November 18, 2010

Sleek Makeup Blush Review, Swatches, Photos

Sleek Makeup has a blusher available for as little as $8 which resembles NARS somewhat in terms of packaging and pigmentation. If you’re on the hunt for a budget blush that’s super pigmented this could be the answer to your makeup prayers.

Check it!

A super pigmented budget blush!

Props to Sleek for creating another superbly pigmented product. If you like your blushes popping, this is one to look for. I ordered a few more of these recently since I was so impressed with the pigmentation. As little as eight bucks for a pigmented blush? Beauty Budget most fabulous!

I got two shades Rose Gold and Flamingo. Rose Gold is dubbed by some as a NARS Orgasm dupe but I honestly wouldn’t go that far. It’s in the realms of being Orgasm-like but it’s considerably more pigmented and more wow aspiring than Orgasm plus it leans towards being more peachy gold where as Orgasm has a fair bit of gorgeous pink to it and I simply don’t get that from Rose Gold. Flamingo is a bold, vibrant shade of rosy fuchsia which isn’t easily wearable but with a lighter hand you can blend it out quite nicely but it does take a fair bit of patience. Rose Gold has a shimmery almost iridescent finish and Flamingo is a matte one.

The formula of the blush varies from shade to shade it seems. Rose Gold seemed to have a silkier feel than Flamingo, you might wish to blame the shimmer on that. Both had good texture but I did notice an issue or two with blending, tell you more in a sec….

The blushes come packaged in a hard shell black compact that’s thin, travel friendly, and quite nice overall. The packaging is slick and doesn’t feel like inexpensive makeup. They store super easy too since they are so thin.

You do have to be very aware with Rose Gold as it does come across pretty shimmery and will apply as such on cheeks. A lighter hand is best used and a good decent blend out will solve the problem however it does sport way more shimmer than NARS Orgasm or Super Orgasm in my humblest. Plus it’s not necessarily the shimmer that’s a problem it’s more due to the iresdescent-like finish of the product that gives off that disco ball feel and look.

Flamingo, due to it’s matte formula, proves a bit difficult to blend out so a lighter hand and a bushier blush brush works best to get this in place. Do be aware during application as it does give a really OMG I’m so cold look to your face. So if you already have red cheeks don’t bother and if you’re darker, tan, or olive complexion, do bother, because the pigmentation in this is wild and should give you a nice healthy dose of gorgeous on your cheeks!

  • Anyone who loves bolder, brighter blushes!
  • Anyone who loves color (Sleek has an interesting line up of shades to choose from).
  • Anyone wanting the best of the beauty blusher budget word (at $8 you can’t beat it).

  • Anyone wanting a NARS Orgasm dupe (Rose Gold isn’t Orgasm in my opinion).
  • Anyone who doesn’t like online shopping (these are sold and shipped from the UK exclusively).
  • Anyone scared of color (if you’re scared of bolder shades, do step back, these are some of the most pigmented I’ve come across in the budget world).

Sleek’s Blush won’t prove for everyone especially those with heavier hands, clumsy application techniques, redness in their cheeks, and those scared of colors. However, those who already own, use, and love NARS Blush should check these out as the pigmentation is wild and crazy good at this price. The formula varied for me from blush to blush but I’m hopeful some of the other shades I purchased won’t be matte as such a finish tends to be a little more work in the blending department.

(Cheeks: Rose Gold)

I liked these.


Particularly the fabulous little price tag.

Very Muse Approved for a purchase!

Available from

If you’ve used Sleek Blush, I’d love to hear about it

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  • crotchfairy

    I love sleek posts 😀 Your post made me question how I apply blush. I think i fall in the clumsy since I don’t ever blend out. I’m around the NC20 area and just dab color on the apples and slightly sweep up to the cheekbone with a lighter hand. I’ll watch some youtube videos this weekend.

    Sleek blushes fill the lemming I have for NARS’ Exhibit A. Talk about whoaaaa there.

    • the Muse

      oh crotch I suck at blush application, can totally relate ;-D man these are crazy pigmented so def satisfy any nars cravings!

  • Misato-san

    Rose Gold it’s in my order! I wonder when they’ll ship it but after hearing so much good from you and from the pixiwoo sisters I’m thrilled to try it. <3

  • Phyrra

    I must admit, I love the iridescence! I think I’d like the rose gold 🙂 Evil Shades made me an orange-coral blush with violet iridescence and they just released several other iridescent shades. They’ve got this baby pink shade with blue iridescence that I think looks amazing on my skintone.

    Anyway, Rose Gold looks cute on you!

  • Anitacska

    I have these and like them a lot. Imo Rose Gold is actually way better than Nars Orgams, it may be more shimmery, but it certainly doesn;t have all the glitter O has. 🙂

  • Mary the Muse Militant

    You look lovely in black. Very striking !
    The Rose Gold looks gorgeous and looks like it shows a bit of pink on your cheeks. Very nice !
    The Flamingo always looks more corally pink in the shops so maybe it’s my monitor making it look more hot pink.
    There are some UK ebay sellers that sell Sleek but not sure waht they charge for shipping.
    Just thought to mention as am sure you mentioned Sleek charge through the roof for USA shipping.

    • the Muse

      your far too kind mary 😀 I wish I got coral pink from it I get a fuschia rose going on with it ;-D yeah 🙁 $13.50 but not bad if you order alot ;D!

  • Wendy

    I have both of these, yay! The reason the texture feels different is not just the shimmer… I think it’s also that the mattes were released a while before the shimmers so they improved the formula. Flamingo definitely needs a light hand but it’s so gorgeous! Try using it lightly and then applying a liquid highlighter over top! You will have fantastic glowy, winter cheeks 😀


    • the Muse

      thanks for the tip wendy ;-D I was using with a bushy brush, this seems to work well enough but def can over do it quickly so have to be careful ;D!

  • Lexi

    Haha I love these! Sleek is very popular in Britain, I love flamingo too! The best way to apply it, without applying to much is to lightly pat it on, it gives a rosy flush without looking too much like you got slapped 😀

  • Michelle

    I own Flamingo, Scandalous (that super red one!! O_O) and a couple more I can’t remember the names of. DEFINITELY super duper pigmented. I’ve never come across anything more pigment-packed than these. I really want to pick up Rose Gold. It looks so lovely on you! 😀