November 12, 2010

Sephora I Love Sephora Brush Set Review, Photos

I love Sephora.

Indeed, I do.

We all do and we aren’t ashamed to proclaim our love to the world! That’s why we need a brush set that says we love Sephora!

A selection of Sephora’s Platinum Brush Line encased in a sparkling clutch!

I think the novelty of this set is the really cute brush handles which say “I Love Sephora” on them. I was tickled by this for some reason and thought it was simply darling!

The selection is $25 and includes full size brushes from Sephora’s Platinum Brush Line so you’re looking at $5 per a blush plus a very nice clutch that they include along with it. The clutch is a sparkling white slim line case with a snap closure that sports the Sephora emblem. Although obviously meant for the brushes as it has little slots for storing them it can easily double up as a purse for an evening out.

Sephora makes a very good line of brushes and I own quite a few which I purchased individually and others that I got from sets. They don’t shed, they literally last for years (some of mine are nearing ten years old and perform marvelously still), and they have soft yet dense bristles. This particularly set includes two of my personal favorite brushes which are the Smudge Brush and Slanted Eyeliner Brush. Also included are a fluffy shadow brush, lip brush, and a gorgeous flat brush for powder application. The flat brush included is worth the price of admission.

The set has a bit of whimsy to it thanks to the “I Love Sephora” imprinted on each brush but it’s also very functional as well and is a nice selection of tools for beginners or advanced users.

I hate that they included a lip brush as I’m not really one for using this tool in my daily makeup regime. I wish they included a blending brush of some kind instead.

  • Anyone seeking an inexpensive yet quality set of brushes!
  • Anyone who loves Sephora (proclaim it with these brushes).
  • Anyone looking for a nice selection of brushes to gift out (the elegant clutch makes this a nice pick for a gift)!

  • Anyone who doesn’t use a lip brush (this brush takes away from the value slightly in my opinion).

This was a nice selection of brushes and has plenty of quality to back it up. If you’re looking through various sets this year, I do urge you to try out some of the sets available at Sephora as they offer alot of bang for your buck. Their brushes are just as good as MAC ones and get the job done.

This set also happens to be available in pink to, loves that!

Available now at

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  • cassie

    I am on the fence for the precise reason you mentioned, the lip brush.
    I was thinking I could use it for concealer or cream shadows, what do you think?

    • the Muse

      cassie same here. Does anyone actually use lip brushes!? I know I never do. mmm it’s a little too stuff for cream shadows and concealer….maybe as a liner brush!? you can prob def find some use for it I’m sure ;-D but a blending brush would have been better imho! however, I will say that flat top brush=AMAZING

      • Carol-Patricia

        I use a lip brush to line my lips, but they don’t do much for me in terms of filling in.

        • the Muse

          I don’t even do that carol ;-D normally just line with the tip of a lipstick and fill ;D

          • Carol-Patricia

            Girl, you have quite a talent. I tried so many times to do that but it just ends in disaster >.<

          • the Muse

            LOL carol! naaa it ends up all over the place with me too sometimes ;-D haha!

      • Valerie

        Yes! I LOVE lip brushes! Lip color application is so much more precise and long wearing with lip brushes.

  • Misato-san

    I wonder if this is alavaible in Italy too because I can think of trying it, it’s really inexpensive but full of goodies!

  • Jessica

    I love that you’ll admit you have brushes nearing ten years old. I say things like that and people give me the what the heck look.
    I was really impressed by this set but like everyone else, I think lip brushes aren’t necessary tools. I hate it that almost every brush set out there comes with one. I always get the urge to write companies about it and tell them to give us something more impressive or useful because even when I was doing makeup full time, nobody and I mean nobody was using a lip brush.

    • the Muse

      lol jessica ;-D it’s only true eh? ;-D Who cares. We rock hehe! I thought I was the only one that hated lip brushes, I honestly don’t get the point and don’t think the average makeup user bothers but interesting to hear that even artists don’t bother ;-D!

  • Jessica

    We definitely rock!
    Well there’s an old argument about how you use less product with a brush and some people prefer that. Not me! If using a lipstick I don’t want a sheer, barely there application. If that’s what someone wants there’s other products out there more suited for them instead of using a lip brush with a lipstick. Some people do use a lip brush heavily with lipstick and I really think a lot of product gets wasted because it’s waxy and more ends up on/in the brush than on your lips.
    Even with things like Nars lip laquer that come in pots a lot of people for sanitary reasons will use those disposable eyeshadow sponges because they don’t soak up the product, they’re disposable and you get even coverage. Wow, sorry for the novel.

  • Kristen

    I have a brush set from sephora and love it. They still look new, and don’t shed. Only thing I hate is what you stated, a lip brush. Mine is retractable, but I think it works great as a concealer brush.