November 1, 2010

Stila Color Wheel Eye Shadow Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

Ok, so who hauled the Stila Color Wheel Eye Shadow Palette? Damn, isn’t it massive? This thing is bigger than my head yo! I love it! Stila definitely goes the traditional route with palettes and they don’t really veer from the well walked path, not that that’s a bad thing mind you but it does become comfortable for the makeup junkies among us and hey who wants comfortable? We want different, we want unique, we want new and exciting and fresh!

The Stila Color Wheel Eye Shadow Palettes brings it. This is truly like nothing Stila has released in the past. Mind you they have been hitting the idea hard because they have another color wheel palette in similar colors plus a natural one that was released recently however this one is the biggest and baddest of the three.

I absolutely love it.

Check it!

A palette made up of 37 eyeshadows in a color wheel layout that makes combining, contrasting, and applying eye looks a snap!

The palette is designed in a flower burst color wheel design with two dual end applicators. It’s a hard plastic shell that’s about three times the size of a CD.

The palette houses 37 shades of eyeshadow so this is a hell of alot of eyeshadow for $38 dollars. You’re looking at shadow that sets you back a buck per a shade or so. Even though the shadows are small in size that’s still alot of variety and shades for the price.

The palette contains an easy follow instruction book for creating 12 different looks. I like the book for two reasons. 1. It contains an image of the eye and 2. it contains an image of the overall look. So basically they include an image of the model’s face so you can get a feel for how it will look on plus a close up of the eye so you can see the detail. Plus it doesn’t hurt that the instructions are super easy to follow.

Advanced makeup users will easily rock the palette as it’s a matter of highlight and contrasting shades and a follow up with a fourth shade, the middle black matte, for lining. Really easy.

Newbies or clumsy makeup users will also find it very easy to use as well. Simply highlight your eye with the lightest shade, use the darker in your crease, and blend the lighter on your lid. You can’t mess this up. Some steps in the book use a different technique for application but nothing advanced or difficult. It’s all very easy to understand and follow.

Of course, no one says you have to follow the rules. Mix and match the colors as you see fit. You can use them in any variety of looks by combining several or using one. It’s entirely up to you and your imagination. The instruction manual for looks is just a really nice way to get ideas.

The shadows are not the typical Stila eyeshadow formula nor are they anything like the Stila Travel Book Palettes. They are however something completely different and very nice. Where as Stila’s normal range of shadow runs towards being very creamy feeling and velvety these have a thinner, silkier texture. They are most surely powder and do not have that velvety cream powder feel that Stila Eyeshadows normally sport. They aren’t lacking in pigmentation and have very nice color pay off. The formula does not vary either, the entire palette sports the same silky texture so you aren’t left with half a palette of nice shadows and half of chalky, it’s all the same nice formula.

It isn’t all good and the palette isn’t without a few quirks….

It’s very pretty and very cumbersome sadly. I like the look of it and the idea but sadly it’s bulky and makes application a tiny bit irritating. I’m constantly scared it’s going to fall off my vanity as I apply, I can’t hold it up and apply at the same time since it’s so large, and it’s just overly super sized and hard to have around during application. It’s super thin but it still proves a challenge to store it anywhere.

The flower burst design is pretty but the colors range from bigger blooms to smaller. The bigger are fab however the smaller are smaller than a penny and it makes it a pain to get a brush or sponge applicator into such a tiny spot.

The manual has some great looks however some seem unrealistic and they are considerably more vibrant than final results that you do for yourself. No amount of layering of the product gets such a look in my opinion.

The manual suggest wet application in some looks and I didn’t really love this idea since the shadow wells are tiny and you can’t draw a line down using one side wet and one dry. I don’t relish the idea of wetting an entire powder shadow and hoping it’ll dry well.

The applicators included are virtually useless. These aren’t a sponge but a thin brush. No way can you apply any of the colors with this aside from perhaps lining your eyes if you’re lucky.

  • Anyone wanting a huge selection of eyeshadow to create a number of looks!
  • Anyone wanting more for less (at a dollar per a shadow this is a deal).
  • Anyone who likes eyeshadow palettes!

  • Anyone who with little to no storage space (this takes up a fair bit of space).
  • Clumsy makeup users who tend to drop things alot (beware, this is bulky, and you MAY drop it and cry! I know it’s a real fear for me).

