps in the song bottoms up.she annoys me in that song,but I like the corrus…

  • Ally

    Yeah never heard of her either! Can’t imagine who would want to look like her anyway though 🙂

  • Lauren

    Obviously, everyone has a different opinion on different things.
    But the thing about Nicki is thats her STAGE personality (the obnoxious “black barbie” as she calls herself.) If any of you would have watched her VH1 special “My Time Now”, you would have learned her back story and how its an act. She was born in Trinidad and her dad died when she was young. Her mom left her and she lived with her grandmother. Her mom came back for her when she was 5 and they moved to Queens, which she expected to be massive and like a fairy tale.

    Idk I just don’t like these people bashing her when they don’t know a thing about her. I guess I understand. I mean- I’m fourteen and my friends and I are all fans of hers soo ahhaha.

  • Alexis

    WOW people really need to stop hating on Nicki Minaj… She is THE BEST female rapper out there and far from obnoxious. I LOVE her and this lipstick as well and just like Nicki I can very well pull off this shade since Nicki and I are the same skin color and tone. Its SUPER GORG like her and like me!

    P.S. She is NOT I repeat NOT a Lil kim dupe by any means… Lil Kim aint even on her radar! Dont get me wrong I like Kim but Nicki is way more FETCH than Kim. (or GAGA for that matter)
    …You can tell Im a NICKI MINAJ Barb from my terminology 🙂 lol