November 2, 2010

Stila Holiday Blockbuster Set at Costco for $20

Just to confirm the Stila Holiday Blockbuster Palette is alive and kicking at Costco for $20 bucks.  I have had numerous readers and blogging friends confirm they have seen it.

Thanks to Shirley for quickly sending over a picture of the palette, your rock!

Here it is!

Although only available on Stila in a quanity of 50 pieces you can probably either 1. Wait. I bet Cyber Monday we’ll see more or 2. Head to Costco and save $8 bucks as this is selling for $28 online and in Costco for $20

Hope this helps!

See my original post here about the palette.


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  • Cj

    If only there was a Costco where I live lol, I seriously need to move one of these days 😀

  • cassie

    I saw it at Costco, I almost bought it but was really unimpressed. It didnt even look worth $20 to me. The color wells are TINY. Seriously.
    But, its always worth checking the Costco beauty aisle, I have gotten a LOT of Stila there.

  • Karrie

    I saw this at my Costco in California.
    But based on looks alone, it reminded me of the Coastal Scents palettes.
    But it was a good deal.

    • the Muse

      karrie funny you mentioned the CS palettes, I got some last night and I’m kinda loving ’em however haven’t used ;-D just like the looks of all the pretty colors!

  • Anngee

    OMG, I nearly had an orgasm from this post. I am about to go to Costco now!!!

  • Jaime

    I also saw this at Costco a couple of weeks ago, and picked up one for myself. It is the same as what’s listed online, although mine did not have mascara. For $20, it’s a good deal, but the eyeshadows are not of Normal Stila quality. FYI, it’s made in China.

    • the Muse

      jamie comparable to travel palettes? curious minds. thanks for the heads up! ;D

      • Jaime

        Well, I don’t have them side-by-side as I’m surfing the web at work (Whoopsies! 🙂 ), but I would say off the top of my head that the two would be comparable in quality. I never realized when I bought the first travel palette that it was made in china, but I wondered why it didn’t match up to the quality of my single Stila shadows. Same with this one. I didn’t read the labels till I got it home since it was a last minute purchase and my husband was in a hurry. Still, for the price and the color selection, it’s not a bad palette to have handy.

        • the Muse

          lol web surfing at work, stop, rebel time *wriggles* haha!

          ahh I thought so! but meh 20 bucks it can’t really break the bank eh!?

          • Jaime

            Right. Definitely not an awful purchase, but not a must-have either. I actually bought one for my sister, but I”m still going to give to her since she’s not a makeup junkie like I am, and she won’t care too much about the quality.

          • the Muse

            Jamie great gift particularly if she’s not as obsessed as we are eh ;D

    • isabella

      I just dont like the idea of eyeshadows and other makeup being made in China, cant they find any manufacturers here to make it.?

      really bugs me, and I love Costco


    • ellen

      I found out that may of these holiday deal kits are sub contracted out to independent formulators so they are not the same. They are as you mentioned made in china and that is why so cheap.
      Too bad as it seemed like a great deal

  • Promise

    I just saw on Stila’s facebook page that this was created exclusively for Costco and a small shipment was returned to them. It just seems really weird to me that Stila can have such a good quality product, but will make a cheap product to lower the price and make money. It just lowers the overall look of the brand as a whole. Ugh.

  • Maggie

    I went to Costco right after I read this post, LOL (I swear I needed other stuff there, too!). It’s really not bad – the shadows are a much nicer texture than I expected, and they’re surprisingly pigmented (and even better over a primer). I’d say they’re better quality than the travel palettes. The blushes/bronzers are pretty nice. The lip colors are all pretty sheer (more like pigmented glosses than lipsticks), but on the upside that does make them pretty wearable. All in all, I’m not sure how often I’ll end up using it on myself, but it will be GREAT for gigs where I have to do a wide range of eye looks!

    • Maggie

      One lame thing about the eyeshadows – no greens! What’s up with that?

      Also, the pencils and applicators suck, but that’s pretty much par for the course 😛

    • the Muse

      ha maggie that’s dedication ;D I’m waiting for mine to arrive. Your review makes me hopeful ;-D

  • Min

    I went to Costco today and found this hiding behind other Stila items!!! Thanks for the info!
    I bought this hoping that the quality is regular Stila eyeshadow quality, but I guess I might be disappointed.
    But for $20, guess it won’t be too bad!

    • the Muse

      fantastic min! My pleasure xoxoxo! 20 bucks you can’t be too disappointed in my humblest ;-D it’s alot of makeup for the price hun!

  • Lisa

    I wish my Costco carried this. But regarding the lack of quality, that’s seriously disappointing. 🙁 I guess for those lucky enough to get their hands on it, they could always return it if unhappy. Wish my Costco carried more make up product….JEALOUS

      • Jaime

        My Costco has very limited makeup. A lot of things other girls rave about getting at Costco, I never saw there. What my costco has as of the last time I was there (ie. two weeks ago), was these palettes, some bourgeous makeup (packaged as the Kirkland brand) and some multipack mascaras (covergirl lashblast). I need to go again this weekend so maybe I’ll see if there’s anything new. I’m anxious to see what other people think of the quality of this palette.

        • the Muse

          me either jamie don’t feel bad ;P I see kirkland stuff alot but never high end or drugstore. I had a friend get this for me so I’ll be swatching/reviewing soon!

          • the Muse

            I’m curious Jamie can’t wait for it to arrive ;-D I can’t guarantee a yes but Carla from product girl got me mine and she offered cps on twitter so if you want, contact her ;D!

  • Camilla

    😮 they have no makeup at my Costco, drats.
    I love your blog btw <3 I will never purchase something again without checking here to see if you posted a review 😛 🙂

  • Anngee

    Got it. No orgasm. Not even a tingle. It really sucks. I’m resisting the urge to depot so I can keep what I might use and put it in a Z Palette and ditch the rest.

    Confession: I am a depotting addict. Not much in my home has not been depotted and affixed to a magnet and stuck in all sorts of containers. It is a real sickness. Right up there with hoarding cosmetics I can’t possibly get around to using…but I digress.

    Here are my notes about this CPS (Cheap Plastic S–t):

    There are NO Stila colors in it. How in the hell can they put their name on this without KITTEN??? Hello! Even having someone else make it for them, you’d think they would mandate a Kitten dupe. That’s just poor marketing.

    The applicators might be the worst part about this thing. I actually LOL at the blush brush. My kid’s Crayola watercolors for preschoolers has a better brush.

    The “bronzers” and blushers are not even remotely colors that can ever be worn by one person — as in if the “bronzer” (which is a bad orange-y blush) works for your skin tone, you should NOT be wearing any of the blushes.

    Funny thing — on packaging, it says, “Look what’s hidden!” and has an image of the bronzers and blushers. There is a reason why that stuff is covered up. That was actually a good marketing move, but it doesn’t make up for not even trying to put in a Kitten dupe.

    Did I mention there’s no Kitten?

    I did swatch the colors and will try to find an email addy for The Muse and hook her up with some CPS swatches. I would actually use a few of the colors — if I didn’t have 1,200 other eye shadows. And I might use the blush. Or the bronzer. Not both. That would be a disaster circa 7th grade make-up newbie (I totally did stuff like that.)

    • the Muse

      aw damn anngee sorry to hear it ;-D

      LOL I have a severe phobia of depotting ;-D we are opposites.

      Aw man this sounds awful! thanks for sharing your review hun! Mine is arriving in a few days, curious what I’ll think but I’m fearing for the worst 🙁

  • Anngee

    Can I post a link to the swatches? I uploaded it to my Photobucket, but don’t want to post a link if I’m not supposed to.