Overall, the palette has it’s quirks but I love it none the less and it does indeed get a healthy Muse Approved for purchase. The color selection ranges from cool to warm so you can get any number of looks from the palette such as gold, brown, coppery, purple, green, and many other looks! The palette definitely offers a wide range of looks and is ideal for those who love to play with color. And if you don’t? Well it’s a great way to experiment!

P.S. Feel free to yell at me. I did not swatch the entire palette. The smaller shadow wells are a pain in the butt to get my applicator in and I just simply ran out of energy to do the entire palette. Forgive me? I did a few of the larger shades though!

Loves it!

Well worth a purchase!

Did you haul the Stila Color Wheel Eye Shadow Palette?

What did you love about it?

What did you hate about it?

Planning on getting it?

Do share!

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  • melissa

    This had been on my waiting list since the second you had a sneak peek at it awhile back….then without hesitation I bought it the minute it was released….now it is 20% off with ulta coup, sephora, and tomorrow lol…I tend to do this with everything because I think things I want are going to sell out and I have no ability or control to wait for things!

    I really do think this is an amazing value, however I am not a big fan of the material of the palette (shiny, crappy black plastic) or the gigantic size! I really do adore the color wheel idea, but maybe they could have just done a ton of the same size, like the other 2…. the brushes are the worst things I have ever seen also! The colors were not as vibrant as they appeared on the site and I would have liked to see maybe a larger selection of bright colors…they might not even be that bad, I think just all the browns/reddish shades dulled it down…
    Those are just minor complaints, as I still love it and just stare at it some times!!

    I think with all of the holiday sales approaching and ending soon, this would be an great snag at 20% off if anyone has a makeup lover or friend on their list!! The booklet is also very cute, and although the colors seem to be a bit…exaggerated, I think it would be a wonderful idea for all palettes, especially large LE ones to include some sort of look-book, or a few look ideas….

    This is an amazing value and a must to anyone that loves Stila and wants to add to their collection…I haven’t seen anything like this from them and think their holiday collection of new palettes is very unique!
    Thank you Muse! xoxo

    • the Muse

      melissa don’t feel bad, totally splurged months ago too! as soon as it released I purchased and didn’t wait for 20% off ;-D

      I had some quirks and rants about it too. The size for sure, the brushes def, and yes, agreed some of the shades aren’t nearly as vibrant as the site or the manual for that matter but lord knows I still love it.

      THANK YOU! Your comment is so valuable for anyone that reads this review ;-D!

  • Cj

    I was SOOO tempted to get this! Even more so on my second order lol, but I couldn’t really justify getting it no matter how pretty it looks, I just don’t like wearing glittery shimmering non-matte eyeshadows. But from the few swatches you did and the pictures in the book thy don’t seem to be very glittery at all… Hmmm

    • the Muse

      hey cj I wouldn’t call them glittery hun. They have a slight shimmer but nothing dramatic. More like a powdery, silky finish.

      • Cj

        I might just get this then 😀 I really do like the whole little booklet where it tells you where to put what to get the certain looks. 3 Orders in less than a month… Friends & Family sale is really kicking my butt lol

          • Cj

            Just ordered it along with some really pretty Illamasqua intense and sheer lip glosses 😀

  • Promise

    I’m so glad you reviewed this! I’ve been wondering if this palette is up to par with Stila shadows, since I’ve been burned with the travel palettes. lol I still don’t know if I want it, though. I’d rather use $20 and get the Sephora eyeliner set…. 😀

  • BeautyMaven

    This is beautiful! I might want this even more than the Naked Palette… hmm…. never thought I’d say that, lol!
    When I was reading this post I kept thinking, “OMG is she going to swatch this whole palette??! Poor thing!!” So, no yelling, hahaha— since the colors are true the close-up pics are nice!

    • the Muse

      LOL beautymaven thanks for forgiving me. It was a PAIN to get the swatching done on this b/c some of the wells are TINY as hell ;-D

  • Phyrra

    The book that comes with it looks really nice. I like the looks of this palette.

  • Teressa

    Thanks for the review muse, I was wondering where is the palette made in?

    Thanks again 🙂

  • Gerri

    I’m happy to read a fairly positive review because I ordered this online from Sephora yesterday. I don’t live close to a Sephora or anything so I’m left to order without seeing in person. Also, I HATE waiting to get my stuff LOL! That defeats the whole point of impulse purchasing… no instant gratification!! Can’t wait for it to get here!!